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Training Log Archive: g.foz.foster

In the 7 days ending Mar 23:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Off-road (75%+)6 7:08:17 50.22(8:32) 80.82(5:18) 1385
  S&C2 1:15:00
  Fell 1 1:01:17 6.46(9:30) 10.39(5:54) 564
  Total9 9:24:34 56.68 91.21 1949

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Saturday Mar 23 #

4 PM

Off-road (75%+) 1:00:56 [1] 12.43 km (4:54 / km) +86m 4:44 / km
ahr:126 max:160 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Easy 60' w/ diagonals.

Good, sprightly run. Bounced along at a comfortable and consistent pace; out and back from Fitz Park in town along the old railway line so pretty flat with only a long, gradual incline to where the path scoots below the A66.

No dogs today so managed some uninterrupted diagonals on the practice pitches of the town's football club. Felt good and light, especially on the first one where it looks like I was a bit too good and light. The remaining were reigned in and more consistent.

Jogged recovery's along the longer touchline then reverse of the first 25' along the railway track again and back. All felt loose, no issues with the shin today.

Friday Mar 22 #

6 AM

Off-road (75%+) 56:16 [1] 10.43 km (5:24 / km) +50m 5:16 / km
ahr:126 max:157 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Easy 45' w/ 6 x strides.

Felt a bit slow and lethargic this morning, not too surprised after yesterday's session. Slept well so energy wasn't a big issue (relative to the time of day) but legs just a bit tired.

Got some tightness in my right shin, where I had the issue immediately post-BGR in 2016. Associated it with scar tissue in the past and have initially treated it as such this time around. It by no means hinders my running but I have noticed it recurring. Something to keep an eye on.

Legs woke up for the strides, which felt good and light.
6 PM

S&C 35:00 [3]

Rammed at the gym again. Going to try to start going during school time when I have free periods.

Kettlebells at home, so limited with the weight again.

Squats (pyramid): 3 x 14 @ 20kg; 2 x 12 @ 24kg; 1 x 10 @ 32kg; 2 x 12 @ 24kg; 3 x 14 @ 20kg
Calf raises (two legged): 3 x 45 @ 48kg
Split squats: 14/12/10 @ 20/24/32kg
Deadlifts: 3 x 10 @ 32kg

Thursday Mar 21 #

4 PM

Off-road (75%+) 1:40:29 [4] 19.31 km (5:12 / km) +549m 4:33 / km
ahr:127 max:163 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Long Hills.

Stopped off at Hobcarton by Whinlatter on the way home from work (took the scenic route). Ran along and down the fire tracks on the back end of Whinlatter Pass and down towards Braithwaite, trying to keep things as flat as possible, to the hill/incline I'd had a look at yesterday.

Pretty much bang-on for 20' form the car to the start point of the reps and felt good to go straight off. First rep was the faster of the three but all were paced to give consistent effort, and as it turned out I was only 5-10" down per subsequent rep (according to the watch), so pretty pleased with how my judgement of effort and response to 'feel' is coming along with regards to these sessions.

The session was much better for having a more consistent, runnable incline all the way up and I was able to keep that sustained effort all the way; I definitely see the difference now compared to the 'old' hill coming out of Stair in this respect. Stair was good but I think I was working too hard for the purpose of what I was trying to achieve with the sessions, to the neglect of what should have been higher quality. If that makes sense??

All good I think now though. That Whinlatter hill will be my 'go to' for the future.

Easy jog back to the car along the same route but definitely felt the lack of any meaningful food in the last km or so back to the parking bit. Pays to maybe have something in a bumbag for immediately after that last rep?

Wednesday Mar 20 #

4 PM

Off-road (75%+) 1:34:45 [1] 16.55 km (5:44 / km) +593m 4:51 / km
ahr:125 max:145 shoes: Scott Supertrac RC

Easy 80' (hilly).

Cannot believe how ignorant I am of the running that's on offer right on the doorstep. Slowly starting to do something about it, but after a year of living back here it's pretty shit of me to be so blind to the potential that Whinlatter has.

