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Training Log Archive: hamlet

In the 7 days ending Oct 30:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rock climbing2 2:40:47
  Running4 2:39:01 13.49(11:47) 21.71(7:19) 235
  Orienteering2 2:31:16 6.11(24:44) 9.84(15:22) 30218c
  Commute Biking 4 2:02:21 18.61(6:34) 29.95(4:05) 352
  Strength Training4 1:13:42 1.24 2.0
  Total15 11:07:07 39.46 63.5 88918c

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Saturday Oct 30 #


shoot, I'm just realizing I should take the training a bit easier next week to prepare for the NRE. I guess I'm gonna have to do a bunch of easy runs- I think I'll just cut out the workouts but still do my long run on Wednesday, maybe still do some hills on Monday or Tuesday depending on how I'm feeling after tomorrow (it's gonna be a long day- I'm running blue, then I'm supposed to go out on orange to give feedback on the course setting, and then I'll probably have to help with control pickup. I'll be dead, that's okay.)
3 PM

Running (Annapolis Rock Park) 23:28 intensity: (46 @1) + (10:36 @2) + (3:26 @3) + (8:40 @4) 3.27 km (7:11 / km) +54m 6:38 / km
ahr:149 max:175

Honestly was probably running a bit too hard for it to be an easy run but not hard enough for it to be a workout. I think I was in the gray area, so that's too bad, but I promised my dad I'd meet him at a spot in 20 minutes and I wanted to get in 2 miles, but theer was a good amount of hills.

Running warm up/down (Annapolis Rock Park) 20:51 intensity: (1:35 @1) + (9:15 @2) + (6:27 @3) + (3:34 @4) 1.75 km (11:55 / km) +41m 10:40 / km
ahr:143 max:181

Alternating jogging and walking with my dad and the dogs. We had Olly and Ray off leash for a bit until we came accross some deer and Oliver decided he wanted to race them, so for a few minutes I couldn't see him and I was trying to call him back and find him so that was terrifying. I completely panicked, because unlike squirrels that run up onto a tree, deer just keep running and I know Oliver could be stubborn like that. Definitely not letting him off leash again until we solidify his recall.

Friday Oct 29 #


wow i'm sore, a tempo run today's gonna suck
6 PM

Running warm up/down 12:43 intensity: (18 @2) + (14 @3) + (8:45 @4) + (3:26 @5) 1.61 km (7:54 / km) +23m 7:22 / km
ahr:178 max:190

cadence: 171

idk why my hr was so high, I was going pretty easy, just focusing on a high cadence.

Running tempo (pavement) 14:37 intensity: (11 @3) + (4:28 @4) + (9:58 @5) 2.62 km (5:35 / km) +22m 5:21 / km
ahr:185 max:193

cadence: 171

now that's an HR that I like to see for a tempo run-

I was aiming for 2 miles, although I told myself I'd do at least 1.5 miles and see how it goes. I was trying to stick around 5:45/km, but for the last 200m I couldn't get my pace under 6:10/km so I decided I'd stop it there.

Had a quick bathroom break right after. Honestly pretty convenient that there are portapotties all over the place, although this one was a bit disgusting. Still glad it was there though.

Running warm up/down 14:07 intensity: (1 @1) + (46 @2) + (8:33 @3) + (4:47 @4) 1.76 km (8:01 / km) +5m 7:55 / km
ahr:155 max:173

Kinda wanted to do hills, but with the rain I was worried the area around my usual hill was flooded, and I was doing my tempo run kinda far from there, and there weren't any great hills around and I was running out of time, so yeah, no hills this time. Might do them tomorrow or at the beginning of next week.

Thursday Oct 28 #

Running (treadmill) 11:44 intensity: (12 @1) + (59 @2) + (10:33 @3) 1.62 km (7:15 / km)
ahr:150 max:162

I hate treadmills rip, this was the hardest mile I've ever ran just cuz it was so boring
7 PM

