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Training Log Archive: BorisGr

In the 31 days ending Dec 31, 2001:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Skiing10 14:25:02
  Running5 4:44:21 39.59(7:11) 63.71(4:28)
  T.rex training2 1:15:00
  Ski Race1 12:02
  Total15 20:36:25 39.59 63.71

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Friday Dec 21, 2001 #

Skiing 1:25:00 [2]

Easy, nice, long classic ski at White Pines before leaving for the airport. What a pity the camp had to end! I had an awesome time and got in some great training at Olympic venues!

Thursday Dec 20, 2001 #

Skiing 30:00 [2]

Warm-up / cool-down for time trial.

Ski Race 12:02 [5]

Classic time trial that was meant to be the 5km Olympic course loop,. but had to be cut to about 3.3km as they decided to close off part of the trail as we were racing on it. Oh well. Racing is hard at 7000ft!!! I did well, though, and was very psyched to beat our assistant coach by 9 seconds. Since we made a bet before the race, he had to run around our condo in nothing but shorts in about 2.5ft of snow after lunch. It's all on videotape...

Skiing 1:15:00 [2]

Easy classic ski in the afternoon. Very tired.

Skiing 15:00 [2]

A midnight naked ski at White Pines to continue the fine tradition. Thought i had some good skating technique going there...

Wednesday Dec 19, 2001 #

Skiing 45:00 [3]

Skating before and after the intervals in the morning.

Skiing 19:32 [5]

Skate intervals - a long, fast downhill, followed by a gradual uphill, followed by a really steep uphill. Felt like i could not take another step after i finished the interval session. The continually slowing times suggest that i was going too hard in the beginning, but our coach said we have to do each one all-out...

Skiing 40:00 [2]

Easyish downhill practice in the afternoon after the intervals. Felt exhausted from the morning. The highlight (or actually, lowlight) of the practice was Misha, who had finally cleared the hard tuirns without falling, breaking a ski as he was skiing down the flat gradual runout of the turns.... Poor Misha.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2001 #

Skiing 1:20:00 [3]

Skate drills at Soldier Hollow, the future site of the Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon events in the Salt Lake City Olympics. Exciting! Great snow and an awesome venue for the Olympics - very spectator-friendly. It's also fun to watch US Biathlon Team members practice on the biathlon shooting range. None of them would let me borrow a rifle, though...

Skiing 1:10:00 [3]

Supposedly easy skate in the afternoon at Soldier Hollow. The hills are so steep and the air is so thin that it's almost impossible to have an 'easy' workout here, especially when skating.

Monday Dec 17, 2001 #

Skiing 1:30:00 [3]

Classic drills and uphill work in the morning at White Pines. Trying to get used to the 7000ft altitude is hard...

Skiing 1:15:00 [2]

Easy classic ski in great weather. Felt pretty comfortable skiing for the first time in camp.

Sunday Dec 16, 2001 #

Skiing 45:00 [2]

Easy afternoon skate at White Pines, Park City, Utah. It is so beautiful here! The mountains, the snow, everything....

Thursday Dec 13, 2001 #

Skiing (Rollerskiing) 55:30 [2]

Rollerski along the river with Misha.

Wednesday Dec 12, 2001 #

Running 1:12:35 [3] 10.13 mi (7:10 / mi)

Road run

Tuesday Dec 11, 2001 #

T.rex training 30:00 [2]

Strength workout on my own. Reduced training this week due to more important matters (read: girlfriend).

Saturday Dec 8, 2001 #

Running 33:50 [1] 3.76 mi (9:00 / mi)

Easy jogging between intervals and warmup and cooldown.

Running 21:50 [4] 3.0 mi (7:17 / mi)

Hill intervals at Prospect Hill with the ski team. Running up the road from the bottom of the ski slope, then on a small path all the way to the top. 100m climb on the way. Jog down and try not to kick passing dogs for rest (about 8 min rest between reps).

Thursday Dec 6, 2001 #

Skiing (Rollerskiing) 45:00 [2]

Easy skate rollerskiing and practicing downhill turning.

Skiing (Rollerskiing) 10:00 [3]

Skate rollerski sprints

Wednesday Dec 5, 2001 #

Running 25:00 [2] 3.45 mi (7:15 / mi)

Running to/from Danehy for the intervals with Misha, Anna, and Ross. Light out when we started, pitch black by the time we came back...

Running 12:00 [5] 2.25 mi (5:20 / mi)

Intervals at Danehy: 2x3min with 2:30 rest, 3x2min with 2 min rest.
Felt pretty strong, but legs were getting dying climbing the hills towards the end.

Running 10:00 [4] 1.48 mi (6:45 / mi)

Sub-interval pace for 10min - still don't know the rationale behind these practices, but our coach thinks they are a good idea.

Tuesday Dec 4, 2001 #

Running 48:15 [2] 6.36 mi (7:35 / mi)

Running all over the place - to various workouts and such.

T.rex training 45:00 [2]

Ski team weights workout.

Skiing (Bounding) 25:00 [3]

Pretty intense bounding and hill sprint session at Danehy.

Sunday Dec 2, 2001 #

Skiing (Rollerskiing) 45:00 [2]

Skiing to/from cemetary, skiing around, some double pole sprints.

Skiing (Rollerskiing) 15:00 [3]

A pretty hard effort skating.

Saturday Dec 1, 2001 #

Running 31:10 [2] 4.25 mi (7:20 / mi)

Warmup/cool-down for Fresh Pond Race.

Running 29:41 [5] 4.91 mi (6:03 / mi)

Fresh Pond Road Race - with the ski team. Felt pretty good, ended up 2nd overall. The dude who beat me, though, destroyed me by over 4 minutes! There wasn't anyone too close behind me, so i had trouble pushing it on the 2nd lap.

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