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Training Log Archive: Thompass

In the 7 days ending May 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:09:37 4.8(14:31) 7.72(9:01) 299
  Easy Run3 1:07:42 6.6(10:16) 10.62(6:23) 119
  Quality Orienteering1 36:10 3.57(10:08) 5.75(6:18) 201
  Total3 2:53:29 14.97(11:36) 24.09(7:12) 619
  [1-5]3 2:52:06

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Sunday May 19 #

12 PM

Easy Run 15:05 intensity: (22 @0) + (44 @1) + (6:11 @2) + (7:03 @3) + (45 @4) 2.18 km (6:54 / km) +69m 5:57 / km
ahr:136 max:168 shoes: VJ Bolds X (MOM 2024)

Quality Orienteering 36:10 intensity: (3:19 @2) + (57 @3) + (4:41 @4) + (27:13 @5) 5.75 km (6:18 / km) +201m 5:21 / km
ahr:176 max:211 shoes: VJ Bolds X (MOM 2024)

Have probably benefited physically over others from not racing and not doing the whole thing yesterday, but end of the day it was the correct decision. Body was able to push well, I wasn't sure at the beginning if I was tired from illness still or from the heat but punted on it being the heat and think I was correct. Beat everyone that I was expected to beat except Finlay, who had cleaner technique than me and beat me to 4th as a result, end of the race (13, 14, 16, 17) particularly problematic, dropping about a minute over those four controls. Relative to others, I was particularly strong on the longer leg to 3 and the climbing legs to 4 and 15, which brings around again the idea that I was more rested than others. Route decision to 3 played a good factor, although I messed up the attack a little bit and could have been 10 seconds faster at least.

Happy that managing my cold seems to have gone well. Mileage will be a little reduced in the coming week to lead into the World Cup, and then we go back to normal business. Exciting stuff.

