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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Jul 19, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road Bike2 2:56:05 43.55(14.8/h) 70.09(23.9/h) 279
  Orienteering1 1:41:17 4.9(20:40) 7.89(12:50) 277
  Gym2 1:38:56
  Mountain Biking 1 1:38:02 12.85(7.9/h) 20.68(12.7/h) 437
  Paddling1 1:01:59 3.8(16:20) 6.11(10:09) 2
  Running2 1:01:07 6.22(9:50) 10.01(6:06) 148
  Total9 9:57:26 71.32 114.78 1143

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Sunday Jul 19, 2015 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Peterdine) 1:41:17 [2] 7.89 km (12:50 / km) +277m 10:55 / km
ahr:132 max:165 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Had a shocking sleep because of shoulder last night. Was determined to have a better day today!

Got out to area on time with the idea of getting H1 and H2 done.

1) Started at a jog and missed off to the right trace shows I was right direction and then jsut slid the wrong way. Corrected after dicking around on the edge of the hill and came back to the point... not the start I wanted.

2) On route to two rolled my bad ankle and then immediately after my good one. :( Both seemed to recover quickly but both a bit sore. Went low for 2 and it paid off landing on the flag - must admit it wasn't where I expected.

3) Easy down to this one and hit it flush.

4) Started off on right direction and when I got closer I made a stupid error and shot off nearly 180 deg from what I wanted. SIGH. shins where already hurting by now and I hadn't gone that hard.... Havent had the greatest start.

5) Took bearing up the hill and stuck on it Control was way off the left. I thought this was weird. had missed #1 to left too but thought nothing of it. Looked at map and it seemed to eb on the right spot - but looking forward to TBT for this one.

6) Wrong side of a rock and cruised straight past it - lost a load of time in here. shins hurting as where ankles. eventually found it when some others spotted it down the hill from my location... Imma claim mapping wasnt great for this rock.

7) Should have been an easy control. Trace says I got within 5m of it and didnt see it on the first pass... MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! when I looped around the bolder where I expected it there was the bamboo stick and flag tape with the number sitting on the perfectly described feature... hunted down and around was frustrating as hell to find the spot and know the control was near.. back tracked and found it. #misplaced. also felt like this control site was again off the the left of my bearing and I had gone on bearing.. started to question the map/my compass/magnetic lines...

8) Pretty much gave up here and decided to walk only to preserve shins and dropping the second course cause I was raging on inside. 8 was easy because I had pretty much been to it.

9) Walked onto it slightly off to the right of it but I had guessed that would be the case.

10) Stayed down in the field did some light jogging but walked most of it. It just popped up where it was meant to be.

11) I took the wide east leg to this. Probably just annoyed and cold as but was getting petty with the fact the circle wasnt centred exactly on the control as control was on the base of the granite slide. (yes I am aware its pretty bloody close)

12) Tried to verify the bearing issue I had to 12. Again drifted massively to the right. got the control but just MEH.

13) Craig floated past me in the open ground to 13 and guided me onto the point.

14/15) just used the features and walked directly onto both

16) Back to the first control up the big ass hill, deliberately came up early which mean walking back down onto it.

17) Flush but slow

18) Went faster down the hill and swung back around onto it.

19) I ignored my bearing because that hadnt worked all day and drifted around the hill and landed right onto the point. Feel as if compass was broken or mag lines where wrong.

20) Ok last frustration for the day - easy enough to get to but the map has the watercourse south of the granite - its in line with it and the control was on the eastern end of it not the western end of it. Close enough sure - but I was pretty annoyed by now so I was picking on shit like this.

Trudged to finish. Got results - left. didnt want to do another didnt want to stay and chat was over it today - just felt sore tired and annoyed.

On the detour had a car scream around a blind corner at 90 almost clean out both of us, car shook it was that close to me.

Had a car not far after send a rock into my windscreen left a small chip/scratch drivers side - big enough to make me jump as I saw it coming last second and it would have been direct into my face without the screen. Will have to monitor the chip to make sure it doesnt crack.

Got home to find my shark had got caught in one of the fish tank ornaments and died.. looked like he struggled too :( heart broken. Got him over 2.5yrs ago :( sad sad..

Crappy day - I just feel defeated.

Dropping swimming because my shoulder is owning me also sore to the touch on the far side of the collar bone (ie above sternum - really did a number on the bike) Plenty of bruising coming up.
5 PM


Done 2 out of the 9 swims... SIGH all other training is within reason. Just hate going to the pool.

Also have to rest shins now - they are getting quite bad

Saturday Jul 18, 2015 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 1:38:02 [3] 20.68 km (12.7 kph) +437m
ahr:142 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

WTF is going on today!

On drive to camel farm had agro guy behind me on GEHB so let him pass then continue on my merry way. He gets caught at every light and I am pretty much right behind him all the way to Kalamunda shops where he does a quick veer off into the carpark and shoots through as I continue on and turn left onto mead street to go to CF. There he is at the exit flipping me the bird as I drive passed... like his cool enough for em to follow!

