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Training Log Archive: Mark3

In the 7 days ending Aug 9, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering6 8:02:22 33.57(14:22) 54.02(8:56) 1961
  Total6 8:02:22 33.57(14:22) 54.02(8:56) 1961

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Sunday Aug 9, 2015 #

(rest day)

Traveling back from Scotland.

Saturday Aug 8, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Glen Affric S6D day6) 1:30:23 [5] 10.1 km (8:57 / km) +454m 7:18 / km
ahr:138 max:173 shoes: X-Talon 190 (orange)[9.5]

Tried to take the safe route to 1 along the ride, but slight miss and then turned wrong way. Should have used other crags to NW as AP rather than top of hill further away.

2-misread hilltop due to large side spur and so went to look at a different control.

3-4-5-6-7 happy; tough but good fun, orienteering well. Bit of unnecessary climb on 6 caused by gaining a lot at the start and then contouring, but corrected well.

8 - major disaster. Bisected the OOB area almost perfectly; in a reentrant 150m N of where I thought.Found a path which I thought was a stream (I remember thinking "That's weird; I'd have mapped this as a path! It is a bit boggy I suppose, therefore I will forget all about it and not bother to think that maybe it's a path and I'm an idiot") now about 300m away from where I thought I was, got very confused by the large marsh and totally failed to twig that it was FLAT and there was therefore only one place I could be, assumed for some reason it was the bracken-covered hill near the control (?!), went N again and finally relocated successfully on a lake near the start...hardly my finest hour.

9,10 good, 11 a bit tentative as I'd thought I was in a stream which turned out to be just a damp reentrant, but relocated well and didnt lose too much time.

12-16 good with a little miss on 14 not going quite far enough before losing confidence.

17 similar mistake to previous day #1 in that had no concept of where I'd crossed stream and so didn't know how high I was; I think this is as a result of oversimplification ie "S to stream, ignore everything else"; should have monitered marsh, hill top etc to keep in touch. Rest ok.

Friday Aug 7, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Glen Affric S6D day5) 1:41:49 [5] 11.1 km (9:10 / km) +448m 7:38 / km

Almost comically bad #1. Contoured round to crags, but then couldn't cross straight away, so went up for a bit, then found better crossing place, but had no idea how far up I'd gone.

In reality it was about 1 contour but I hadn't been concentrating and therefore after running up the path for a bit assumed I must have gone too far. This was a terrible decision and meant I wasted loads of time imagining I was in two different places and seeing which fitted the best. It was like playing chess. Eventually worked it out but then had no confidence in the other path. Basically rubbish and all down to the contour error right at the start.
With hindsight - should just have gone straight to path.

Then a string of pretty good legs, helped by a passing train 10-11-12 but picked my own route to 13; which was straighter and looks good on the GPS,(Train went down stream) but there was so much bracken I was very lucky to find the control; couldn't make out features underneath. Arrived mid-train though; hurrah!

Then terrible 14, drifted off but didnt recognise the veg boundary at the time and so had no idea where was along path; didnt realise so far right. Relocated on stream ok but lucky in bracken again.

There was so much bracken it was basically the White Rose.

16,17 good, then really bad route choice into 18 taking in the gorge at its steepest point, unlucky not to hit control first time though.

Thursday Aug 6, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Darnaway W S6D day4) 1:11:45 [5] 10.4 km (6:54 / km) +326m 5:58 / km
ahr:148 max:166

Some brilliant orienteering coupled with some startlingly appalling decisions and implementations!

Deliberately very hesitant to 1, but still too fast and therefore struggling to match features - lucky.
Not enough attention to compass on 3 but relocated ok...from the road.

6 - came out on a track and had no idea which one. Looking at GPS; miles away from where I thought! Failed to aim off, and had crossed a minor path without realizing.

10 - a low point. Got distracted by other people after puddled path, lost concentration, then something happened and I was lost. Relocated from big hill.

13 - simply no idea.