Name123456789101112131415161718FinishActual TimeExpected TimeName
Alex Wetherill0:010:15-0:26-0:150:010:04-0:04-0:05-0:050:030:120:010:080:050:17-0:050:060:020:0033:1633:01Alex Wetherill
Daniel Spencer-0:03-0:110:350:04-0:07-0:04-0:040:030:44-0:04-0:050:020:040:000:170:050:09-0:05-0:0135:2034:01Daniel Spencer
Euan Tryner0:520:000:260:14-0:04-0:04-0:060:03-0:02-0:04-0:180:100:04-0:01-0:24-0:010:150:060:0035:2434:17Euan Tryner
Finlay Johnson0:020:020:09-0:070:000:08-0:010:020:03-0:060:01-0:040:06-0:030:000:00-0:09-0:03-0:0135:5535:56Finlay Johnson
Thomas Laraia0:090:02-0:04-0:070:040:020:020:11-0:01-0:050:04-0:110:200:13-0:160:090:18-0:030:0036:1035:21Thomas Laraia
Charlie Rennie-0:110:080:320:11-0:02-0:01-0:02-0:01-0:060:00-0:03-0:020:050:000:010:070:12-0:06-0:0236:2135:41Charlie Rennie
Tommy Rollins0:100:060:44-0:060:200:04-0:070:070:00-0:10-0:090:28-0:17-0:13-0:090:09-0:06-0:020:0036:2535:38Tommy Rollins
Luke Fisher0:000:421:150:02-0:010:01-0:020:010:01-0:04-0:071:470:01-0:120:060:030:09-0:020:0137:2433:42Luke Fisher
Joseph Hudd-0:06-0:050:430:18-0:050:050:290:000:05-0:01-0:06-0:040:11-0:150:150:04-0:07-0:05-0:0439:1138:00Joseph Hudd
Alistair Thornton1:14-0:031:260:090:080:26-0:01-0:020:10-0:020:000:030:070:00-0:13-0:030:01-0:04-0:0339:1536:02Alistair Thornton
Adam Barrie0:02-0:050:030:470:080:050:060:01-0:03-0:05-0:180:010:03-0:040:060:060:12-0:050:0039:3538:35Adam Barrie
Joe Sunley-0:07-0:06-0:22-0:080:010:00-0:040:010:200:050:120:000:070:040:240:10-0:02-0:060:0039:4439:14Joe Sunley
Richard Robinson-0:030:05-0:030:21-0:11-0:010:050:000:05-0:11-0:18-0:170:09-0:160:32-0:01-0:09-0:040:0039:5640:13Richard Robinson
Jonny Malley0:07-0:060:300:25-0:110:04-0:14-0:030:06-0:04-0:14-0:120:00-0:150:080:14-0:020:03-0:0140:3840:24Jonny Malley
Aidan Smith-0:17-0:15-0:16-0:050:000:02-0:220:000:03-0:090:11-0:040:02-0:070:220:170:090:010:0041:1141:39Aidan Smith
Alistair Landels-0:17-0:12-0:030:18-0:120:050:080:020:10-0:02-0:260:090:08-0:020:07-0:030:00-0:05-0:0241:2841:45Alistair Landels
Rhys Findlay-Robinson0:07-0:020:200:06-0:09-0:01-0:100:020:03-0:093:58-0:090:01-0:070:010:060:18-0:030:0342:2838:12Rhys Findlay-Robinson
Ewan Bennett-0:020:03-0:200:01-0:030:170:06-0:010:020:010:130:060:060:01-0:08-0:060:07-0:06-0:0342:5242:37Ewan Bennett
Ruben Razzetti-0:03-0:20-0:05-0:03-0:02-0:050:10-0:060:00-0:11-0:040:300:20-0:220:430:060:210:410:0343:4642:13Ruben Razzetti
Rudi Paul0:020:161:45-0:150:22-0:04-0:010:09-0:040:01-0:130:09-0:110:05-0:020:160:070:000:0243:5341:30Rudi Paul
Barnaby Warren-0:102:15-0:020:330:020:13-0:030:030:06-0:080:060:05-0:09-0:02-0:410:120:19-0:04-0:0245:0042:26Barnaby Warren
Julian Simpson-0:010:04-0:20-0:111:55-0:020:160:040:110:00-0:061:350:08-0:160:030:190:090:00-0:0145:3041:41Julian Simpson
Matthew Rooke0:100:070:03-0:03-0:220:07-0:070:390:36-0:08-0:10-0:060:010:070:080:10-0:08-0:05-0:0445:5545:01Matthew Rooke
Alex Matthew0:29-0:10-0:310:04-0:050:060:07-0:05-0:050:010:12-0:060:170:090:170:07-0:06-0:08-0:0246:0245:33Alex Matthew