Rock climbing (Earth Treks Rockville) 1:34:31 [3]
ahr:108 max:149

1) 10b, pretty easy, I really didn't struggle at all.
2) 11d, same one as last time. I wanted to get to the top this time. I got over the overhang after falling a few times, but then Lucka had to go for her lead belay test, so I went down, and my mom started belaying me and I climbed back up. This time I was falling constantly because my strength and grip was giving out. Even though after the overhang I fell on practivally every move, I made it to the top. I just wanted to figure out how to climb the climb, so next time I can actually try to complete it without falling :) and yes, it took at least 5 mental breakdowns for me to get to the top, but that's okay, I made it
3) Lead, 10b on the reactor, nice and easy- very pleasant
4) tried to start on an 11a, realized that my grip is nonexistent, so I went to a 10b on lead on the large overhang, in the corner of the roof. I got about halfway up, Lucka was belaying me and I didn't want to fall in the rope since she just got her lead certification and she'd much lighter than me. The holds were easy, so was the climb, just my hands weren't gripping on the massive jugs, and I was worried I'd slip before I got to clip.
5) Wanted to climb a 5.9 I've been looking at the whole time we were there, but as soon as I started heading over there, a couple got there just before me so instead I climbed a 10a on lead that my mom top roped earlier. It was kind of tricky, but it was nice.

Wednesday Oct 27 #

1 PM

Strength Training 18:01 intensity: (17:50 @1) + (11 @2)
ahr:101 max:127

5x5 power clean 65lbs
5x5(per leg) dumbbell stepups, 5lb DBs (10lb)
2x5 squat 65lbs

took it easy cuz I was tired from yesterday and I knew I had to do a long run later so yeah
7 PM

Running long 1:01:31 intensity: (4:37 @1) + (16:58 @2) + (39:25 @3) + (31 @4) 9.08 km (6:46 / km) +90m 6:27 / km
ahr:143 max:175

cadence: 178, finally got it high enough.
Ran down to Rock Creek Trail to head north on it, but I forgot the section under the Georgetown Branch Trail bridge was closed for construction, so I made a lap around the soccer field and almost got attacked by a dog, and then wen up on Jones Mill Rd and continued straight. Under the bridge for !-495 I turned around and ran on Rock Creek Trail back until I got to the intersection to take me to Jones Mill, I took that and then ran down Jones Mill and right back up on East West Hwy (that hill sucked, a lot)

Tuesday Oct 26 #

7 AM

Commute Biking 20:53 intensity: (1:50 @1) + (4:54 @2) + (12:40 @3) + (1:29 @4) 4.55 km (4:35 / km) +82m 4:13 / km
ahr:145 max:168

I hate the hillssssss
1 PM

Strength Training 15:58 intensity: (7:00 @1) + (1:00 @2) + (7:28 @3) + (10 @4) + (20 @5) 2.0 km (7:59 / km)
ahr:124 max:189

warmup: dynamic stretches, agility practice, broad jumps
workout: 15 squats, 800m run, 15 squats, 800m run, 15 squats (took me 9:20)
3 PM

Commute Biking (from school to ET) 1:03:51 intensity: (1:28 @1) + (50:12 @2) + (11:57 @3) + (14 @4) 15.97 km (4:00 / km) +130m 3:51 / km
ahr:137 max:169

The wind was a jerk. Note to self, next time don't bike during a wind advisory. I swear, that wind was turning to always blow at me head on or from the side so that balancing was harder. Also along with my very heavy backpack, my back was killing me.
4 PM

Rock climbing 1:06:16 [3]
ahr:106 max:147

All on top rope
1. Warmup on a slightly overhanging 10a. Was harder than it should've been, kind of partially cuz I messed up some of my fingers on my right hand yesterday on a railing.
2. 10d that I tried before, but I did terrible on last time, so I wanted to try and complete it without falling. I almost did it, I just fell at the beginning of the chimney section because I forgot how I did it before.
3. 11d that was by the 10d. It looked fun, what can I say. Lucka and I tried it- I went first, I got halfway up, just with my hands over the overhang, my hips being on the edge. I quit there because I already used my slightly injured fingers too much, and I didn't want to waste Lucka's time. I got up there by falling in just one spot, which I'm pretty damn proud of for an 11d. Lucka almost made it all the way up, which was very impressive, although I gotta give myself some credit because I gave her a t o n of beta for the first half. But still, it was very impressive.
4. We went bouldering for a bit, and i found out I'm incapable of bouldering- I can't even get off the floor lol

Strength Training 15:00 [1]

20x assisted pullups (on setting 10)
10x 45lb incline bench
10x assisted pullups (on setting 8)
10x 65lb bench
4x assisted pullups (on setting 5)
10x 65lb bench

Monday Oct 25 #

7 AM

Commute Biking 18:55 intensity: (20 @1) + (17 @2) + (17:42 @3) + (36 @4) 4.22 km (4:29 / km) +77m 4:06 / km
ahr:155 max:165

welp my hr was a bit higher than usual, interesting-
1 PM

Strength Training 24:43 intensity: (22:35 @1) + (1:30 @2) + (38 @3)
ahr:108 max:156

