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Training Log Archive: the kempster

In the 7 days ending Oct 29, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling5 8:00:00
  orienteering1 1:47:00 7.46(14:21) 12.0(8:55)
  strength2 1:45:00
  running1 26:42 2.49 4.0
  stairs1 10:00
  Total7 12:08:42 9.94 16.0

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Monday Oct 29, 2007 #

cycling (mountain) 1:00:00 [2]

According to Dr. Dad, I should stay off my heel for this week so that it was a chance to un-inflammate for the US Champs. He also says to ice it a lot and to take twice as much Advil as the bottle prescribes, but I'm not so sure if the latter is a good idea...
So, true to the not running on my heel, I side-stepped ski practice which just happened to be running Carlington Hill which I'm sure would not have been very good on it! Biking seems to be ok since there's virtually no impact, so hoping to explore more of the trails up on the hill, I biked over at about the time that I hoped the ski team would be leaving as to avoid an awkward situation. Got there just as they were stepping out of the parking lot, so I booked it down the road past the arena and into a parking lot where I did a few loops until the coast was clear. Found a whole network of trails which was really hard to keep track of. Some of them come at in backyards or driveways, while others go absolutely nowhere or just fade into nothing. Could definitely spend a very long time exploring around in there!

Sunday Oct 28, 2007 #

orienteering (adventure race) 1:47:00 [3] 12.0 km (8:55 / km)

Missed the mass start since we were really late, so my dad and i had our own little mass start at 12:25. :P Had a 4 control scramble first which wasn't timed, and surprisingly we both went different ways, but we came back within seconds of eachother. I started first with loop 1 which was about 6km with my dad about 5min behind me since he had to go to the bathroom. Lots and lots of trail running, so when I could, even if it didn't quite seem like the fastest route, I cut through the woods just to change it up a little bit. Some superb woods at the far end of Nakkertok though! Most of it is just as fast as running on the trails, and it was definitely a lot more fun! Cut through to 8 which worked out really well, and then again on 9 and again on 10 on the second map (which unfortunately didn't work out too well...) Ran right past 10 on the first map which is really pathetic since it was literally about 2m off the trail! The first map took about 54min and then the second was just under an hour as well. Was a lot more tired on the second loop though and my heel was really getting sore! Kind of had to hobble-run for the last few controls cause it was so painful. Actually started snowing which was quite a surprise and a bit chilly, but all the same really cool! First snow of the year, but it didn't last more then 10sec on the ground since it's not below freezing yet. Only saw my dad once when he was on the way to 5 and me on the way to 9, and I finished just 6min a head of him which is exactly the amount of mistakes that he made on control 8 on the first map...hehe, what a shame!! :P

Saturday Oct 27, 2007 #

cycling (mountain) 3:15:00 [2]

Weather really cleared up for the afternoon which made for great mountain biking although everything was still really really greasy!! Had to be really careful going over roots and rocks since just hitting one at the wrong angle would make your front tire go haywire and all of a sudden you'd be on the ground. Gave my knee a few shocks cause of that which was really painful since it's already really scraped up. Despite all of that, I had an amazing ride since I finally was be able to be totally concentrated and focused most of the time. It's such a great feeling to be able to get your bike to go exactly where you want it to go!! Even made it up some of the hills that my dad couldn't get up, and I could see a lot of improvement since the last time we did that route. Did the first part of the loop and then ducked into the trails that lead into the Triangle Ski Club although we did quite a bit of 'exploring' trying to find the chalet. Had to do a few tricky swamp crossing as well as one swamp jump twice since we had to turn around after hitting a dead end at a beaver dam. Also walked down some of the hills since we didn't have a death wish and it would've just been too dangerous and slippy to attempt. The sun actually came out for a little bit which was fabulous after raining cats and dogs all morning! Despite seeing everything drying up, we could actually feel everything start drying as well! After finally making our way out of the ski club, did a little jaunt down the road and came back out at the 4 corners where we'd just been about 2.5hrs ago! :P Lots and lots of puddles on the way cause of all the atv's ripping through there so we were uber muddy by the time we made it back out to the cottage road, which meant that we got to go swimming!! woohoo!!! holy macaroni it's was ice cold!!! and we had to jump in twice too; once to actually get wet, but then we had to make ourselves jump in a second time to wash the soap off! brutal! i think that i actually skipped the first step of hypothermia and went right to the part where all of the blood from your core goes out to the extremities so that all of a sudden you feel really warm. Fortunately though, we had a nice warm cottage to run back to, and I must say that it felt very refreshing all the same.

Friday Oct 26, 2007 #

stairs 10:00 [3]

Was supposed to be a warm-up... but i don't think stair running could ever be called a warm-up unless you were walking them!

strength 45:00 [3]

First friday morning circuit training for the ski team and had a pretty good turnout. Heather (who was also the motivator :P) and her dad set up all the stations which included plank, 'stretching' (more like a rest station) crunches, lunges, wall sit, hipflexer thingymaddoer, mountain climber, bicep curls, and bench jumps. Shoulder was in agony this morning so I was really worried about putting any pressure on it but thankfully we didn't have to do push-ups. i think that i might've had to do them on one hand and probably get a total of .5! :P For the ones like plank and bench jumps, i just put all my weight on my left arm instead which worked alright. Each station was 1min long, and Heather kept us going at a pretty fast pace so we got in 2 full circuits.


