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Training Log Archive: TortoiseTam

In the 7 days ending Mar 1:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road Running7 6:47:56 51.81(7:52) 83.39(4:54) 437
  Trail Running3 3:10:34 22.91(8:19) 36.87(5:10) 588
  Gym1 45:00
  Orienteering 1 25:53 3.65(7:06) 5.87(4:25) 28
  Core / S+C1 20:00
  Total12 11:29:23 78.37 126.13 1053
  [1-5]10 10:24:23

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Sunday Mar 1 #

11 AM

Trail Running long 1:49:21 [2] 20.21 km (5:25 / km) +371m 4:57 / km
shoes: X Talons 212 BP

Nice crossover episode between the Home Street and Montpelier boys to Blackford and Braids, at which point Axel, Andrew and myself pressed on for a bit of Mortonhall. Good fun, although could have done with a bit less of the extreme mud and flooding. Legs felt okay though.

Saturday Feb 29 #

7 AM

Road Running 11:38 [2] 2.54 km (4:34 / km) +6m 4:31 / km
shoes: X Tallons 160 III

Shakey morning Meadows.
12 PM

Road Running warm up/down 25:26 [2] 5.37 km (4:44 / km) +2m 4:44 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

From the station to the race and then a bit more. Feeling okay - hype certainly a lot higher than last week.

Road Running race 16:00 [5] 5.0 km (3:12 / km) +7m 3:11 / km
shoes: togn

Allan Scallys Road Relay - 2nd leg for Edinburgh 2

Solid shift from Davros put me out in the mixer, just behind TomL (for Carnethy) and Haries C team. Slowly reeled then in and edged passed them at about 1.5km and 2km respectively. Then came the zig-zag bit so with a bit of expert cornering, managed to pick off a couple more people, before the long grind back. Some East Kilbridge guy who'd been catching me for a while got on my shoulder here and we had a bit of battle back along the river into the wind, which I unfortunately lost on the final bend.

Anyway, chip time was 15:59.83 (which is a nice PB 17 seconds actually from this last year). I pulled us up from 20th to 12th and the team finished 11th (5th Uni team). So a pretty good day out I guess, although didn't get any cash money like last year (but did run faster than A team last leg Carcas, so...).

Obviously less people to actually run with than on 1st leg, but ended up having people to pick off basically the whole way so not sure how much of a difference it made vs a proper race. Plus then I had a bit more luxury to not poon it off the start and pace things a bit better. Was a bit windy, but again, not sure to what extent it had an impact. Either way, think I'll have to enter the Scottish 5km Champs and see what happens there.

Road Running warm up/down 28:10 intensity: (18:10 @1) + (10:00 @2) 5.11 km (5:31 / km) +2m 5:30 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

Bit of a pootly warm-down spectating, then a break and bit more with the boyos later.

Friday Feb 28 #

1 PM

Trail Running 49:44 [2] 10.21 km (4:52 / km) +196m 4:27 / km
shoes: X Tallons 160 III

Sleety Shortenhall; a bit cold a grim. Got a classic KB House changing room bonus of getting back to find 4 completely naked old men having a relaxed chat about their game of squash.

Thursday Feb 27 #

8 AM

Trail Running 31:29 [2] 6.45 km (4:53 / km) +21m 4:48 / km
shoes: Mizuno Wave Riders 21 (B)

Morning Meadows in the sun. The least pre-breakfast-like pre-breakfast jog I've ever done, after the post EUOC AGM trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet last night.
7 PM

Road Running 27:43 [2] 5.77 km (4:48 / km) +70m 4:32 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

Out to the training with Callum and Gregor. Made a little parallel error from the map memory, but relocated nice and quickly so no worries.

Orienteering 25:53 intensity: (4:00 @1) + (3:00 @2) + (9:53 @3) + (9:00 @4) 5.87 km (4:25 / km) +28m 4:18 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

EUOC Sprintervals.
Good fun, with a nice little bit of head-to-head with Tom, Finn and Max for the most part. Fairly clean and shifting pretty nicely. Not too much to report really.

Road Running 31:11 [2] 6.26 km (4:59 / km) +28m 4:52 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

Back with Callum and Gregor. Absolutely kicking off back past Liberton: saw a super drunk guy trashing some roadwork signs, then there was a empty bus with a whole wheel missing, and then there was a firetruck with lots of firemen running about (but no obvious fire nearby). Rest of the way home felt pretty tame after that.

Wednesday Feb 26 #

1 PM

Road Running long 1:47:30 [2] 21.48 km (5:00 / km) +276m 4:42 / km
shoes: Mizuno Wave Riders 21 (B)

Trip to Crammond with Axel and Andrew, and then very nice back across Costorphine. Feeling tired from yesterday's pure speed, but was happy enough to plod along chatting in the sun. Both the boys had a moderate bonked for the last 30mins which was quite funny, but they both managed to make it home safely. A very nice loop though - would recommend.

Tuesday Feb 25 #

7 AM

Road Running 31:06 [2] 6.22 km (5:00 / km) +23m 4:55 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

To Harrison park and back. Impressed by how bright it was for being just 7am in the morning. Definitely needed a bit more sleep, but got too much on today - maybe tomorrow...
6 PM

Road Running warm up/down 23:15 [2] 4.35 km (5:21 / km) +11m 5:17 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

Road Running intervals 32:00 intensity: (15:00 @1) + (17:00 @4) 6.18 km (5:11 / km) +4m 5:10 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

EUOC Meadows Intervals: 5x 3mins [2mins], 4x 30secs [1min]
Was at the back of the front pack on the first 3min, but nicely worked my way to to the front by the last one, despite basically running exactly the same on all the reps. Tough work as haven't some anything quite this speedy for a while, but felt good and almost looking forward to a few more of these. 30secs were grim as ever though.

Road Running warm up/down 18:54 [2] 3.45 km (5:29 / km) +5m 5:26 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

Monday Feb 24 #

9 AM

Gym 45:00 [0]

I gym a lonely gym, thanks to Andrew bailing on me :'(
5 PM

Road Running 55:03 [2] 11.65 km (4:44 / km) +3m 4:43 / km
shoes: Mizuno WR 22

Easy round and round and round the Meadows. Weather was pretty grim though so wasn't feeling too adventurous, and happily chatting to various combinations Ewan, SammyG, Jack and Stanwix to pass the time.
9 PM

Core / S+C (Climbing) 20:00 [0]

Going to be so huge. Any day now.

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