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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Jul 1, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining3 17:35:19 43.65(24:11) 70.25(15:01) 1722
  Total3 17:35:19 43.65(24:11) 70.25(15:01) 1722

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Sunday Jul 1, 2018 #

12 AM

Rogaining race (Mr Rogaine Winter 24 P1.2) 1:10:00 [5] 5.0 km (14:00 / km) +120m 12:30 / km
shoes: Sidi Tiger Carbon MTB SPD Shoe

Rough guess on time/distance/climb

Will be pretty close. So from gps death, we turned to go back to the hash - picked up two controls and had a lot of track work so the pace was reasonable. Had some bad stomach pains so was glad to get back.

Had a really good feed at HH and then took Daves tent as I had pre-discussed with Dave prior to the event in case I did indeed implode (yes it was always on the cards).

Got a reasonably good 5 hour sleep but right quad tightened significantly and I got a lot of pain starting through the kneecap which really put the next morning in doubt.

160 separates 3rd to 7th - gah we totally could’ve got that! #regrets
8 AM

Rogaining race (Mr Rogaine Winter 24hr P2) 3:53:46 [5] 14.61 km (16:00 / km) +323m 14:24 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

TLDR: we came 7th overall

So I have a death wish clearly as I got up feeling pretty depleted and very sore but really didn't want to let Grand down.

The first leg I very nearly vetoed it but leg 2 warmed me up and by leg 3 I was a bit more chipper. The pace was reasonable and we made some good tactical choices on the fly.

Right knee really became an issue on the last two legs and not sure if we had stayed out if it would have been ok or not to be fair. Thing is I didn't do electrolytes or salts on this morning session as I only thought it would be an hr or 2.

Saw some very cute lambs but also a heartbreaking moment of a lamb and mother who died/dying during birth (mother was still alive just).

Was good to get back to hash house and get some more food in and sit down - shame the fires still not going then as it was cold and I feel like it would keep more people for results - the problem is getting rid of it before everyone leaves!

Anyway results then home. felt sub par.

Post Race
- Probably shouldn't have started
- Grand was a great teammate, physically well matched and carried my fat ass in nav when I was struggling, however, I need someone who communicates or at least aware of my situation and able to talk to me then and I feel like maybe had he been communicative I might have weathered the night (maybe don't know)
- Felt good (Monday) morning and wondered... we still doing 4-5km/hr until 1:30am realistically we had 4 more hours or so of the night maybe had I pushed a few more gels and got in the right zone maybe we could have done that.
- Monday evening... realised just how much I put myself in the hurt locker and am now retrospectively really glad we can in because i'm not in good shape right now... I should know better < someone is going to quote for prosperity im sure. More of a cold/sick feeling and depleted than physically sore - body held up very well for the 70km knee is the only thing physically a bit tender.

Saturday Jun 30, 2018 #

12 PM

Rogaining race (Mr Rogaine Winter 24 P1) 12:31:33 [5] 50.64 km (14:50 / km) +1279m 13:11 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

TLDR: I Imploded at 10 hours.

Was still trying to recover from Gastro earlier in the week and was struggling to really eat and drink any reasonable quantity and had it not been a new partner and this particular event I probably would have pulled out last minute but instead did my best to wrap my mind around a hard effort and commit to it.

Drove down the morning of and we discussed anything could happen hoping to make Grand fully aware I don't know if I would last 1min or 24hrs or anywhere in between. Planned to clear the course which was the goal and was straight line 104.5 a big ask but high hopes!

There were some kids next to us spewing up before the event which I felt terrible for - my focus wasn't where it should be for the race I also had in my mind my left ankle issues from recent but thought that would be ok.

The plan was 5km/hr for first 6 the 4km/hr for 14 then 5km/hr to bring it home.

Started great and executed perfectly with a few minutes of time budget in fact in front slightly going into first water drop at 4. Saw an echidna in first 4 hrs too. Very slight mistake cost us a few mins at 21 however realised to short very quickly and corrected.

I had been having troubles with my bearings all day though and by this point was already getting a little frustrated as I felt Grand was always going left and he felt I was going right. I am sure in retrospect I was wrong or my compass is not quite right - im going to guess I wasn't holding it square or something because I was definitely drifting and I could see it in the day which annoyed me. Despite this nav was clean mainly as I was relying on the land to correct my drift. Grand did some hardcore pace counting i.e. this leg is 1.8km im going to pace it you lead. which meant some very long stints of absolute silence particularly back to back legs.

Darkness hit and we were 15 behind budget but we managed to claw some of that back. Sadly though around 730/8ish I had my first mental black spot. Thing is Grand had no idea as he was pace counting away or generally being quiet so I had to pull myself out of it which I managed but it took about 30 minutes to do so. Once levelled out I told him I had a bad spell and my nav really isn't on point and I am going to sit behind him and hang on and right myself for a bit. Don't think he quite got that as about 15 mins later he put me in front again which was fine at the point but don't know if it was the right call.

Anyway just before 10 I don't know what happened but I hit the wall hard, I wasn't physically having any problems I had rolled my ankle and it was fine, legs were good, the back was good, but I just felt empty. We were 15 mins behind maybe but we were going really well but I just went empty. I quickly said to Grand I am not good and then just went silent and for the rest of the leg I went from bad to worse to WTF is going on. I lost any concept of the map where we were, timing, bearing, nothing. I just knew we had a watercourse and a climb to control and just held on but pretty sure I just hit the bottom of the tank. Then the mental game kicked in hard how was I going to do another 14 hrs etc etc.

Got to control and said we need to stop and I need to try to get my head-ons straight which Grand acknowledged. We discussed options as I put everything in that I felt could/would make a difference. I thought we were there for 2-5 mins turns out it was closer to 15!

So we had to do the next 3 controls before making a decision push on or go home. The caffeine shot made a big difference and I was back in the game but I had sat behind Grand for this first leg and just looked at my watch to try to figure out a pace. Grand hit a spot and a feature that looked right and I thought this is too soon but I was a space cadet so didn't question it as he had been on point all day. We searched up and down this feature then I said I don't think we came far enough - he was adamant on pace counting but I convinced him to go further - we only went 100m or so and he turned back as he felt we had overshot... typically I would've dug in but didn't have it in me so we went back and did circles and after 45mins of looking for a 30 pointer bailed... and on exit we found the feature on the other side of a knoll which showed we where to short - that was annoying but I was too busy being livid with myself and my condition and not getting through the race like I wanted to, to care at that point.

Next 2 controls we nailed and I was mentally feeling good and physically good and said we can continue but I also said I am not sure if I am good because of the temporary caffeine solution or because I knew we could be going home and I didn't know if I would implode again if we went further away. Grand didn't want to risk it and had some knee pain so vetoed the effort and we went in. GPS died at this point.

Tuesday Jun 26, 2018 #


Rough night down 1.5kg in the last 12 hrs - now sitting at 68.7 and lower than I wanted to bottom out at.

good news is everything seems to have stopped and I’m getting fluids onboard again. Going to have to be a focus recovery the next few days prior to weekend!

Monday Jun 25, 2018 #


Gastro hit hard tonight. Feeling wiped out and empty. Rogaine this weekend... must... get... better.

World conspiring against me with illness and injury might have to find my partner a substitute if I don’t improve fast.

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