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Training Log Archive: Mark3

In the 7 days ending Nov 17, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Offroad3 5:46:06 33.69(10:16) 54.21(6:23) 2282
  Running - Road/Track2 2:31:19 17.96(8:25) 28.91(5:14) 279
  Orienteering - Urban1 1:14:21 10.06(7:23) 16.19(4:35) 63
  Total6 9:31:46 61.71(9:16) 99.31(5:45) 2624

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Sunday Nov 17, 2019 #

11 AM

Running - Offroad race (Wadsworth Half Trog) 1:29:01 [5] 15.46 km (5:45 / km) +438m 5:03 / km
ahr:143 max:163 shoes: Mudclaw G260

Terrible start, dammit, followed the wrong person... Knew where we were going; not a nav error...just watched him consciously ignore the leaders and do something else, and assumed that he must know something they didn't know. This was a bad call! Far faster to cut the corner on the first CP - will know for next year. So lost 2 mins within the first 20 and then never saw anyone from the group that made the better choice again.

Definitely a race to have the map out! People making mistakes all over the place.

Otherwise - no nav issues; muddy, splashy and slippery throughout; majorly, ground thoroughly saturated. Should've been a good race for me really as I quite like that - no massive hills, just undulating muddy technical stuff - and probably wouldn't have been a too bad result other than the thing at the start. Also maybe a bit tired from yesterday! Really nice moorland running though;I like that area.

Tom Dobra was there visiting his parents and I assume beat me by miles (he made a better call at the start and I didn't see him for the whole race or at the end - so either he did very well or got lost somewhere - suspect the former).


Saturday Nov 16, 2019 #

10 AM

Running - Offroad race (Tour of Pendle) 2:51:31 [5] 26.73 km (6:25 / km) +1411m 5:05 / km
ahr:147 max:174 shoes: Mudclaw 275 (blk)

Two minutes nine seconds faster than two years ago - 42nd.
Disappointed to not be more up than that to be honest, after putting in so much training on the longer hillier stuff - but in fairness it was muddier today.

Raining before the start but cleared to drizzle for start itself, so just baselayer and shorts. I would've worn 3/4d but they were both in the wash - luckily as it turns out, since shorts definitely the right choice.

50 seconds slower than last year to the trig, and ran the whole thing again - last years' time was definitely set to be epic without the spike. Similar times on the road, so lost it on the climb proper - I blame increased mud. The climb felt tough but made myself run the whole way since I knew the other climbs weren't runnable.

Terrified as expected going down to Ogden; extremely muddy here but I was very much keeping to the worst line to avoid the spikes. Relieved once got onto the awesome descent to #2. Clif bar on the climb to 3 and kept walking for too long; passed by quite a few here. Unfortunately passed by people who were old and terrible at descending, so were taking Geronimo very carefully which made my treat it more tentatively than if I'd been surrounded by fast people. So lost a bit of time here.

Feeling ok though, but much worse on most of the later climbing segments surprisingly - hopefully conditions related. The second to last climb definitely felt the hardest, and the wet rocks made it slow going.

At #8 the marshal told me I was in 50th place. Had to check my map as it was very claggy and couldn't quite see the guy in front, but memory from 2 years ago was very useful. Got past a couple down to 9.

The last climb felt very steep but it was over very quickly; 15 mins very short compared to a Lakes ascent. Passed another 3 or so who looked pretty dead; keep forgetting 17 miles is a long race for a lot of people ;p

Slightly faster on the lovely grassy downhill to the track (passed 3 more) and slightly slower on the track to the finish (no-one to chase and no-one chasing me, as there was 2 years ago) but overall similar.

Pleased to be 9 places higher even if only a bit faster; does support that overall conditions were slower. Unfortunately means I have to do it again, which sounds like pushing my luck with the spike thing!

Kirsty spent the whole drive trying to persuade Emma and me to join Pennine. Tbh if Macc runners don't get their acts together and start entering more races, thing I may well do so!

Friday Nov 15, 2019 #

(rest day)

Thursday Nov 14, 2019 #

6 PM

Running - Road/Track (MaccH B Group) 1:20:06 [3] 15.33 km (5:14 / km) +177m 4:56 / km
ahr:153 max:170 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

Raining a lot throughout. Luckily took a coat! But gloves soon wet and hands numb by the end :(
Otherwise was ok - felt to be running well, but speed of the group wasn't that fast. I always go quicker when it's cold and so was at the front.

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019 #

6 PM

Running - Offroad (MaccH Fell Training) 1:25:34 [2] 12.02 km (7:07 / km) +433m 6:02 / km
ahr:132 max:153 shoes: Inov-8 Roclite 305

Only 7 out, and everyone happy to go pretty slowly, so an easy one. Pretty muddy, probably need to start wearing fell rather than trail shoes for these.
Felt as if it was going to be cold but wasn't too bad; mittens were overkill.

Tuesday Nov 12, 2019 #


Car had something called 'acoustic lock' which was turned off, but sounded awesome so I turned it on.

Now the horn sounds whenever I lock the doors.

Can't find the damn thing in all the submenus to turn it off again.
6 PM

Orienteering - Urban race (Heaviley Maprun) 1:14:21 [5] 16.19 km (4:35 / km) +63m 4:30 / km
ahr:145 max:164 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

Ran the furthest...
Second time using MapRun. Only one control where I didn't notice the beep, and couldn't be bothered to get out the cluesheet and write down the answer, and so spent the whole course annoyed - only to find out at the end it did work after all.
Terrible route planning - need to think for even 10s at the start re the than blindly going in a random direction. Did a nice loop around the edge of the map, but it doesnt usually happen that I get back to where I started - so ended up going to a few controls twice by mistake. I can confirm that a control still beeps if you go back to it! Even three times. So ran a lot of ridiculous extra distance. Also missed an obvious 80 within 20m of where I was for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Beaten by slower runners who understand planning.

Nice evening and still enjoying MapRun though; bit annoyed we only have one more MapRun event and the other 7 are all old skool. Maybe next year.

Monday Nov 11, 2019 #

6 PM

Running - Road/Track (MaccH B Group) 1:11:13 [3] 13.58 km (5:15 / km) +102m 5:03 / km
ahr:155 max:171 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

Easy and sedate tonight - perfect recovery. Rained a bit but not overly :)

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