Andrew Preston-0:03-0:111:120:230:260:030:040:160:04-0:06-0:13-0:160:10-0:170:02-0:020:09-0:02-0:0246:2644:48Andrew Preston
Roger Goddard0:02-0:011:120:13-0:20-0:01-0:060:02-0:02-0:070:01-0:040:14-0:080:040:050:02-0:07-0:0446:4645:50Roger Goddard
Todd Oates0:040:000:000:07-0:110:130:58-0:02-0:03-0:01-0:030:170:18-0:010:05-0:030:16-0:03-0:0646:5945:13Todd Oates
Andrew Powell-0:02-0:070:110:000:030:06-0:080:000:09-0:050:50-0:060:08-0:140:160:00-0:04-0:03-0:0447:4746:57Andrew Powell
Steve Birkinshaw-0:070:37-0:03-0:04-0:100:110:120:030:12-0:07-0:14-0:130:19-0:220:090:040:11-0:040:0148:1747:40Steve Birkinshaw
Toby Heppell-0:03-0:050:560:160:010:04-0:04-0:020:09-0:03-0:20-0:100:060:020:25-0:02-0:110:57-0:0448:5246:59Toby Heppell
Isaac Hunter-0:07-0:18-0:160:05-0:150:11-0:010:330:09-0:040:002:11-0:04-0:050:280:150:33-0:020:0349:0645:49Isaac Hunter
Laurence Ward-0:07-0:31-0:130:13-0:27-0:010:05-0:090:16-0:01-0:060:260:120:120:05-0:10-0:04-0:07-0:0449:2649:59Laurence Ward
Ben Breeze-0:05-0:170:42-0:162:32-0:010:190:00-0:06-0:15-0:240:000:02-0:180:300:110:240:00-0:0349:2746:32Ben Breeze
Rebecca Rooke0:001:18-0:160:01-0:140:06-0:190:050:17-0:090:19-0:06-0:08-0:020:160:090:200:010:1049:4647:59Rebecca Rooke
Samuel Drinkwater-0:12-0:190:04-0:260:010:03-0:07-0:120:15-0:04-0:280:01-0:010:500:040:000:00-0:13-0:1250:1051:07Samuel Drinkwater
Nicholas Cooper0:10-0:15-0:360:26-0:160:230:04-0:010:050:05-0:260:140:10-0:110:370:14-0:14-0:050:0050:1149:48Nicholas Cooper
Alison O'Neil2:190:000:070:300:160:120:01-0:030:01-0:08-0:300:01-0:050:081:230:180:00-0:020:0051:1046:42Alison O'Neil
Matthew Birkinshaw-0:070:330:45-0:040:140:053:280:050:28-0:16-0:32-0:03-0:070:23-0:05-0:01-0:03-0:11-0:0451:5847:30Matthew Birkinshaw
Matthew McCreadie-0:07-0:121:41-0:08-0:010:07-0:17-0:040:010:090:18-0:010:210:000:210:252:57-0:04-0:0352:0146:36Matthew McCreadie
Harry Cooling0:350:071:04-0:14-0:190:43-0:220:001:14-0:244:200:04-0:071:080:280:000:00-0:07-0:1052:4544:45Harry Cooling
Richard Hunt-0:020:050:45-0:15-0:020:100:090:020:35-0:17-0:270:360:11-0:15-0:120:240:14-0:06-0:0853:4752:20Richard Hunt
Dan Parker-0:12-0:08-0:070:34-0:170:16-0:080:020:15-0:130:07-0:110:09-0:020:040:100:37-0:04-0:0154:3453:41Dan Parker
Daniel Barber0:080:02-0:020:05-0:200:100:052:59-0:01-0:03-0:140:310:170:34-0:070:060:03-0:02-0:0654:5550:49Daniel Barber
Scott Collier0:09-0:18-0:050:14-0:230:11-0:290:010:02-0:140:040:36-0:090:20-0:130:130:18-0:030:0154:5554:43Scott Collier
Christopher Embrey-0:020:250:090:400:05-0:020:03-0:020:55-0:040:04-0:090:25-0:010:00-0:110:11-0:14-0:0455:1153:04Christopher Embrey
Karen Parker0:040:120:360:34-0:200:07-0:310:080:01-0:130:10-0:061:05-0:04-0:240:12-0:12-0:10-0:0555:1954:14Karen Parker
Ian Cumpstey-0:02-0:080:030:320:140:26-0:16-0:010:58-0:18-0:040:140:050:030:050:45-0:09-0:15-0:0155:2053:12Ian Cumpstey
Tim Beale0:120:010:371:14-0:010:03-0:07-0:06-0:010:43-0:30-0:140:142:192:130:10-0:09-0:06-0:0355:2648:58Tim Beale
Michael Adams-0:29-0:240:35-0:13-0:100:010:030:030:110:20-0:380:02-0:02-0:180:140:07-0:09-0:090:0355:2956:22Michael Adams
