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Training Log Archive: OutdoorsMama

In the 7 days ending Nov 25, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trekking2 5:29:00 14.82(22:12) 23.85(13:48)
  Mountain biking1 2:00:00 19.5(9.7/h) 31.38(15.7/h)
  Gravel Bike1 1:12:00 8.7(7.3/h) 14.0(11.7/h)
  Hockey1 30:00
  Total4 9:11:00 43.02 69.23

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Saturday Nov 25, 2017 #

Trekking (Orienteering) 1:09:00 [3] 4.07 mi (16:57 / mi)
shoes: Speed Cross

An ambitious local fellow put together an O course at Mt Malden (he got the topo info from the conservation authority, as it is an old landfill, so the usual topo map doesn't represent what is there now). He recognized me from one of the STARS events a year ago in KW, and had done SMOC's night corn maze this year.
20 controls, manual punches.
It covered the whole park, from the low wooded area to the top of the biggest hill. I worked through them in basically 4 groups. I got 3/4 done then realized I had missed a control about as far away from where I was standing as you could get. D'oh!
Miscanthus grass is a pain to navigate through (or find distinguishing features within).
I don't know how many people attended......he had posted it on the local trail running FB page and wasn't expecting very many. I saw 3 others out there while I was on course. I gave him a small handout with the SMOC website and the 3 upcoming events in December......shameless plug for Orienteering that is close to Windsor.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 #

Trekking 2:15:00 [3] 5.25 mi (25:43 / mi)
shoes: Speed Cross

Seasonal temperatures were back (-5 C by 9 am).
I parked at the Lake Laurentian Conservation building and started into the 10k loop around Lake Laurentian. Holy cow, was it sketchy. Yesterday's mild temperatures and hordes of school children visiting the park, followed by today's freezing temperatures had turned the first half a km of the trail into a horribly slippery mess. The second half km wasn't much better. But as I got further away from the visitor's centre, it was about 1/3 sketchy ice, 1/3 smooth rock and 1/3 snow or semi-frozen mud/swamp. But I persevered. At one point, I could see in the distance, a large rock cairn at the top of what looked like the biggest hill around. To my delight, the trail went up there (again, very sketchy underfoot, between the ice and the smooth rock surfaces). Several scrambling sections on this trail, a couple streams to hop over, some rock faces to slide down (or jump off, depending on how much you trust your ankles/knees).
Down the other side, there was a km or so that was a popular walking trail as a side trail came in from a subdivision......and that section was very slippery.
About lunch time, I was just south of the University, so I hiked up and over another hill to grab a sandwich at a campus cafe. By this time, I had soaked each foot once, but the sun had finally peaked out from behind the clouds.

Trekking 1:00:00 [3] 2.6 mi (23:05 / mi)
shoes: Speed Cross

Back through the Laurentian ski trails area (not open yet as there isn't enough snow) (no, I didn't walk along the ski trails!!!!) and back to the Lake Laurentian Loop. It joins up with the Trans Canada Trail (The Great Trail) for a couple km. And, I saw my first really reminded me of the chickens we had in the barnyard when I was a kid.
I looped down to the Yellow trail for a bit to go along the frozen lake....must go paddling here some time! So many inlets to explore.
There is a plaque where a NASA Observatory Site had been from 1968-1970. GEOS-B satellite tracking. I had no idea.

Trekking 25:00 [3] 1.3 mi (19:14 / mi)

Orange trail over to the BioSki chalet and back (not open yet). Much better footing, as noted by my speed.
Saw my second ever grouse!

Trekking 40:00 [3] 1.6 mi (25:00 / mi)
shoes: Speed Cross

Supper plans were delayed a bit so I had time for one more loop, catching some more of The Great Trail and another section of the Yellow Trail. Beautiful views over the lakes! And ta-da, my third every grouse sighting.
But I certainly didn't want to get caught in there once the sun dropped to the horizon, so there wasn't much time for loitering.
Pretty dicey footing again. My Microspikes were in the hotel room (d'oh), but if I had worn them, I would've had to taken them off very frequently for navigating the slick rock surfaces (the Speedcross were 100% on the smooth rocks, and I only slipped twice on the icy sections all day, with my poles catching me both times).
There were signs posted warning of bear sightings. I figured they were the same signs that had been there on my first visit in August 2016. Then a fellow in the parking lot mentioned he had just seen a mama bear and cub 200 m in from the trailhead. Yup, time to go.


My son got a one year co-op position just outside Timmins that starts in January. So I will have a great reason to explore a new part of Ontario during 2018.
It sounds like Porcupine Ski Runners (3 km from downtown Timmins) will be my northern XC ski / snowshoe destination this winter. And yes, several of the trails are open now.
Will this be the summer of The Classic Ontario Canoe Trip?
How many miles of fire roads can we bikepack in a week?

Thank goodness for Aeroplan miles and unlimited long distance calling.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 #

Mountain biking (Snowy roads) 2:00:00 [3] 19.5 mi (9.7 mph)

Sudbury trip.....there's about 4" snow so I could've skied on mown grass last night when it was -5C or so.....had I brought my skis. But I didn't as the forecast isn't good for skiing. But I brought a bike.....
This morning it was +3 C and less than a 50 percent chance of rain so I headed out into the country SW of the city. Once I got south of Highway 17, the roads were mostly snow covered, except for the more populated roads along the lakes which were slushy. Lots of hills! Thank goodness for granny gears.
I saw an eagle, which is always pretty cool.

Sunday Nov 19, 2017 #

Gravel Bike 25:00 [3] 2.0 mi (4.8 mph)

A couple slow laps of most of the CX course for today. I ran into a dead end at one point as the volunteers had made a mistake putting the tape up. They got it fixed.

Gravel Bike (CX Race) 47:00 [5] 6.7 mi (8.6 mph)

Local unsanctioned event.
Like last time, they put everyone in one heat and had us self-seed ourselves. I started at the back with the kids but soon passed a couple guys. The speedy guys started passimg me near the end of my third lap. I did 5 laps. Riding between the rows of apple and peach trees, right through their barn, zig zagging over the lawn and up and down in the ditch along the road, beer handups by the pool, and one nasty muddy section (rode it the first time through, then rode less and less of it with each lap as it got soupier). Other years, the ground had been frozen so it was a rough ride. This year, soft ground made for a smoother, but slower, slippery/wheel sucking ride.
The woman who allegedly beat me last time was there and as we went up and down the rows of apple trees, I could see her a row or two behind me. She was awarded second place and I got third (out of the 3 women who finished.....a couple dropped out). Chatting over chili and homemade hard cider afterwards, she conceded that there had been a mix up and I had come in second (which is what I am pretty sure happened last time). I think I shoot over the finish line so quickly, the guy who is supposed to be keeping track doesn't even see me LOL.
It snowed a few times, but no accumulation.

Hockey 30:00 [3]

Nice game....very good teamwork.

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