5x5 bench press- 75lb, 85lb, 95lb, 105lb (failed 5th rep), 95lb
5 sets of pullups to failure

18 burpees
21 situps
21 wallball squats

15 burpees
15 situps
15 wallball squats

9 burpees
9 situps
9 wallball squats
3 PM

Commute Biking 18:42 intensity: (3:03 @1) + (15:33 @2) + (6 @3) 5.21 km (3:35 / km) +63m 3:23 / km
ahr:124 max:145

5 PM

Orienteering (Patuxent- Compass) 21:08 intensity: (4:38 @1) + (7:46 @2) + (8:44 @3) ** 1.85 km (11:25 / km) +20m 10:50 / km
ahr:135 max:161 1c

rip I tried
I planned on doing a compass training in Patuxexnt since my mom wanted to go there to check out hte barn, so I used an orange course from the last time we had a meet in this park, I believe 2019. I blocked out the map except for the control circles, and well I failed to realize that the first two controls were on pretty nondescript reentrants and I was crossing many reentrants since this is patuxent. So yeah, I had no idea which reentrants I was on. Also I was running with Oliver, so I was a bit distracted, but not too much. After the first control, it started pouring. And it was getting dark because of the storm clouds, and there was thunder. I wasn't sure which reentrant 2 was in (since I had no form of confirmation), so I just bailed to the road and ran back. I'll try again another time.

I should have done interval training instead, since literally yesterday I ran in Cunningham Falls which is honestly pretty good compass training.

also how can I insert an image, I wanna add my quickroute

Sunday Oct 24 #

12 PM

Orienteering (Cunningham Falls - Blue) 2:10:08 [3] *** 7.99 km (16:17 / km) +282m 13:51 / km
ahr:145 max:190 17c

I think my navigation was pretty good, looking at my Routegadget my bearings were almost all on point, and the times they weren't I fixed it fairly well. I only made a few mistakes. It was jsut frustrating that even when I had a bearing I wasn't able to run because of all the fallen logs and all the rocks on the ground- I tried to run, but it felt impossible and i didn't want to injure myself when I'm finally getting into my training.

#2: I saw some rocks on the ground and thought it was the stony ground above the control, it wasn't- I caught that when I got to one of those depressions under the pit the control was in, so I corrected myself. Didn't lose much, probably around a minute

#8: I zoned out a lot, so at one moment I was coming onto the ride and the next thing I know I'm a few hundred meters down the ride and I'm hoping I didn't pass the control. I left the trail a bit earlier because I thought I saw a pit off the side of the ride, but when I was coming back onto the ride I luckily found that pit that was right next to the ride, so I was able to relocate. I probably lost around one minute on this mistake, just considering the navigation.

#9: I took a bearing and I felt like I wasn't going down enough, and I really wasn't. I eventually found some boulders I was pretty sure were way above the control, so I took a bearing from them to the control and I found it no problem. I don't really think I lost any time because I caught it in time, maybe just a bit because of the extra distance.

#11: I wasn't sure where I hit the trail on the spur at, I thought I was further down it then I was, so I went down to the ride and realized I was early. Probably lost around 30 seconds, that's all it really took for me to relocate to the part of the ride I wanted to be on.

#14: I didn't want to go down the hill in the rocks or the green, so I tried to go early, but I didn't want to end up too low so I went over to the spur 4 was on, but it was super rocky so I thought i had to be in the rocky ground section of the downhill, but apparently not- eventually I got it. I probably lost around 1-2 minutes here.

#15: I should've gone with my gut- the first route I saw was to drop down to the ride, follow it to the bend, and then contour over to the control. But, I then noticed that there was a ride leading through the dark green, so that I could hit the trail and then take the ditch down to get the control. It was a much safer and easier attack, so I thought I was a genius for finding that route and catching myself. Yeah, I forgot that rides can get pretty overgrown. It sucked, but once I was out of the green the route was definitely very nice.

Overall I'm pretty glad,the last time I ran here 2 years ago, I ran red and that took me around 2:45:00, and my goal was to get under 2 hours this time. I didn't, but I still wasn't out there as long as I was last time, and looking at some of my bearings and contouring (especially 2-3 and 9-10), I'm pretty proud.
3 PM


I did control pickup, and probably did around 2-3 km. I forgot to measure it because my dad made me really angry and I just wanted to get away from him so I left in a bit of a rush, even forgetting to take a bag-

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