Driving home had an old lady trying to turn right across the road on a blind corner as I came around I had to go foot path not to take her out... Then moments later at the roundabout before the descent from kalamunda I have to e-brake my car as someone decided indicating left means I am going straight. Is it international drive like a retard day or something?!

Anyway down to business.
Wanted a decent hit out at the CF but didn't get it :( - first leg stuck behind a pack of newbs - they all moved over but took ages to get passed them thankfully I got passed them before the long downhill. 15s off a PB there and hadn't been really trying for it so pretty happy with that.

Went over to lancaster (black run) had only done this once before and wanted to have a crack at it in the daylight. Got a PB on it... sadly also had a massive stack taking an A line when I should have taken a B line. If you dont hit A line at speed your front wheel is always going to drop well off it and your pretty much screwed... and thats precisely what happened I braked hard lost all speed the drop off the end was too big and I just went straight over the handle bars... Probably my second worst crash ever - no mistake this hurt a bit. Got out lucky only grazes and muscular - silly mistake by me... Shoulder/colar bone are really sore sitll now :(

Anyway collected up my bits which went flying - bottle/tailight/me. and continued onwards - a bit slower and more hesitant. Went up highway, down metasoma and across to brand new second hand. Haven't been this combo before - was kinda nice - but a lot of climb for not much downhill. PBs galore on strava for the climbs. and I felt like I was going slow... particularly when I got stuck behind some newbs on the climb up drago.

Wanted more distance so went down mecury st. a few hairy moments but generally pretty good (PB there) then back up gungin via Balboa. Almost halfway up balboa heard a weird noise but couldn't work out what it was. At the top of balboa I found out my saddle bag had broken and was rubbing on my tyres and hanging on by a thread :( lucky though as my car keys where in it!

Strapped it around the main frame but it got in my way for peddling so stopped before the big downhill section and loaded it all into my jacket pockets! lucky I actually brought my jacket today saved me damage in the fall and then carried my crap - it didn't even really rain!. Anyway guess need a new bag or backpack usage from now on :(

Started downhill was weird with all the crap bouncing against my legs in my pockets. Backed off the pace just wanted to get home. Green line home from black stump - PB's there too... couldn't resist haha.

All in all pretty good session just tonnes of drama not required.
1 PM

Running (6km) 38:28 [3] 6.01 km (6:24 / km) +100m 5:55 / km
ahr:161 max:169 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Had a 3km swim scheduled but given I have fresh grazes and my right shoulder was feeling F@#$ed I opted to pickup my 6km run from Thursday.

First real brick session... lets see no/minimal dinner last night, 4 weetbix for breakfast, a mtb crash, physio needling my legs in sub 24hr... time to run... wasn't expecting a stella performance...

but wasn't expecting as bad as I got. I plodded along at a comfortable pace but it was slow. the 'new' 3km loop course - was only about 2.8km so I had to improvise on the 2nd lap and also it really was just long slow uphill grinding and shard decent... who was the cruel bastard who made this thing! - oh wait. darn.

Anyway have tried to adjust it for future laps hopefully the new 3km loop will actually be 3km. As for the run today - not much shin pain - but wasn't pushing it (still iced) not much in the tank - but thats a nutrition issue easily resolved. Happy enough just to have done it - just wish it was sub 6min km... this pace is disgraceful.

Oh well - more brick sessions required!Really need to do todays swim tomorrow - been really slack on my swimming

Friday Jul 17, 2015 #

7 AM

Paddling (Claremont Jetty) 1:01:59 [3] 6.11 km (10:09 / km) +2m 10:08 / km
ahr:112 max:128

Plan hug the coast around claremont, peppigrove cross to the point of dalkeith, hug coast back to claremont jetty.

What actually happened:
had moved the pedals 1 slot back - felt like a more natural bend in my knees and more comfortable but I felt looser in the boat and less stable - less pushing onto the pedals.

Went around claremont yacht club and was getting pushed around a little in the breeze. As I went around the western side of it and the moored boats I turned towards the south and started heading towards peppigrove. This was short lived and I almost went straight into the drink. With my seat now wet I worked for a short while with the wind and small chop to my perpendicular before deciding to nose into the wind and go on a triangle course to peppi grove.

I turned into the wind and was ok but harder work as I started I quickly dropped the idea of peppigrove and thought I would just go for a straight traverse. The wind changed slightly on its direction and was again off to my left, I adjusted again and realised well I am pretty much heading back to the jetty now lets just get to the shallow smooth protected water faster.

Back in the shallows and smooth water I focused on increasing speed.

My feet/legs had gone numb for the first time here and I had a quick break with them over the side. I then proceeded along the dalkeith coast. After 1km another break for my legs where they had gone numb again.

I Got down the the point of dalkieth and turned around just shy of 4km which is where I wanted to be. I started going back - a bit of head wind but nothing like before. Legs where number but didn't really have time now so ignored them and tried different things to get them to an acceptable level.

Things started going bad about the 5km mark - with my legs numb through steering was becoming more difficult and I found myself almost in the drink another 3 times in quick succession. This was most annoying! Made it back though and didnt go for a swim so was happy enough.