Paul Addison0:120:010:57-0:010:010:39-0:22-0:080:07-0:16-0:24-0:18-0:010:23-0:190:050:05-0:03-0:0956:0655:36Paul Addison
Richard Parkin-0:40-0:200:01-0:11-0:040:33-0:012:500:130:04-0:180:400:29-0:110:230:120:02-0:14-0:0556:0652:43Richard Parkin
John Embrey-0:22-0:08-0:34-0:23-0:27-0:01-0:16-0:060:110:020:441:060:220:050:110:100:12-0:05-0:1057:0456:34John Embrey
Jonty Goodwin0:11-0:010:390:05-0:150:47-0:20-0:02-0:21-0:330:03-0:140:280:050:13-0:050:44-0:20-0:0757:0556:07Jonty Goodwin
Tsz Fung Yu-0:030:02-0:160:180:010:11-0:15-0:01-0:040:090:020:02-0:06-0:050:060:210:07-0:11-0:0757:2957:15Tsz Fung Yu
Juliette Soulard-0:04-0:040:050:112:24-0:04-0:060:010:07-0:01-0:160:070:15-0:040:190:19-0:08-0:03-0:0258:4255:45Juliette Soulard
Fraser Dixon-0:240:54-0:33-0:220:071:092:370:02-0:170:210:070:37-0:050:041:480:170:13-0:02-0:0659:0852:39Fraser Dixon
Keith Tonkin0:020:14-0:160:054:24-0:030:480:010:51-0:16-0:08-0:150:12-0:190:160:040:370:10-0:0259:0952:45Keith Tonkin
Jeff Powell Davies-0:01-0:010:17-0:01-0:090:180:01-0:03-0:020:00-0:021:160:181:586:530:240:370:000:0059:0947:24Jeff Powell Davies
Samuel New0:05-0:143:53-0:23-0:170:03-0:053:57-0:18-0:170:50-0:16-0:120:030:430:110:21-0:08-0:0660:2852:37Samuel New
Mike Johnson0:012:473:550:37-0:010:101:19-0:020:33-0:08-0:40-0:080:07-0:180:090:21-0:03-0:23-0:0660:2952:19Mike Johnson
Andrew Hobson-0:040:124:580:04-0:190:091:282:120:05-0:150:110:33-0:070:08-0:370:080:370:59-0:0760:5350:39Andrew Hobson
Adam McCreadie-0:31-0:196:180:23-0:110:070:04-0:070:35-0:02-0:12-0:31-0:082:040:100:140:14-0:10-0:0362:0254:06Adam McCreadie
Oliver O'Brien-0:04-0:300:39-0:09-0:340:200:02-0:17-0:08-0:110:12-0:16-0:071:340:150:190:01-0:14-0:1062:5962:17Oliver O'Brien
Frank Townley-0:22-0:030:53-0:37-0:220:03-0:350:08-0:14-0:160:320:05-0:062:280:541:421:441:040:4263:2255:42Frank Townley
Sebastian Knitsch-0:14-0:11-0:151:141:11-0:15-0:120:23-0:10-0:020:030:110:09-0:070:370:020:190:07-0:0563:4260:53Sebastian Knitsch
David Maliphant0:05-0:09-0:22-0:18-0:150:081:42-0:010:05-0:130:010:02-0:080:230:410:482:20-0:23-0:0965:1861:00David Maliphant
Andrew Snell0:030:096:180:023:420:030:020:020:41-0:23-0:50-0:22-0:06-0:03-0:09-0:020:35-0:13-0:1168:2459:07Andrew Snell
Simonas Sakalauskas-0:191:42-0:32-0:05-0:02-0:06-0:120:040:07-0:09-0:080:230:010:270:190:240:090:08-0:0471:0969:03Simonas Sakalauskas
Kerina Lake0:00-0:311:301:490:300:10-0:03-0:13-0:01-0:110:070:01-0:05-0:39-0:430:150:03-0:10-0:1274:0972:32Kerina Lake
Dave Broatch0:020:310:230:360:100:28-0:310:03-0:060:41-0:35-0:120:21-0:20-0:16-0:110:25-0:20-0:2074:2873:39Dave Broatch
Andrej Olunczek-0:29-0:352:580:00-0:080:06-0:291:060:29-0:10-0:033:540:100:360:110:241:100:06-0:0779:4470:36Andrej Olunczek
Peter Gorvett-0:170:550:49-0:17-0:260:060:061:242:42-0:033:51-0:07-0:10-0:380:190:090:570:03-0:0185:3276:08Peter Gorvett
Andy Robinson-0:210:000:51-0:226:480:15-1:031:39-0:28-0:270:06-0:20-0:150:091:230:320:510:00-0:2096:0287:04Andy Robinson
Gilbert Lee3:04-0:246:21-0:22-0:290:260:20-0:05-0:18-0:045:510:17-0:062:290:101:060:410:04-0:09104:3385:42Gilbert Lee



