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Training Log Archive: Mark3

In the 7 days ending Aug 4:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Offroad4 9:35:16 46.68(12:19) 75.13(7:39) 3527
  Total4 9:35:16 46.68(12:19) 75.13(7:39) 3527

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Sunday Aug 4 #


Averaging 47 miles a week this year which is pretty close to the 50 target.
Not bad when combined with an average 380m of climb per day!
10 AM

Running - Offroad race (Saddleworth Round) 3:10:44 [5] 26.98 km (7:04 / km) +881m 6:05 / km
ahr:132 max:156 shoes: Xtalon 212 (blk/red)

In contrast to Borrowdale yesterday, which I think was a reasonable attempt at a race which really didnt suit me, this was a lousy attempt at a race which would ordinarily have suited me very well. Just didn't have the legs - perhaps understandably, although never gonna improve without pushing myself :)

That said though... Doing this was not one of my better ideas; turned into a slog very quickly. I often underestimate the Peaks races and this was no exception. The first half was hard since it was all uphill in the heat, albeit on good ground. The second half was downhill but through peat bog, updownupdownup etc etc, and so really hard too. Normally I like flat-but-technical, but couldn't deal with it today.

Some people contoured round Alderman's near the start; there was a checkpoint on it but equally it was on the route on the map on the website, so not sure what they expected here. You can argue it either way. Lots of the route was flagged, and that bit wasn't, so fair enough maybe; but morally dubious. I'll probably do it next year, though.

Lost a lot of places on descent (used to that,though) from Dean Rocks. Lost some more on the long climb to Chew because I was legs weren't having it after yesterday. Managed some semblance of a run across to Laddow but struggled with another flat technical bit where I usually fly. Miles slower then Holme Moss last year despite that being a harder race. Picked it up a bit, maybe, on the flags to Black Hill, but then super boggy again across Dean Head Moss and couldn't get into any kind of rhythm. Overtook someone who I'd been behind for ages at the road crossing though, and another who'd bonked along the next section. Glad to finish - probably felt worse afterwards than either of the last 2 weekends, which were both much harder on paper.

Probably about 30th in a small field, 20mins down on Darren who I'm normally within a minute of either way. Definitely one to do again when well rested; good route, nice views, more challenging than expected.


Rest day called for I think.

Saturday Aug 3 #

11 AM

Running - Offroad race (Borrowdale) 4:27:45 [5] 26.89 km (9:57 / km) +1995m 7:16 / km
ahr:137 max:153 shoes: Mudclaw G260

Lakeland Classics: tick

This one was my least favourite, pretty much exactly as expected. Rocky everywhere. Warm day, hazy sunshine and very humid. Made route finding easy since there was a massive field.

Perhaps the 400m ascent last night was not brilliant prep as could definitely feel that from the outset. Bessyboot climb was expected to be easy but felt really tough. Nice to be in such a seldom visited area though. Route to Esk Hause actually easy since there was a vague trod the whole way and vis was good - can see why people get lost in the mist here, though. Lots of this section was runnable if undulating which I probably would have made more of if I'd have realised what was coming.
Cut the calf cove corner as per Wasdale and cut round to N of Broad Crag which I always thought was faster but based on today it's pretty much the same as just staying on the path. Standard up to Scafell.

Then cut down the scree slope because it's by far the fastest way, but I did not enjoy it. Nicky Spinks overtook me here as did about 20 other people. It was dangerous; boulders going all over the place. Scree too inconsistently shaped for me to have any trust in it. Then the corridor route was very rocky with some scrambly sections and some bits where you could cut grassy corners - basically just followed whoever was closest here.

I am slow downhill.

Caught quite a few going up my nemesis hill Great Gable but then re-passed by many down to Windy Gap. Apparently there's a good line going off to the right here but I didn't know about it. My line was rocks.

Contoured around Green Gable too much and ended too low and in the rocks. Contoured around Brandreth too but you have to stay so high to be above the cliffs that I think you may as well just go over the top? Altimeter said only 20m difference.

I think the line down Grey Knotts is the BG line since there was a lovely trod which avoided the fenceline rocks. Again, steeply down so I was slow.

Expected the Dale Head climb to be easy but I've only ever been down it before. The water at the bottom and the tangfastics someone gave me half way up helped. Passed a few more people coming up here. Took very SE line off the top to avoid the rocks, which worked, but just ended me up in a steep grassy gully which I was equally bad at - think maybe the shortest line is better until I improve my downhill.

Tourist path through the quarries was very slow and rocky, and then path after that was still steep. Overtaken by a few but managed to stay ahead of more once we got to the flatter bit near the end.

Basically if you designed a race specifically to play to my weaknesses you couldn't have done much better. The whole thing was either steep up or steep down other than the Bessyboot to Esk bit at the start. I handled the up well but not the down. I prefer races with some ridge running!

Friday Aug 2 #

7 PM

Running - Offroad race (Salt Cellar) 59:53 [5] 12.34 km (4:51 / km) +396m 4:11 / km
ahr:140 max:165 shoes: Inov-8 Roclite 290 (blue)

Changed course this year, due to revert back next year, meant narrow out-and-back section which was relatively steep and therefore quite dangerous.
Notwithstanding, pretty good race - very long, reasonably technical and rocky descent, and the bit on the moors was nice. Dull road section at the end was at least a km and felt tough, but enough of a gap both ahead and behind to be okay. Pushed quite hard but not ludicrously so.
Behind Jordan this week so normal service is resumed, but quite a way ahead of Caitlin.
Interesting start - narrow steps upwards after 100m across a field - but staying near the front and sprinting meant I didn't lose out.

Felt a bit weird having not raced for eight days; out of practice!

Thursday Aug 1 #

1 PM

Running - Offroad (WFH Lunch run) 56:54 [3] 8.92 km (6:23 / km) +255m 5:35 / km
ahr:118 max:145 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

With N and Fiona.
Legs feeling good but aerobically rubbish. Achilles hurts afterwards.

Wednesday Jul 31 #

(rest day)

Was planning on Chunal race today but took 2 hours to drive home from work due to flooding. Had to abandon car 400m metered from home and walk through quad-high water. My house is ok but a house about 5metres away is very much underwater.

Tuesday Jul 30 #

(injured) (rest day)

R shin still hurting :( not much, but enough to not enworsen it.

Monday Jul 29 #

(injured) (rest day)

Travelling home. R shin hurts, but no other issues.

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