Explored a side of the wood that I didn't even know existed from a running/biking sense. Barely even scratched the surface. There's tons to go at and all on good fire-track or singletrack. Plenty of undulating runs or steep bits or any combination you would need I guess. Dead easy to head onto the open fell too.

Anyway, the run! Felt really good, though had a slight bit of tightness in the left heel right from the off that eased once fully warmed up. Had noticed it at work today but it's only a 'thing to be aware of' rather than anything to concern....I hope!

Eased right back on the uphills and downhills to save the legs for tomorrow's session. Found some suitable spots that'll get me a good 2-3km of running at almost ideal gradient all the way up. I looked at the gradient on a nifty website for the track out of Stair that I've been using a lot before for the long hills and it shows that it's just too steep on average (12-15% rather than the 6-10% required).

Was out a bit longer than planned again. Once I'm more familiar with some routes I should hopefully be better at time keeping (bearing in mind what you said that it doesn't matter too much if it's only 10-15' over time; don't want to make a habit of it though).

Tuesday Mar 19 #

S&C 40:00 [3]

Forgot to add this session in for some reason until prompted by email!

Gym was rammed as I'd missed that crucial sweet-spot for getting in and baggsying the equipment. Might be worth buying a squat rack maybe.

Used kettlebells at home and, due to the lesser weights, did a few more sets that usual.

Squats: 3 x 14 @ 20kg; 2 x 12 @ 24kg; 1 x 10 @ 32kg
Two-legged calf raises: 3 x 50 @ 48kg
Split squats: 4 x 14 @ 20kg
Hamstring curls Swiss ball: 3 x 35
6 AM

Off-road (75%+) 45:33 [1] 8.55 km (5:20 / km) +29m 5:14 / km
ahr:126 max:140 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Easy 45'.

Felt really good. No lethargy or tiredness from the early hour at all. Seemed to get going almost straight away and had a good run throughout.

Warm again and no wind. Good and firm underfoot so was able to stretch out without slipping about. Wore the headtorch pretty much for weight training; it's pretty much broad daylight by 0615 now.

Monday Mar 18 #

4 PM

Off-road (75%+) 1:10:18 [1] 13.55 km (5:11 / km) +78m 5:03 / km
ahr:126 max:163 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Easy w/ 8x strides.

Took it nice and steady though was surprised by how good the legs felt. No fatigue or stiffness from yesterday at all.

Ran along the usual trail to the river and out towards Stair. Back the same way. Warm and dry. Got a bit carried away and wore gloves and a hat. Must have looked a right plum.

Good underfoot and was able to clip along comfortably. Felt really good right from the get go with the strides so did the 8, though I caught a bit of tiredness creeping in on the very last rep, maybe pushed a touch too much out of a 'fast but comfortable' pace.

Sunday Mar 17 #

1 PM

Fell 1:01:17 [5] 10.39 km (5:54 / km) +564m 4:38 / km
shoes: Salomon S/LAB Speed 2

Criffel Hill race.

Tough old race. Ricky Lightfoot turned up so it was just a case of 'how long can I keep him in sight for' - FYI about 2km, just!

Steep initial road section that flattened out for a km or so before turning into some forestry singletrack. Runnable but at about 'long hills' gradient and pace before hitting some boggy shite for 500-600m. Fucking horrendous. Legs fully sapped of all energy and strength. Knee deep in places, uphill travelator shite - like an uber-muddy mid-90s Gladiator. Was just trying to plough through it - literally. Anyway, whinging aside it soon sorted itself out into some more open fellside trods. Definitely exposed the same weakness that I had at the start of last season, namely steep gradients that are borderline runnable.

Legs woke up at the false summit around 1.5km from the true summit; a long gradually rising traverse with a short kick up before the turn-around cairn. The descent was great. No danger of getting caught. Happy that I seem to have kept this 'skill' (as much as throwing yourself down a slope is a 'skill').

Main thing that I picked up from the race is that steep runnable/unrunnable thing that I mentioned before. For a first race since October I'm pretty pleased. Worth the trip and a good work-out for sure.

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