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Training Log Archive: g.foz.foster

In the 7 days ending Apr 6:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Off-road (75%+)6 6:20:38 47.03(8:06) 75.69(5:02) 1101
  Fell 2 3:03:05 17.87(10:15) 28.76(6:22) 1939
  S&C2 1:50:00
  Total10 11:13:43 64.9 104.45 3040

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Saturday Apr 6 #

10 AM

Off-road (75%+) 35:00 [1] 6.35 km (5:31 / km) +46m 5:19 / km
shoes: Salomon S/LAB Speed 2

Easy warm-up and cool down runs to/from Coledale start/finish.

Ran along the back of the village into Braithwaite. Nice steady, easy pace (especially on the way home!) with 4 x strides on the way in to shake the funk out of the legs. Pottered about for a few minutes when I got to Braithwaite chatting boring shit with the other runners then spent 10' (unrecorded) doing circuits of the starting field at an easy pace with 4 x hill sprints.

Run back was the same way. Felt a bit of stiffness creeping in and quads were feeling a touch tender from hammering the downhills but all good afterwards. Good to flush them out a bit. Kept on my feet for a good part of the rest of the day, walking about Keswick with the in-laws loving life.........!
11 AM

Fell 1:23:53 [5] 13.22 km (6:21 / km) +1041m 4:33 / km
shoes: Salomon S/LAB Speed 2

Coledale Horseshoe race.

Very still and hot day today, didn't really help matters. No excuse though. Didn't feel bad at all just not got the climbing legs sorted just yet. Felt great and shifting well on the descents, so that's a bonus. Managed to catch about 7 or 8 folk on that last descent from Barrow.

Fast start to avoid the bottleneck at the start of the Grisedale climb was probably not the best idea, but settled quickly into a decent rhythm until the next steep part of the climb whereby I just sacked it and 'power-walked' for the remainder of the climb. Never felt comfortable really on any of the climbs throughout. Just felt like I lacked the endurance; tired on the Grisedale climb, then couldn't really change up the gears on the flats or immediate, post-summit downhills. Same again with the drag up Eel Crag but starting from a lesser degree of strength/endurance on each climb.

It'll come though so I'm definitely not too disheartened by it all. Time was approximately 7 minutes slower than last time I ran, in similar conditions.

Friday Apr 5 #

10 AM

Off-road (75%+) 1:01:07 [1] 12.22 km (5:00 / km) +99m 4:48 / km
ahr:125 max:156 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Easy w/ diagonals

Trot out from Keswick along the old railway line. Out and back to Fitz Park for some diagonals on the grass then same, same for the easy 25' afterwards.

Warm in the sun but a bit of a chill in the breeze. Snow all but gone on the higher fells; good conditions for Coledale tomorrow methinks.

Took a long time to 'get going'. Legs felt a bit tired and heavy from the gym the day before, a bit achey in the glutes especially. Not too worried by that though and definitely not concerned for tomorrow's race; it's the second race effort since October so I'm not expecting magic, which is nice. All part of the building process.

Thursday Apr 4 #

S&C 55:00 [3]

Quiet time in the gym. Just me and some dude who must eat other dudes; he was fucking gigantic.

Upped the weight on a couple of the exercises.

Squats: W/U fb 3 x 6 @ 65kg
Calf raises: 3 x 40 @ 55kg
Split squats: 3 x 6 @ 45kg
Dumbell step-ups: 3 x 6 @ 40kg
Deadlifts: 3 x 6 @ 40kg (lowered the weight as I'm not happy with my technique still - last set was @ 50kg)
Static calf holds (on leg press): 6 x 30" @ 70kg
Swiss ball hamstring curls: 4 x 30
Hang power cleans: 3 x 6 @ 45kg
9 AM

Off-road (75%+) 1:00:17 [1] 12.61 km (4:47 / km) +87m 4:37 / km
ahr:132 max:157 shoes: Hoka One One Speedgoat 2

Easy 45' w/ strides

Switched into the Hoka's again for the shorter run. Ran along from Keswick around Portinscale then back along the old railway line for a bit then retraced back to Keswick, doing the 8 x strides on the way.

Really warm in the sun, but really cold out of it. Dry underfoot so was able to stretch out a bit on the strides.

Felt really comfortable and good, same as yesterday though a tiny bit heavy in the legs initially; sorted by a good, long warm-up, and much more sprightly after the strides.

Quite a few folk out; even managed to smile at a couple of them, not all of them though, wouldn't want anyone thinking I wasn't a miserable bastard.