1: Read details fine, although lacking confidence coming into circle trying to read the opens. It came a lot faster than expected, 1:7500 will do that to you, almost missed it but saw it to my right. 9 seconds lost on hesitation and a bit too far left sounds right.

2: I think I could have stayed on top of the hill, on the line a bit longer past the lake and small hill and dropped down from above, but realistically fine. It was just a bit scrappy underfoot.

3: Good leg, correct route executed relatively smoothly. Only hold up is the attack, I hesitated a lot trying to understand why the hill kept going and the lack of crag to my left. Continued toward what felt like the only option and was correct, but think that could have been far more efficient coming further up the reentrant with green in it.

4: Looks like a strong leg attacking the climb and staying quite straight. Again, suspect the day off yesterday helps.

5: I think I could have lost those 4 seconds not insta dropping to the marsh and going along it, there was a track as well, especially since I did eventually drop down anyway.

6: Sound.

7: Sound? Looks like some people went straight through the uncrossable fence, albeit the crossable one was massive and I think people assumed it was the big one, I almost did.

8: First proper mistake, coming off the corner I was contouring around on a small trod and thought I would neatly hit it, thought it was weird I wasn't seeing a reentrant shape ahead of me, looked back and left behind me and there it was. 11 seconds lost, just not paying well enough attention.

9: Sound.

10: Sound, although a little surprised it was 5 seconds faster than expected. Climbed well, but I hesitated for about that long in the circle with the hill shapes around me, but was ultimately fine.

11: 4s lost on...route choice? Maybe marsh runnability could've taken that out? Maybe I'm imagining it. I did mean to go a bit more right found my line pretty smooth.

12: 11s faster than expected is crazy on this leg, not sure what happened. Maybe my autolap went off and I pushed well.

13: Came up reentrant when I should have been coming up spur, another mistake, 20 seconds lost. When I crossed the path, I should have put a bit more into coming right to climb less. Came up and was actually a bit confused why the pond was to my right, which is quite dumb. I was aware that spur was a stronger route but didn't commit.

14: Another 13 seconds lost. I think I came too far left here, which forces me to come a bit right and take a little climb to stay near the line. It is much faster to come flying down the stream, no reading needed, and it takes you directly to the contour level you need to be at. Didn't plan enough, was just trying to stay close to the line, lazy.

15: Another strong leg, 16 seconds faster than expected. Ridiculous, that. Route almost certainly correct, only gradual climb option.

16: 9 seconds lost. GPS a bit off, I came over the saddle, then down the stream by the fence, then attacked. This probably climbs more than needed and comes off the lines quite a bit, you can avoid the climb equally well coming to the left of the hill, straight. Decision not good there.

17: Got dragged down the hill by person + elephant track, dumb. Hesitated, wiggled, just not a good show. Straight is great easily.

18, F: No notes.


- I can see and think of the actions that need to be taken. I knew that the spur would deliver a better line on 13. I knew that coming down the left stream would cause me to hit the slope and I'd need to go around it on 14. It seems like a lack of respecting the consequences of not taking the better lines, thinking that it's not that bad. It is a lack of mechanism saying hey you really need to do this thing so that your line is good. Need to absolutely force the things I know will help me, be disciplined, don't be lazy.
- To 17, it was a lack of plan. I was good for this in the rest of the course, but it is not a nice feeling to lose contact with the people you are racing with and start to make bad decisions at the tail end of the race. Not quite doing all the orienteering steps when I'm getting close to the end and maybe losing some focus.
- Effort on courses is getting better, let's keep on pushing. Especially can be happy with the climbs today.
- Start of courses is getting calmer and cleaner, keep it up.