Heading up to the cottage probably for the last time before winter and guess what! it's not hunting season yet!!! which means mtb woohoo!! will hopefully get in a short ride tonight, and then a longer one tomorrow into the Triangle Ski club if my shoulder can take it. Then back really early on Sunday for the Adventure Race at Nakkertok.

cycling (mountain) 1:00:00 [2]

Was gonna be too dark to go for a ride up at the cottage, so I biked over to Hampton Park with Eric, went for a little toodle around in there, then biked past all of the people sitting in their cars down Island Park (I always love speeding past, although I'm always afraid that some idiot is gonna get pissed and open the passenger door as I go past). Got bored down at the trails on the parkway, so we decided to go on a little adventure to Carlington Hill. Made it all the way up the hill without having to get off and walk, and then explored around on the top. Such a complex network of trails though! Found a really good one that goes just partway down the hill with a few neat twists and turns but it's nice cause we didn't have climb too much to get back up. The gates to keep ATV's and other larger vehicles out were kind of a nuisance since they were at every single opening in the fences, but i guess it saves the hill from getting totally wrecked. Shoulder wasn't too bad, although I gave it a few jerks on some corners which hurt a lot, but other than that it was fine. Duct taped my whole knee to try and keep my bandage/gauze stuff on which worked alright, but it was still kinda stiff and uncomfortable and it probably looked like i had a bionic leg or sumthing as people just got a glimpse of a silverish looking knee as i biked past... :P

Thursday Oct 25, 2007 #



running warm up/down 10:00 [1]

Running around the course to cheer on the midget boys which was only kinda 1/2 a warm-up, but we did do some stretching at the start line.
Also a few minutes cool-down while cheering on our only junior boy.

running race 16:42 [5] 4.0 km (4:11 / km)

SO CLOSE!!!!!!! only 3 seconds away from a PR, but had a great race anyways. A really fast start this time, so I ended up in the middle of the pack, and had to pass a lot of people going up the hill. Moved into 5th by the time we got to the long stretch on the grass, and then passed the 4th place girl who I could tell had started out way too fast and was already really tired. Both beach runs were brutal, but I felt really strong the whole race and even passed my all-time rival for about 15sec! sweet!!! but then she made her move and passed me and the second place girl...oh well an accomplishment all the same. Came in 4th, and since the top girl qualified for OFSAA as part as a team, so I qualified as well. YAY!! cept it's the same weekend as the US Champs.... a lot of my team didn't quite understand why i was missing ofsaa to go down to virginia, so obviously they are not real orienteers! already looking forward to next season and hopefully a whole senior girls team!?

cycling (mountain) 1:35:00 [3]

Holy macaroni, what a ride! Beautiful day to be out, a bit chilly, but all the same, it was still fantastic! Started at Pink Lake and went all the way to Mackenzie King, over to P17, and then up Penguin to Keogan. Nice ride, although lots and lots of ups and downs! On the way back down Penguin, right before the sharp u-turn down a super steep and gravelly hill, my bike pretty much jack-knifed, which i thankfully got under control, but then something else happened and i just wiped out!! Not even sure what happened. One second I was swerving all over the place trying to get my bike under control, and then next i was on my side with sore everything! No broken bones, a sore shoulder, lots of blood, but i think that i will survive. Was getting pretty dark on the way back but thankfully we didn't need to get our weak little headlamps out which I'm sure wouldn't have really helped anyways.

Wednesday Oct 24, 2007 #

cycling (mountain and road) 1:10:00 [3]

Rode down to the locks since it was such a gorgeous day! Kinda cool at first, but then once I really got going it was absolutely perfect. Took 23min to get from my house to the locks (although I had to wait forever to cross at the lights on Booth Street). 17min to get back to Island Park and then darted into the trails beside the parkway. Wasn't there long though since there were a bunch of dogs and the trails were too small to sneak past easily. Went over to Hampton Park, but the jumps in the sand pit have kinda been destroyed. On the farther one, there's still a little bit left of a log, but it's so small that my front wheel went over it, but my back wheel didn't quite follow. Got caught going over a bunch of logs in a row, falling over and doing a nasty landing on a log, so I headed home pretty quick before I started bleeding all over the place.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2007 #

strength 1:00:00 [4]

push-ups 1min
wall sit 2min
sit-ups 30sec
rest 30sec
jump squats 1min
push-ups 1min
plank (front) 45sec
rest 15sec
calf raises 1min
dead bug 1min
sit-ups 1min
rest 30sec
fist push-ups 30sec
side plank (right) 1min
side plank (left) 1min
jumping jacks 2min

and i did all of that 4 times!!!

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