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Training Log Archive: theway

In the 7 days ending Oct 23, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking4 4:23:32
  Strength Stability Suppleness1 1:30:00
  Running3 1:29:15
  Cycling1 31:00
  Total5 7:53:47

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Sunday Oct 23, 2016 #

11 AM

Walking (Mt Tennent) 1:19:52 [3]

Mt Tennent - it's been ages. As usual I checked of my various timing points: 17:55 at Cypress LO, 31:47 at Basin, then I slowed dooooown 50:58 at T junction, 1:05:30 at Fire trail, 1:19:52. I made a surge at the end to get under hour 20 because it sounds better, just made it. Good training, legs could really feel it and I got a bit tired in places. Felt fine jogging down and no arvo sleep so guess I'm ok. Left leg is feeling it but not surprised - Mt T is big. I'll call the up a walk and the down a run. I did run all the flattish parts on way up though.

Was a bit grumpy with self that I didn't get up super early, probably because I was going on my own. I like running it on my own but the drive is dull. At the T junction a Lyrebird cheered me up. Shortly after I was passed by a couple of girls with no packs who were running rather effortlessly. One of them made a friendly and encouraging comment (I must have been running) which surprised me. Often it's just hello on mt T. I said something about the weather in return.

Soon another 2 girls passed me, also running very easily, and asked how far ahead the others were. How friendly, fast and fit they were! I was further cheered up. At the top we got into conversation and I discovered they know SwissMiss - small world - especially since 2 are from Edinburgh Uni (on a coaching exchange). Had a nice chat then I took some lovely photos for them and they promised to say Hi to Anita from me.

Chatted to a few others on way up who wanted advice about time etc. Ate my banana, almonds and a few dates and jogged most of the way down. I could feel the issues low in my left calf but tried to keep running well and symmetrically. It's too easy to favour your best foot going down all the steps.

Running 1:04:45 [2]

From water tank down. Always love to fill up with rain water.

Dropped into Visitor Centre to use bathroom. Noticed the volunteer who welcomes people was sitting on a bench playing harmonica. That's pretty unusual, I thought. And why is that tune so hauntingly familiar? Not many tunes end on the 6th. I lurked amongst the maps until I figured it out. Well if he's going to play the theme from Betty Blue I bet he'd be thrilled that someone listened and noticed so I went up to name the song and tell him I enjoyed it.

He was pleased, told me how he'd learnt it etc, then pretty soon it all turned on me. Was my name Helen? did I volunteer in the past? Play the piano? Didn't I play ukulele at the Nat. Folk Fest? Omgosh he knew all about me! Then he named the song I played (Stewart the Half Worm - it's a bit memorable) and told me my last name. He has a good memory I suppose, or is a stalker, or I'm half-famous again...?

Anyway, interesting sunny and social day.

Friday Oct 21, 2016 #

1 PM

Walking 25:50 [3]

Up hill training with 2.5kg pack on blackie, pushed the second one harder until I was taking less than 3 steps per breath. Felt good to push hard and I am truly amazed how much difference an extra 2.5kg in weight makes - could feel it in my legs.
13:30 and 12:20 for BGFT gate via SQ track. Decided against a third so that I wouldn't have porridge brain when performing later that night (had to remember my lines). Did some work on my moldavian grandma - seems to be coming back to me.

Down hills were walk, preserving legs. I just have to stay uninjured for 4Peaks, I'm not really going to get any fitter. Exchanged a "Good morning" with another runner, then we both realised it was 1:15 in the afternoon and corrected.

An hour later I suddenly realised that I had not felt my L achillies AT ALL! Very pleased then remembered that there was NO running, that could be the reason. Still I do feel that it gets stronger each day and I'm doing calf raising exercises most days when I think of it ( I just leave the block on the floor)

Walking 33:00 [2]

The down hills and the warm up

Wednesday Oct 19, 2016 #

10 AM

Walking 45:00 [2]

To top of ridge and down to bike track. Home again after hills

Running 14:30 [3]

Three hills - 3.05, 3.03, 3.01 - mainly trying to keep it easy enough. Told myself to float up the hill. 6 steps per breath for most of it. Jogged down in between. Started a bit up from the gate next to cherry tree (nice bit of shade). Feel I've recovered well from big day yesterday. Main plan is not overdo it between now and 4peaks.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 #

11 AM

Cycling 31:00 [2]

Walking 47:50 [3]

3 times up blackie via various routes. Descents also various including running down gentler path from bubbler then bit of a run along Circum. The donkey orchids are out now, saw three different orchid species at least. Very windy today. The highlight was doing my final descent as the run-up came through. Oh my those front runners go hard up hill! Feeling a bit tight but glad to get 3 reps in after a week of nothing!

Walking 32:00 [2]

3 times walking/jogging down - good prep for 4 Peaks.

Running 10:00 [3]

And the bit of running.
7 PM

Strength Stability Suppleness (yoga class) 1:30:00 [1]

Muscle workout! Squats and lunges and tri-ceps stuff. So glad class is back.

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