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Training Log Archive: jennyr

In the 7 days ending Jan 19:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Yoga6 2:25:00
  Strength & Conditioning1 15:003.8
  Swimming1 12:04 0.43(27:45) 0.7(17:14)11.1
  Running1 10:40 1.2(8:52) 1.94(5:31)11.7
  Road running1 3:47 0.5(7:37) 0.8(4:44)3.3
  Total10 3:06:31 2.14 3.4429.8
  [1-5]4 41:31
averages - rhr:56

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Sunday Jan 19 #


Sleep was a bit better. Woke up a lot but got back to sleep reasonably quickly. Got out of bed almost an hour earlier which is probably a good sign even if doesn't change feeling that much (have been spending almost 13.5 hours in bed) Day off thinking as much as possible. Left side of brain hurts so needed. Really hungry at the moment - every night I have to snack at some point.
11 AM

Yoga 25:00 [0]

Bit tired, bit headachy, nothing surprising.
1t, 1s, 1k
1 PM

Running 10:40 intensity: (9 @1) + (50 @2) + (1:46 @3) + (7:55 @4) 1.94 km (5:31 / km)
ahr:168 max:179

Hr high enough even with 4 traffic breaks. So far feeling ok after (1 hour later). Chest a little irritated.

Saturday Jan 18 #


Feeling basically the same as yesterday and hr back to normal range values. :) Sleep was similar but the awake hours were shifted back an hour. Now the juggling properly begins :)
1 PM

Yoga 25:00 [0]

2 PM

Strength & Conditioning 15:00 [1]

Felt stronger than last time. Brain is tired but physically have energy.
1T, 1S, 1K

L = lecture
LR = lecture recording
p = practical/computing lab
S = study
M = meeting/appointment/consultation
T = cistus tea
s = sweet Stevie
K = ki vita

Friday Jan 17 #


Sleep was similar. Slept till around 3, then awake for a few hours. Better quality though. Resting HR getting lower so expecting some big internal changes by tomorrow.
2 PM

Yoga 20:00 [0]

Survived a 1 hour 40 lecture. Felt 100% easier than Monday. Tired, headache +some whooshing feeling and ears feel a bit funny but think I will be ok. :) After around 6 started to feel better and even felt like I had lots of physical energy. Finding it hard not to get too far ahead of myself.

Thursday Jan 16 #


Again struggling with sleep. Ok till 3/4 but not getting back to sleep. HR gone down though :)
12 PM

Yoga 50:00 [0]

2 PM

Road running 3:47 intensity: (9 @1) + (35 @2) + (1:41 @3) + (1:22 @4) 0.8 km (4:44 / km)
ahr:160 max:172

Not feeling great overall but a bit better post yoga. Felt good running though. Straight into infrared sauna after run which worked well. Some coughing after.
Very horizontal day, 20 min recorded lecture. 1 k
Watched some research on mitochondria cell danger response. Mitochondria has 2 states. 1 is energy production, the other is signaling to other mitochondria that there is danger and therefore not producing energy. Within chronic illness there is then a fatigue loop of stress overload > maladaptive stress response > mitochondria switch to defense mood > decreased energy response> increase stress = stress overload and the cycle repeats. A study showed that carers of people with dementia take 25% longer to heal. Interesting.

Wednesday Jan 15 #


Didnt sleep much. Minor stomach cramps all of yesterday and last night though so hopefully close. Almost drank a bottle of water overnight. Maybe would have been better if I was more tired but equally that would maybe have made me feel worse? May need experimentation.
10 AM

Swimming 12:04 intensity: (15 @1) + (36 @2) + (6:35 @3) + (4:38 @4) 0.7 km (17:14 / km)
ahr:163 max:172 rhr:60

Feeling better even if rhr is higher. Very weak.
2 PM

Yoga 15:00 [0]

60 min lecture recording + appointment. Medium headache. 1 drop of ki but felt very tired within 30 min so probably a mistake.

Tuesday Jan 14 #


Slept 9-12, 4-7ish. Feeling better than expected but not great.
6 PM

Yoga 10:00 [0]

Super chill yoga. Feeling so much better than this morning. New internal and external environment so may take a while to read. Going off yesterday the feeling is so much worse during but the after affect so much better which is definitely the way I want it.
No uni but hour chat with Matilda, Bethany came round and made dinner.
0t, s, k

Monday Jan 13 #


Zzzzz. Slept well but woke up feeling bad. Really need period to come ASAP. PT meeting and 45 min class (left early) mostly had to focus on breathing so didn't pay much attention but basically revision anyway. Symptoms coming and going. Felt really light headed at times. Big reason why normal life feels so far off. Tiiiired but don't think the feeling has gotten way worse through day. Will find out tomorrow....0,t, s + k.

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