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Training Log Archive: the kempster

In the 7 days ending Oct 7, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering3 2:50:55 3.98 6.427 /39c69%
  running2 1:47:31 4.97 8.0
  school sports2 1:05:00
  warm-up run/intervals1 35:00
  Total6 6:18:26 8.95 14.427 /39c69%

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Saturday Oct 7, 2006 #

orienteering race (middle) 52:29 [3] **** 3.7 km (14:11 / km)

I totally bombed this one mostly because I was trying to go too fast, the terrain was pretty techinical, and my orienteering was just sloppy. Pretty disappointing! Spent 13:00min on control 1, not really sure what I did except the I got way off my bearing and was 100m down the trail. 2 and 3 were ok managed to do some pretty good relocation near the control. But then, 5 was a disaster. I was going in the right direction, everything was fine, and then I hit another control that wasn't mine which screwed me up. I thought I knew what the feature was, but for some really stupid reason, I went running off in the wrong direction. Darn it all!!! Finally my race started to pick up and I didn't make any major mistakes after that. The trail network near the very end was deadly and I did lose a couple minutes in there, but nothing serious. The last 2 controls, I wasn't reading my map at all, ok, I guess really rough map-reading, but I guess I was lucky to find them because some people had a lot of trouble. I just kinda ran towards the music hehe! :-)

Friday Oct 6, 2006 #

orienteering race (sprint) 16:26 [5] ** 2.7 km (6:05 / km)

Wow, what an intense sprint!!! It was definitely fast and furious like the organizers said!!! It was pretty tricky trying to read the really fine details that really mattered while running or else you'd end up at a dead end. Started out pretty strong and didn't make a mistake until control 5 where I wasted 10sec checking a control number that wasn't mine because I wasn't sure exactly where mine was. Totally messed up 13 because my map was oriented funny and so I wasn't sure which of the 3 identical parts of the building the control was on. I started running around one, then went back and then figured it out. 35sec later which cost me a couple places. Really stupid mistake there!!! Got a bit confused on 15 because I didn't know the control was in the corner by the wall but I still finished pretty strong and I'm happy with my race. I ended up placing 6th in F20-34

Thursday Oct 5, 2006 #

running (x-country) 1:00:00 [2]

Didn't go too hard at practise today because I had the beep test, a field hockey game, and the NAOC's later on, so I didn't want to kill myself right before. Went down to the beach and did loops, I'm not sure how many, just that we went for about 15min.

running intervals (beep test) 10:00 [5]

Did the Nepean beep test which is way different than the Broadview one. The guy talking is really inconsistent because sometimes, the level would end at .8, or sometimes at .10. You could never tell!!! And it was way faster. The first level you were jogging instead of just walking. I made it to level 11 and the second highest I think was 8.6. I had a headache before but I don't think it impacted my run that much.


Headin' off to Hamilton tomorrow morning directly after band, (had to fit atleast that in if not x-country). The sprint is tomorrow so I'll time to recover in the car.

Wednesday Oct 4, 2006 #

school sports (basketball) 35:00 [3]

Did some more scrimaging in gym which was a lot of fun. The kiwis went undefeated the whole time until the last game where we lost by one basket. We played so well though and just schooled the other teams. The last team we played had this one girl that would practically jump on you to try and get the ball away. Really scary!!! :-)

Tuesday Oct 3, 2006 #

warm-up run/intervals intervals 35:00 [5]

Went to the Hill for x-country practise which was a lot of fun. Most of us did it 5x the last one super hard. We would run up the hill, across the top hard, then down trying not to kill yourself by being a klutz and falling/slipping/tripping. Then we ran back and I had to play the trombone while being out of breath.

school sports (basketball) 30:00 [3]

Did some scimaging in gym class which was a lot of fun. Go KIWI's!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday Oct 1, 2006 #

orienteering race 1:42:00 [2] ***

This week's meet was at Lac Mulvihill and it was a even thicker than when my dad and I went trainging. It was also pouring the whole time and your first step into the woods got you drenched. It was a tough enough course but thankfully I didn't make any huge flameouts. Just a few bobbles because of my bearing or not being able to see very well.
Control 1 went pretty well, I actually spiked it pretty good. But then 2 was a stupid mistake. THere were 2 other people behind me going to the same control I think so instead of know where I was going in off the trail, I just kind of guessed and then ran up the hill.Not a good idea, I was able to relocate off another control and then find mine but I probably wasted quite a bit of time there. 3 went pretty well, the only problem was not finding the trail that was almost invisible from the road. 4 my bearing got messed up and found this wall although there were 2. Figured it out pretty quick and didn't waste too much time. 5 the contours were very hard to read let alone trying to see through the saplings, but 6 was perfect. After fighting your way through the bush, you'd suddenly come out to this totally open area.It was beautiful!!! ;-) 7 was tricky but I found it pretty well and 8 I was way off my bearing and ended up at the wrong pond, a big mistake, but easy to correct. 9 I got confused with these 2 boulders and had to come out and relocate at the road and then 10 was fine. I got back soaked but atleast alive. :-)

running tempo 37:31 [3] 8.0 km (4:41 / km)

Decided to go for another run with my dad since yesterday was a rest day and we went at a pretty good tempo. We did the river run when we could actually see and I'm sure which I like better. Nearly getting run over by bikes, or knowing how much farther you have to go. Mmmm, I think we did a pb for the sprint at the end. 31sec is pretty fast I think although I'm not sure how many m's it is...

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