Was slower getting out of boat and that certainly helped.

Paces / km
1) 10:23
2) 11:47
3) 09:28
4) 09:26
5) 09:15
6) 09:16

I need to get that pace down to like 8 mins and then I need to be able to maintain that in chow/cross swell/wind and waves... I have a lot of work to do!

Really need to sort out this leg numbness too. feel like I had more power off the pedals when they where closer so might move them back.

Also question on boat care - should I hose it down after every use?
3 PM


Well i was going to do last nights run tonight, but physio needled me again... was going to request she didn't but she didn't ask for a change she just did. oh well - will leave it for recovery now - shame I didn't want to miss this run. Might do it tomorrow as a brick session.

Thursday Jul 16, 2015 #

7 AM

Gym (Legs and Core) 44:24 [3]
ahr:103 max:128 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Not the toughest session I must admit - wanted to take ti easy given running tonight.

Legs took the challenge of weight on reasonably well so next time will have to go a bit harder.

Core is weak weak weak. lots to do there!

Wednesday Jul 15, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:27:35 [3] 35.08 km (24.0 kph) +160m
ahr:142 max:161 shoes: Giro Privateer

Had some bike rider going to other direction yell some shit at me early in my ride I think ti was something about my light. but whatever he said it pissed me off his language was not required.

other than that settled into a pleasant ride - wind was strong out and had dropped off a little on the way back so my slightly faster moving average shows I was working hard. Leg certainly felt heavy at start and had to put in to maintain training pace.

A few weird and wonderful detours for path works and trying to not wait at lights - almost had the lights dream run but the last set caught me for a minute or more sadly.

HR recovery certainly getting more impressive - I stop and the graph dives. yay for getting fitness back.

Average cadence 78. still missing the elusive 80. PS. I am sure if I just had the freeway section on it would be 90 because on the Mt henry > Narrows I was rarely below 90. Mostly 95.

Tuesday Jul 14, 2015 #

7 AM

Gym (Upper Body) 54:32 [3]
ahr:102 max:122 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

So back to they gym to build up some strength outside of cardio.

Took it easy and also didn't go full body just upper - will reserve full body sessions until next week.

Even when going light can tell I am going to know about it... geez way off on form!

everything 3x10 - 60s rest

piss weak attempt at core at the end. I shall fix that next time.

They have refit challenge/HBF stadium - equipment is all new and nice . The rowers however are weird. the foot piece moves and the seat basically sits still - it felt really really weird and simply put - felt weird/wrong - guess I will be on the cross trainer for warmup now because the rower was juts naff.

Also saw physio last night she had a look at shoulders/neck again and she felt they where pretty much right so only did a little to them. Right quad still majorly tight and she had fun needling me and watching me squirm. got to my left ankle and felt the joint was stiff and did something down there which has really made it feel a tonne better instantly.

I am hoping 1 more session should have the ankle nearly back to norm and quads loose... If I am brave might let her at the shins too.

Lets be honest all would be ok if I simply stretched.. tisk tisk.
7 PM

Running (4km Loop - Tempo) 22:39 [4] 4.0 km (5:40 / km) +48m 5:21 / km
ahr:155 max:167 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Tempo session - well apparently - I thought I had worked pretty hard but my heart rate says otherwise. I knew I wasnt supposed to go full tilt so I held back a little. Supposed to be average 85% of max I believe which (depending how you calc max) mean i should be average 152-163 - I believe in the upper bound more so 163 would have been target. Guess I will work harder next time!

At least it was the fastest average pace I have done (by 6s/km) so I am doing something right.

Shins not too bad still gave them an icing though.

Will ponder how to go hard in next tempo session. guess I will have to try do this as my cruising pace on Thursday #shudder.

Monday Jul 13, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:28:30 [3] 35.01 km (23.7 kph) +119m
ahr:143 max:166 shoes: Giro Privateer

Went out slow with the the intention of spinning the legs a bit and just recovering after the two heavyish hit outs on the weekend. It was bloody cold out there and once I hit the freeway decided to work a bit harder.

Wasn't until passed the half way - (still feeling quite cold) that I got into the harder work load. Someone passed me and I wasn't so happy about it. so chased him down - took me half way back to narrows before I caught him. thought about drafting but he had really backed off, so went passed, assuming he would jump on for a tow... kept work hard until nearly at narrows when looked behind and no one to be seen... woot - sat up and dropped back a few km per hr. Then a moment later Just before carpark woosh, 3 people come past at like 40km and there he is sitting on the back of that... grrr. well played sir.

Other than that ride was good. Lights where kind only had 1 minute of wait time for the entire ride which is pretty good considering the Abadare/Thomas street lights normally have me waiting 3 minutes just themselves.

Must admit really felt the difference between the bikes today to.. road bike is so nimble.

Average Cadence - 78 - a small drop but I am happy enough with it
Speed dropped 0.5km/hr but given the first half I was just cruising and I added an extra 5km I am happy enough with that average.

PS it was cold out there this morning I was fully rugged up and still felt it a bit.

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