Wednesday Apr 3 #

4 PM

Off-road (75%+) 1:18:39 [3] 17.83 km (4:25 / km) +305m 4:04 / km
ahr:145 max:159 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Moderate 60' w/ strides

Sat in all day waiting for the mystery postman to rock up with my 'guaranteed next day delivery' parcel...still waiting. Had energy to burn so went for the slightly tougher undulating route out the back of the village and on along the miner's track towards Coledale Hause. Kept the effort levels in line with what was required and felt good, and controlled, throughout.

Didn't push any of the uphills too hard aside from the very first incline after a run-in with my shite neighbour and their even shiter dogs. Didn't take long for serenity to return and to get back on track with the purpose of the session.

A balmy 4 degrees into the wind meant I was never too hot, but aside from a bit of a chill it was decent conditions-wise and once in a rhythm everything felt, as I said, pretty comfortable. Ran to the end of the track then retraced the route for 10' before turning back again for 10', and again to get home. Managed to get a decent amount of steady-away undulation doing it this way as well as making myself dizzy.

That allowed me to go straight into the strides without having to negotiate stiles or very steep inclines in the middle of completing them. Legs felt a lot better than last time I did this session, where I went into the strides with seemingly no energy at all. Performed 7 in total and felt light and quick on all of them.

Tuesday Apr 2 #

3 PM

Off-road (75%+) 1:30:14 [4] 16.19 km (5:34 / km) +443m 4:54 / km
ahr:127 max:168 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

6 x 300m long hill sprints.

Ran straight from the house today so the 'easy' bookends were more 30' than 20', the first 10' of which (on the way 'out') were uphill. Found a better gradient than the one I've been using for the 10' hills sessions, which is more consistent at 8-10% (9% for the first 200m or so before levelling out to 7% for 50m then back up to 10% or so for the final 50m onwards).

Felt strong on the first couple of reps but faded, predictably, with the consistent efforts over the remaining reps. All were done at a solid 9-10/10 RPE and definitely brought me into oxygen debt at the end of each one! I set myself 4' recovery, which felt like the right amount of time; I was good to go at the start of each rep and was averaging 1' 12" per rep (fastest 1' 08"; slowest 1' 16") according to the watch afterwards. Definitely felt like I 'powered out' in the last 50m or so of each rep.

Good, cool conditions on hard-packed forest/fire roads allowed for some good running. Ran back the way I'd come on the cool down.

Monday Apr 1 #

10 AM

Off-road (75%+) 55:21 [1] 10.49 km (5:17 / km) +121m 4:59 / km
ahr:127 max:161 shoes: Hoka One One Speedgoat 2

Easy 45' w/ strides (x8)

Legs felt good on a nice gentle run out along the back of the village, through Braithwaite and along the beck towards Stair. Getting busy with tourists now so got to hone my agility with some sharp side-steps.

Got a lot colder than it has been the past couple of weeks; earned the gloves and hat today. Nice to run in the Hoka's again, comfy shoe and decent response to them on the strides, given how chunky they are/look.

Did 8 strides in total. Legs felt a tiny bit heavy on the last one or two but nothing really of more note than that.
5 PM

S&C 55:00 [3]

S&C in the gym. Timed it well as it started getting busy about 15' after I arrived. Used the 'free' rack rather than the Smith machine throughout, slightly tougher in terms of maintaining core stability, but worthwhile.

Squats: W/U fb 3 x 6 reps @ 60kg
Calf raises (two-legged): 3 x 40 @ 50kg
Split squats: 3 x 6 reps @ 40kg
Deadlifts: W/U fb 3 x 6 reps @ 50kg (feels about right at this weight)
Dumbell step-ups with high knee follow through: 3 x 6 reps @ 40kg (20inch box)

Went home to do the remaining exercises.

Hang power cleans: W/U fb 3 x 5 reps @ 48kg (2 x 24kg kettlebells)
Hamstring curls Swiss ball: 4 x 30
Static holds: 6 x 40" @ 48kg (2 x 24kg kettlebells)

Sunday Mar 31 #

5 PM

Fell 1:39:12 [2] 15.54 km (6:23 / km) +898m 4:57 / km
ahr:118 max:149 shoes: La Sportiva Mutant - Black

Easy 90'

Ran half of the Coledale race route with Esther, missed the climb up onto Grisedale Pike and instead joined the route at Coledale Hause via the Miner's Track up the valley. Left Esther to look at the scramble climb up onto Eel Crag and ran round the longer way to the summit via Grassmoor. From there it was pretty much the race route all the way back via a short climb and descent from Scar Crags to add a bit more up into the legs.

All done at a steady away pace, ran everything again and felt very comfortable, though granted the pace was very sedate on the climbs. All good though and nice to be moving about in the light at 7pm.

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