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Training Log Archive: Mark3

In the 7 days ending Feb 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Offroad3 6:26:51 37.86(10:13) 60.93(6:21) 2526
  Running - Road/Track2 2:19:43 14.39(9:42) 23.16(6:02) 292
  Orienteering - Urban1 1:14:59 10.54(7:07) 16.97(4:25) 13
  Total6 10:01:33 62.79(9:35) 101.06(5:57) 2831

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Sunday Feb 2 #

1 PM

Running - Offroad long (Shining Tor & Windgather) 2:31:29 [3] 22.1 km (6:51 / km) +877m 5:43 / km
ahr:139 max:167 shoes: Hoka Mafete 2

There were multiple options today but sleeping won, and raining in the morning, so saved the run for the afternoon and the sunshine. Lovely views from shining tor. Way down probably needs work; the sort of tussucks you have to leap between and you know if you're slightly off you'll break your ankle. Fun times in incredibly high ultra shoes.
Still quite like them though, in mild mud they're great. And not actually fallen over, yet.

Saturday Feb 1 #

10 AM

Running - Offroad race (Wadsworth Trog) 3:09:19 [5] 31.59 km (6:00 / km) +1346m 4:56 / km
ahr:145 max:177 shoes: Xtalon 212 (blk/red)

21st, compared with 35th last year, and 13 mins faster, so a definite improvement. Snow last year slowed it down - but apart from the snow, conditions were great. This year, no snow, and not massively muddy (still muddy), but c.50mph winds throughout. Like, constantly. Really really really windy all the time. Went through a kissing gate at one point and the blowback was so strong the gate knocked me over! Everyone I spoke to afterwards was slower this year, and the winning time was 7 mins slower. So I'm taking it.

Interesting analysis this year in isolation; 15th all the way to cp3 (started strongly, including up, down, steep up, onto the moor) but as soon as we got into the wind, really struggled, 19th by 4. Then easy downhill to 5 was taking it steady, clearly others not as down to 25th. Did badly first half of 8 across the windy moor again, did well up the hill but down to 28th at 8. Now I'm feeling good though as everyone else is tiring - 25th at 9, 23rd at 12, 22nd at 13, 21st at finish.

No nav issues although Strava implies there's a better line to be taken to the shaft rather than going xc quite so much, which was slow. There's a good trod from the shaft.

Nutrition better this year, just one Clif about halfway and a pack of bloks throughout. Based on last year, took 500ml. Probably drank 300. 3/4s and ls; wore coat until climb at 2 and then didn't put it back on again. Only carried one extra layer.

Splits vs last year
1. 13:09 vs 15:07
2. 6:40 vs 7:21
3. 10:58 vs 12:25
4. 12:04 vs 12:02 effect of wind!!
5. 9:44 vs 9:38 bit of a surprise; not pushing hard downhill clearly
6. 22:58 vs 25:52 strong up the hill, pleased with this
7. 16:33 vs 16:21 wind again, from side, being blown off the path!
8. 28:21 vs 28:26 wind on first half
9. 8:52 vs 9:30 good uphill again
10: 13:50 vs 14:26
11: 9:05 vs 10:13 uphill again
12: 16:59 vs 20:10 (got lost last year)
13: 11:09 vs 11:03 think this is just good both years
F: 8:58 vs 9:35 strong uphill finish

It seems like I've stayed pretty much the same downhill bit got better at uphill - this is excellent!! Quite happy with performance.

Friday Jan 31 #

8 PM


Went to running club ceilidh. Wouldn't ordinarily be my thing, but it was actually quite fun! Shame there weren't more girls under 40 there, but can't have everything. Left just after 10 due to race tomorrow.

Thursday Jan 30 #

6 PM

Orienteering - Urban race (Withington & Disbury) 1:14:59 [5] 16.97 km (4:25 / km) +13m 4:24 / km
ahr:139 max:159 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

Maprun. Perfectly paced (1s early). Unnecessary distance right at the start, turning one too early and adding an extra 500m (!) - after that bumbled around (briskly) with my usual score tactic of no advance planning whatsoever.
Actually seemed to work ok this week and I think I only missed one 70. Probably got too many 40s and not enough 50s, but meh. Ran a long way, which is the goal for me at the NSL.

Didn't eat at the pub since we went out for lunch with work, and would've felt too decadent.

Wednesday Jan 29 #

6 PM

Running - Offroad (Two trigs) 46:03 [3] 7.24 km (6:22 / km) +303m 5:16 / km
ahr:144 max:159 shoes: Hoka Mafete 2

Struggling for motivation tonight but fine once out of the door.

Up the nab, then down the trespassy way and then to Nancy. Went the least slippery ways up/down as the shoes aren't that great in mud...Not too bad though. Seem to be well-draining at least. Much better than other trail shoes on the road, too.

Tuesday Jan 28 #

6 PM

Running - Road/Track (BollyH Road) 1:22:21 [1] 11.68 km (7:03 / km) +154m 6:37 / km
ahr:137 max:158 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

Barely running with Bollington - they sure know how to take it easy!

Monday Jan 27 #

6 PM

Running - Road/Track (MaccH B Group) 57:22 [3] 11.48 km (5:00 / km) +138m 4:43 / km
ahr:144 max:161 shoes: Nike Pegasus 35

Standard loop. Feeling ok. Cold hands.

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