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Training Log Archive: theway

In the 7 days ending Mar 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Strength Stability Suppleness5 2:57:00
  Running4 1:47:00
  Cycling3 1:24:00
  Walking5 1:13:00
  Total9 7:21:00
averages - weight:59.2kg

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Sunday Mar 31 #

7 AM

Running 35:00 [3]
shoes: helios - black

on ridge with Paula. Only 7 degrees this morning brrrr. Had to drop Julia and Pamela at Margaret's this morning to meet up with the group heading to Lake Mungo for 2 weeks. I think they were getting picked up by 4WDs from there. The morning was comical with much organising and anxious hand wringing to achieve a smooth rendezvous at an apartment building in braddon. First we had to drive 80m to Pamela's to pick her up. But she wasn't outside ready. Julia gets fidgety "Don't do this to me, Pamela". Pamela appears, then rushes back inside for something. Two minutes are lost and Julia worries "We have to have a road marshal in place by 6.55am, for the rest of the group". I assure them I can reach destination in 5 minutes. I could get there in 5 minutes on a bicycle actually, probably less. I suggest that Margaret could do it. "But she doesn't know!". You could text her, I offer. Silence. Then "yes good idea" ... "it's hard to text in car". Road marshal was supposedly necessary because of road works partially blocking the road to the apartment building. But it was easy to drive around it, far less taxing than a multistory carpark or crossing our new tramlines. Yet there had to be a road marshal there by 6.55am.

We pulled up, or I should say Pamela told me exactly where to illegally park (even tho legal parks were available). Important to agree to keep the serenity. Julia races off to road marshal leaving Pamela to wonder which of the piles of items in the boot are Julia's luggage and which are permanent boot residents. Eventually, stuff is sorted and I am allowed to leave. For a run
A run yes, with Paula on ridge. Great to have our second run together, hope we can make a semi regular thing. slightly creaky sacrum settled down very well. Not spritely on 3rd consecutive day of running, to be expected. Walked for 5 mins at start and few at end down concrete footpath. Beautiful so see sunrise and golden early light. Bush still wonderfully damp. We had over 50 mm rain in Lyneham.
Introduced Paula to a few of my favourite drills too. Aaaah. Done!

Walking 11:30 [2]
shoes: helios - black

Strength Stability Suppleness 10:00 [1]

Saturday Mar 30 #

7 AM

Cycling 25:00 [3]

Running (parkrun) 15:00 [3]
shoes: helios - black

Walking (parkrun) 23:00 [2]
shoes: helios - black

Mt ainslie parkrun fun. Spine not keen on running so enjoyed a fast walk for first half, enjoying the soft wet ground, mud, washed trees and bird and frog calls. Stopped to chat to gramps at half way. When I re-started I found I could run so run-walked the rest, stopping for a chat to the photographer.
Hung around at the finish making Canbeurovision plans with Fluoro. Suddenly we are all aware of a roaring sound; it was heavy rain on the roof of the submarine behind the warmem. A minute later we were hit by the deluge. I struggled to put some damp clothing on my wet body then rode home through all the puddles. Good to get nice and cold. Enjoyed the challenge of exercising in state of carb depletion too (low carb day before). Felt just a little slower but should adapt quickly because I am so close anyway. Eating first meal of the day now at nearly 1pm. Yay!
If it helps recovery especially of my back issues I'll be happy

Friday Mar 29 #

1 PM

Running 25:00 [3]
shoes: helios - black

Really good bouncy spritely run today with drills on ridge with Imo. Pain had moved around and was sharp but somehow managed to run well in spite of it after some thorough drills. We added 2 sideways drills which we don't usually do and it felt good (side skips and grapevines). I had hardly any carbs in the morning so was good metabolic training too, tiny amount of tiredness maybe. Bouncing off walls in general and did some gardening after.
Good chat with Imo about the challenges of parenting. It's tough sometimes.

Walking 10:30 [2]
shoes: helios - black

very brisk warm up. There is hardly a difference between my slow run speed and my fast walk speed
8 PM

Strength Stability Suppleness 15:00 [1]

Thursday Mar 28 #

11 AM

Cycling 30:00 [2]

5 PM

Walking 20:00 [2]
shoes: Pink Merrel Roadgloves

Stretching out the creaky legs, local

Wednesday Mar 27 #

Strength Stability Suppleness 1:00:00 [1]

Tuesday Mar 26 #

9 AM

Cycling 29:00 [3]

Riding to yoga is much more of a workout than rolling into civic, felt good. I'll have to do some brucie bike hills to make up for the lack

Strength Stability Suppleness (yoga class) 1:30:00 [1]
shoes: Bare feet (literally)

This is the first break I've had from yoga classes in at least 5 years. No classes since about November until this morning. Good to feel what a class like this really offers physically and mentally. I was stronger more stable and more flexible than last november but I noticed that the relaxation and meditation is more thorough and deep than I achieve at home. She refused to charge me because I did drumming and harmonies for kirtan. Then there was tea cake and biscuits afterwards. A highly valuable morning.

Monday Mar 25 #

11 AM

Running 32:00 [3]
weight:59.2kg shoes: helios - black

with Imo on Majura and Dusty, usual loop past the dams and back the slightly longer way. Sacrum was tender at first in spite of some core stuff before leaving and walking for 5 mins first. Then it settled down and I felt pretty good and springy (if a bit tired in the legs)

Walking 8:00 [2]
shoes: helios - black

Strength Stability Suppleness 2:00 [1]

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