18 - navigated really well to the big feature then messed up the complicated bit at the end.

18-19-20-21-22 - some of the best orienteering I've ever done

23 - navigated perfectly to the control but read the wrong code and so was very confused for ages

So basically 4 great controls, everything else rubbish. See routegadget.

Wednesday Aug 5, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Darnaway E S6D day3) 52:06 [5] 7.2 km (7:14 / km) +150m 6:33 / km
ahr:137 max:168

Another poor result unfortunately but some really good splits overall, so much more positive.

Of 22 legs and 86 competitors:
4 top 10 splits and another 8 between 10 and 20, then one or two controls only in the other blocks of 10.
on exactly zero of the 12 good legs was I following anyone or led into the control. The disadvantage of starting last is that if you make a massive mistake near the beginning, there's no one in the forest anywhere near you

Onto the errors:
1 - wrong veg boundary,and struggled to relocate in the vagueness.2 mins
2 - another first for me.misread the large depression the smaller depressions were in as a hill - simply because the tags are so far away from the control.had I mapped this I might have put more tags? Loss of other depressions and form lines have more than two! Anyway, so convinced I was looking for a ridge with depressions in it, rather than a depression with depressions in it, and therefore spent all the time on the ridge to the north.finally relocated on number 6, took a bearing and only then eventually realised what had happened.thoroughly frustrated as I'd just visualized the wrong thing! But not a mistake I'll make again in a hurry.10mins(!)
3-10 good
11 - not best route, should have gone W then N to path. Instead went N on path then W through grot. Lost bearing and had to relocate on PJ.should have picked best route to AP rather than focusing on control.
12-15 good
16 - bearing was off, then still looked in rough even when no sign of hill.need to learn size of a contour (common mistake for me).1min
17-finish good

15 mins...too many.speed is clearly fine though.tomorrow will be better.

Terrain was great, much nicer than day 2.

Tuesday Aug 4, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Forres Sprint) 23:04 [5] 4.62 km (5:00 / km) +129m 4:23 / km
ahr:151 max:172 shoes: Saucony Virrata 2

Terrible; meant to be my best event of the week and managed to do a loop in the wrong direction


Will wait for splits to appear to see if I can salvage anything - running speed seemed good, but missed one route choice and nearly missed number 12 as well, so by no means great even without the major one.

Will have to sort this out before city race euro tour.

- missed route through on 8: 30s
- thought was at 12 at 11 so was very confused at road and went miles wrong way: 60s
- messed up scale at 19 and went way too far into park: 30s
- 24,28,27,26,25: 2mins30

4mins30 lost in a sprint - worst urban result ever maybe?

Positive - successfully vaulted fence that thwarted yannick...

Orienteering (TrailO) 1:00:00 [1] 2.4 km (25:00 / km)

6/11 correct - no good at this type of o either...

Monday Aug 3, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Strathfarrar) 1:23:15 [5] 8.2 km (10:09 / km) +454m 7:57 / km
ahr:133 max:162

Tone set for the rest of the race by number 1.GPS helpfully shows me I was within about 20m of control, but had no confidence, got thoroughly confused in the bracken and eventually relocated on a control on another rock.7 mins 30 lost.not a great start.happy with 2,3,4...

Different genre of mistakes today: contours.route to 5 had good plan and executed 75 percent of it well...then due some reason ignored that I needed to gain a few contours and lost four instead, misread marshes as a result...eventually related 6 contours too low.another 7 mins 30.not a good day.

Tentative on 6.unsurprising now! Bit high;60s.lucky on 7.8ok.

Followed someone on 9 (on the assumption that I was worse than everyone else out there) but they lost me another minute damn them...

Went up and over to 10, then couldn't see crag from above, track route looks better.2mins.

Rest ok, but not quick.

Jeez,19 mins lost.that's a result to bin.more than anything, just not really enjoying the terrain much.struggling to see the shape of the land underneath the vegetation, not sure how everyone else is managing!

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