Easy Run 19:02 intensity: (11 @0) + (1:07 @1) + (11:09 @2) + (6:16 @3) + (9 @4) + (10 @5) 2.9 km (6:34 / km)
ahr:134 max:183 shoes: VJ Bolds X (MOM 2024)

Saturday May 18 #

8 AM

Easy Run 17:03 intensity: (11 @0) + (3:33 @1) + (12:45 @2) + (21 @3) + (13 @4) 3.01 km (5:40 / km) +11m 5:33 / km
ahr:121 max:159 shoes: Saucony Guide 16

Getting a feel for the legs in the morning. Congestion is dying down significantly now, it's still on the edges but I could sleep with my mouth shut. Legs didn't really feel like they knew what they were doing or how to accelerate. Plan continues, although I will try to do some controls at speed, just in the hopes that tomorrow we're good to go. Not feeling cardiovascularly bad.
12 PM

Easy Run 16:32 intensity: (19 @0) + (45 @1) + (9:52 @2) + (5:36 @3) 2.52 km (6:34 / km) +39m 6:06 / km
ahr:133 max:154 shoes: VJ Bolds X (MOM 2024)

Orienteering 1:09:37 intensity: (20 @0) + (9 @1) + (1:36 @2) + (19:55 @3) + (47:36 @4) + (1 @5) 7.72 km (9:01 / km) +299m 7:33 / km
ahr:160 max:178 shoes: VJ Bolds X (MOM 2024)

Keeping things controlled and not too long. Really hoping the body clicks before the middle of the coming week, wasn't that good feelings today. Very annoying.

Name12345678910111213141516171819202122232425FinishActual TimeExpected TimeName
Luke Fisher0:540:010:200:030:270:050:05-0:15-0:15-0:01-0:030:000:22-0:04-0:150:040:050:030:100:020:100:030:020:100:000:0365:0162:45Luke Fisher
Euan Tryner-0:300:29-0:15-0:08-0:13-0:11-0:170:330:090:040:01-0:02-0:270:110:470:580:110:04-0:09-0:08-0:01-0:040:04-0:150:040:0070:3469:40Euan Tryner
Peter Taylor-Bray-0:11-0:070:10-0:240:070:07-0:30-0:19-0:020:190:010:000:04-0:050:000:19-0:040:060:17-0:030:040:020:200:080:060:0471:1670:46Peter Taylor-Bray
Daniel Spencer0:36-0:030:190:150:01-0:01-0:090:070:04-0:09-0:020:060:450:090:42-0:01-0:10-0:070:01-0:07-0:07-0:050:020:040:030:0271:4169:26Daniel Spencer
Alex Wetherill-0:10-0:02-0:060:30-0:04-0:04-0:110:130:030:360:020:050:030:481:180:52-0:20-0:09-0:14-0:05-0:05-0:09-0:090:000:070:0574:2971:35Alex Wetherill
Charlie Rennie-0:080:01-0:03-0:20-0:04-0:10-0:290:07-0:070:080:000:000:020:00-0:021:030:220:030:030:29-0:020:000:020:090:000:0075:1674:13Charlie Rennie
Aidan Smith-0:21-0:06-0:050:04-0:01-0:040:290:25-0:090:200:090:000:11-0:090:12-0:54-0:33-0:070:05-0:330:00-0:050:030:020:030:0078:1279:15Aidan Smith
Alistair Thornton-0:27-0:010:010:290:011:09-0:360:300:010:05-0:02-0:040:100:380:22-1:45-0:180:090:30-0:070:040:25-0:09-0:07-0:01-0:0480:5179:57Alistair Thornton
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Scott Collier-2:510:44-0:59-0:390:371:45-2:526:38-0:291:110:290:270:06-1:140:42-4:36-2:57-0:310:14-1:010:500:041:020:020:120:11170:12173:09Scott Collier


1: I don't hate it, but it looks a bit wiggly. I see a good argument to stay low for longer, and take the natural climb up the reentrant towards the control. Execution fine though.

