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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Apr 1, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Gym3 2:36:34
  Road Bike2 2:03:09 28.27(13.8/h) 45.49(22.2/h) 313
  Walking1 1:11:26 4.24(16:50) 6.83(10:28) 113
  Running1 19:17 2.5(7:42) 4.03(4:47) 30
  Total7 6:10:26 35.01 56.35 456

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Sunday Apr 1, 2018 #

9 PM

Walking (SR - Hamilton Hill) 1:11:26 [1] 6.83 km (10:28 / km) +113m 9:40 / km
ahr:114 max:158 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Started as a slow jog as wanted ankle to warm into it but a new problem came into play about the 1.5km mark that my right calf really really started to pull - stopped and stretched it jogged on a bit further than said we are walking to Will.

We just cruised around the rest of the course could feel it the whole way. pretty annoying but don't think I've done any damage I think it's just tight and perhaps I've been compensating because of ankle - either way, rest week starts now and ill actually do less than planned just to get both ankles and calf back right...

Don't think it would be smart doing 12hr at this point unless everything falls into place in next week or 2.

Nice area good mixture of stuff.

Saturday Mar 31, 2018 #

7 PM

Gym (Chest, Bis, Core) 54:55 [3]
ahr:89 max:114 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Geez felt too heavy throughout but struggled through it - glad next week is a down week - might change the program too if I find time too.

Will yanked the bad ankle today its been a bit sore since - hopefully back on track tomorrow.

The weight loss has hit a speed bump but will resume Wednesday next week - I doubt I will drop over the next 3 days being, easter then Maddy's birthday & out with parents for dinner then out for anniversary dinner.

8 PM


Already done more training this year than the whole of last year - goes to show how poor last year was!

Thursday Mar 29, 2018 #

7 PM

Road Bike (Night Ride) 1:00:59 [3] 25.48 km (25.1 kph) +125m
ahr:143 max:172 shoes: Sidi Tiger Carbon MTB SPD Shoe

Really good solid ride - I felt like I was going faster than I was though apparently. HR was reasonably high for the bike and certainly felt a few of the muscles pulling and straining a few times!

Anyway tried to avoid headwind so did bridges loop causeway first then over to the train line. Lots of rollerbladers in south Perth also looked like there was a cyclist meet up near the narrows for a night ride or something?!

A few drunks to dodge in subi but generally clean ride...

Oh but for the FUCKWIT P plater at the start of my ride running a red light as I started to cross on the ped crossing signal!... closest call I've had for a while there.
To report or not...:

Wednesday Mar 28, 2018 #

7 PM

Running (4km Loop) 19:17 [4] 4.03 km (4:47 / km) +30m 4:37 / km
ahr:162 max:179 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17


So I thought I would go out easy to test the ankle and if it felt good to step it up - I went out (what felt like) a lot easier than the night I did the ankle. It was uncomfortable but manageable and hoped it would improve as it warmed - it didn't but thankfully it didn't get worse.

The first km was 4:34 - WTF (PR on Garmin) and I did feel like I wasn't going as fast as last time, also I felt fatigue slipping in whereas last time I was still very fresh... damn shame really. Had almost identical scenario happen to me this run as last time same corner multiple cars 1 turning into me. I stayed on road and made him slow right down.

My form was bad - could feel I was protecting left leg, my stride felt wrong and power balance was wrong - was also really putting a lot of focus on my footing and not just focusing on run/flow. So some work to get over the mental barrier now clearly!

At 7:35 I had an HR jump from 153-168 and it stayed high until the end, really not sure what drove that, happened as I turned JTC Ave. will look for that next time.

Anyway 2nd km 4:43, 3rd km (slight uphill and into the wind) 5:09 4th km: 4:43.

So this is the fastest on this course ever (Jan 2014). I am reasonably confident I haven't to my memory run a sub 5min/km since late 2009 as did my ACL early 2010. and almost sure I haven't run one since then. I know I ran 5km in the 4:50's prior to that but not sure on 4:40's and never did a 4km.... so possibly the fastest I've ever gone but hey let's make the PR goal 4:30's just for shits and giggles and make sure of it. either way, I am going faster than I have for a long time and happy.

Extra kicker did that at the end of this training cycle on a not fully healed ankle so next time I take it on I am going to hopefully smash some more barriers.

Did some icing of the ankle after running just in case, also really noticing the leg imbalance on the left side with the ankle and ACL on that side so probably need to move to single leg stuff int he gym to help balance that out.

Anyway pumped and glad ankle held up - finger crossed it doesn't blow up overnight haha.

Tuesday Mar 27, 2018 #

8 PM

Gym (Back, Tri, Core) 48:59 [3]
ahr:94 max:123 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

later than normal tot he gym - distracted by tv.

good session solid - I am lifting too heavy though - form improved but it was rushed and still not as clean as it could/should be. Low week next week then maybe a change anyway.

I went for 50m jog/run up and down the laneway ankle felt stable however foot feels like it has some bruising still - I think it will be uncomfortable to run on but not impossible... mmm debating tomorrow we will see.

Monday Mar 26, 2018 #

7 AM

Road Bike (Slow ride) 1:02:10 [2] 20.01 km (19.3 kph) +188m
ahr:118 max:155 shoes: Sidi Tiger Carbon MTB SPD Shoe

A very slow uninspired ride - wanted to go do one this morning but the body really fought me so was going to take it easy then do a few hard laps in the park then home, but on the easy part just went bugger this I will just cruise around and do 20km and thats exactly what I did.

got drizzled on - was pleasant - to be fair this speed was more of a casual ride/recovery ride than anything else - more a get out and move type activity!

Ankle felt ok not 100% see how it goes with legs in gym tonight... could be interesting!
8 PM

Gym (Legs / Core) 52:40 [3]
ahr:100 max:127 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

It may be that I haven't trained legs in weeks or that I had a huge dinner but tonight's session felt easy / great

Ankle held up perfectly under load (as far as I can tell atm) so now its a stability issue only.

Gym session:

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