2: Line not straight enough there, compass and shape understanding in this map not good enough.

3: Confusion after the fence crossing. Was coming up by the crag, but I honestly wasn't sure which of the two west facing crags I was coming along. There were a lot more little knoll shapes than I was expecting to my left, which dragged me to the left a bit. Corrected, but definitely lost like 20s. Weird how poor my understanding was at low speed.

4: I wanted to save height, so didn't drop to the path on the line, but as I was compassing I was getting a lot closer to the big crag than I was expecting to, and was very confused how I had gotten there. Spent a while looking all over if the massive crag in real life could be anything else, but eventually decided okay, I've at least done the climbing while thinking about it, now just contour to the control. Not a great method, but not bad.

5: Massive banana coming over the first hill. Trying to read the big and small hills but it just not making sense to me.

6: Actually looks quite good, I saw the big drop to my right past 19 and thought it looked slow so crossed across to the left side of the crags to drop. Probably good? Felt weird at the time.

7: Wiggle central, not good. First solution is to climb out of 6, not to contour. Second solution is to take the climb to the left of the line, miss that whole mess of crags that made me wiggle. Third solution is to attack the hill a bit better in the attack, I wanted to be lazy and circle around the back.

8: Others avoided the extra three or so contours of climb and came a bit more left, probably a good idea. Don't know how straight I was thinking tbh, did a big loop off the path because I didn't fancy climbing. In the attack, I was completely lost. I came around the big hill and couldn't see any of the big crags I was supposed to see, even though on the gps it says I was where I thought. I bumbled around and hit the rocks under the crag and was fine, but it was weird how I so suddenly got lost. Was the theme of the day.

9: I think it's starting to show how the illness was still affecting me on the day. I am not eating climb very well at all, either not wanting to do it or bad lines. I decide to take the nice, gradual climb in the reentrant, how wonderfully pleasant, I don't have to try, and then whoops I have to now take a 90 degree turn to get to the crossing. I think brain not quite on the level. Rest of it fine.

10: Messed up the attack, otherwise fine. Shape reading not good.

11, 12: No notes.

13: Maybe a bit of a weird line but think it was fine.

14: Idk, inefficient. Stay lower in the reentrant if you're coming left before taking the climb, or go right and a bit straighter. Mine is wiggly.

20: Too low, there was an extra unmapped crag.

21: No notes.

22: Honestly did this quite poorly, things coming up quickly, I was about to fly off to the left and saw people hit it. Quite annoyed at the quality of my technique for the whole course at this point.

23: No notes.

24: Yeah sure.


- Need to come back in proper mental shape to know how broken my brain is in this terrain. I do seem to struggle disproportionately in open fell.
- Shapes making absolutely no sense, need more open fell experience.
- Eat climb more good.
- Not planning around climb on fell good enough.

Seeing a pattern here. I don't really have too many opinions today.

Friday May 17 #

(rest day)

Plan is to jog parts of the long tomorrow, but not full thing. Think I'm close to coming out the other end of the cold.

Thursday May 16 #

(rest day)

Waking up really tired, took an extra 90mins of rest to try and do something different, just take it as a partial sick day. Hard to judge where I am from yesterday. Sneezing less I think? Heart rate didn't skyrocket during my walk on the Crags yesterday. The wait continues though. It's really quite mild but doesn't feel like I should run with it.

Wednesday May 15 #

(rest day)

Likely hitting peak cold around now. Heart rate still spiking for just climbing stairs and very congested. We keep waiting.

Tuesday May 14 #

(rest day)

Taking a day off.

Poor feelings on Saturday and Sunday not just imaginary, have a mild cold, likely from not getting enough sleep every night by sleeping at a normal time and waking up early compounded with the hard racing. Doesn't feel like the worst cold, but with World Cup in two weekends and wanting the LOC Weekend in one, just gonna take a recovery week and train based on feeling, no plan this week.

Monday May 13 #

(rest day)

Long travel + exhausted, not feeling it today.

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