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Training Log Archive: kezza

In the 30 days ending Apr 30, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  road bike9 13:00:00 153.48 247.0
  Running11 9:33:32 72.27 116.3
  Smackdown!!!5 1:07:59 10.63(6:24) 17.1(3:59) 600
  Total18 23:41:31 236.37 380.4 600
averages - sleep:7 weight:59.5kg

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Tuesday Apr 29, 2008 #

Running 57:00 [3] 12.0 km (4:45 / km)
ahr:157 slept:13.5 weight:59kg shoes: mizuno wave azure II

had planned on going to intervals this morning but it was cold and i was super tired. eventually got out for an evening run. had forgotten what it is like to run in cold, dry weather. apparently it was 20 degrees when i started - crazy...

ran to the servo, the crag, through anzac pk, sylvan rd, tunnel, coro drv up to the railway bridge. ran the time trial back to the regatta (below) then home along moggill rd. felt reasonbly good for most of it.

Smackdown!!! race 7:43 [5] 2.3 km (3:21 / km)
ahr:178 max:185 shoes: mizuno wave azure II

coro drv time trial
didnt really expect a super fast time at the start of this. had a stretch and a looser under the bridge. went out resonably hard and kept the pace up. put in an effort coming into oxleys but hrm said i was sitting at 183 (i.e. massively redlining based on when i last wore it) so eased back a little. kept the hr on about 180-182 for the rest but didnt feel like i was over-exerting myself so maybe the hrm is wrong or my heart rate is higher now....(any ideas anyone?). kicked at the end and was able to get up on the toes. managed to take 3 seconds off my p.b. so pretty happy with the run. i know i always say this but i reckon i can go faster.

Monday Apr 28, 2008 #

Running 32:00 [3] 6.0 km (5:20 / km)
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

to the regatta and back along moggill rd. heart wasnt in it so just a plod.

Sunday Apr 27, 2008 #


no time

Saturday Apr 26, 2008 #


worked 7:30am to 6pm. too tired for exercise

Friday Apr 25, 2008 #

road bike 1:30:00 [3] 45.0 km (2:00 / km)
shoes: Sascha

took sascha out for some "afternoon delight". round the river loop + botanic gardens. felt good

slept 6h last night, 5h on the couch today then another 2.5 before dinner

Thursday Apr 24, 2008 #


went to bed 7:30am thursday morning.

Wednesday Apr 23, 2008 #

Running warm up/down 35:00 [3] 7.5 km (4:40 / km)
slept:4.0 shoes: mizuno wave azure II

jog to/from anzac pk for the smashfest. there via servo and the crag. came home via gladstone st. bit light-headed on the way home and pretty thirsty.

Smackdown!!! race 22:04 [5] 5.1 km (4:20 / km) +300m 3:21 / km
slept:4.0 shoes: mizuno wave azure II

anzac park smashfest!!

wasnt feeling too great on the run to this one. upset stomach and bit heavy in the legs.

james and mat went out hard so kept with them. sat behind james til between the causeways then took the lead. put in a small gap up the next hill before he cracked. kept the pace going until the loop (9'30" - 20" less than last week) but started to drop off after this. 3' for the loop resulted in popping out just behind anna (maybe in front of bridgy?!? - not sure but hopefully i was).

started to hurt coming down to the rockpools but still under world record time (15'54" - 16" under). went into massive oxygen debt after giving craig a heckling at the first causeway. this resulted in a small but painful stitch along the creek and up the 2nd last hill. thought i had dropped right off the pace as a result but was surprised to be back on the bitumen with ~1'40" left. slight kick at the end but nothing major. ended up taking 8" off the p.b. so pretty happy but i still want a sub 22....

felt a bit dizzy and light-headed at the end and for a while afterwards. not quite sure why but it felt wierd.

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008 #

(rest day)

i reckon well earned

Monday Apr 21, 2008 #

road bike 1:00:00 [3]

had a few hours to kill after work so took sascha out on the river loop. cut across the green bridge. tried pushing a slightly bigger gear than normal.

Running 1:00:00 [3] 12.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

had planned on this being a recovery run. same as yesterday but extended it a little in order to have a chat with some hotties from work. probably a bad idea going for more than ~30mins in hindsight as i was pretty tired and sore on the way home so walked quite a bit (not counted though)

Sunday Apr 20, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [3] 8.5 km (4:42 / km)
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

was in the mood for a run after an afternoon nanna nap and a sunday session at the pig. moggill rd to regatta (15'40"), coro drv to the train bridge (~10'). then ran the time trial (below) back to regatta and home along moggill rd (~15') . felt incredibly good and was pushing a good pace with very little effort. was expecting to be sore after the exertions of yesterday but just a little tightness in the glutes from the crazy amount of climb.

Smackdown!!! race 8:00 [4] 2.3 km (3:29 / km)
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

coro drv tt
not sure whether this is worthy of the title "smackdown!!". was going to log it as tempo until i saw the time...still kinda undecided. smackdown implies an all out effort. found a good tempo and just sat on that the whole way with a slight kick at the end. 4'10" to oxleys. time was 8:00:43 - 0:00:43 slower than last about consistancy. pissed i didnt break 8 though.

Saturday Apr 19, 2008 #

Running 2:10:00 [3] 25.0 km (5:12 / km)
slept:5.5 weight:60kg shoes: mizuno wave azure II

long run from bridgey's
felt surprisingly good for this run. normal route for first 20' then added a loop out in the vicinity of bronwyns. through to boscombe rd then down to gap crk car park. left the group here and ran up jackson to sam griff drv at channel 9 (first time up that way - very nice track and better than "running" up kokoda...). down powerful owl for a bit and then through to simpsons falls and over to malcutta (the reverse of the start of lance and wendy's run). round the pond and out onto paten rd. got a little confused coming back to bridgy's but found my way to payne rd/moggill rd and was fine from there.

physically handled it pretty well. in hindsight i should have eaten something beforehand but didnt really have time. also some form of a warm down might have been good. finished running at 9am, started work at 10am and finished at 6pm. feet and knee are sore now...

time and dist are a guess based on mat's numbers

Thursday Apr 17, 2008 #

road bike 50:00 [2] 23.0 km (2:10 / km)
shoes: Sascha

evening ride to spin the legs out after yesterday. L knee and R ankle a little tender (slight roll in smashfest). fairly cruisy.almost ran over a homeless dude asleep on the narrow section of path just on the city side of hale st.

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008 #

Running 43:00 [3] 9.0 km (4:47 / km)
slept:8.5 shoes: mizuno wave azure II

to and from anzac pk for smashfest via servo

Smackdown!!! race 22:12 [5] 5.1 km (4:21 / km) +300m 3:22 / km
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

anzac pk smashfest
BOO-!@#$ing-YAH!! felt really good on the run there and after a few stretches. psyched for a good time but didnt know what to expect after the last few weeks. turns out the carbo-loading and fluid intervals must have worked.

went out at a good pace and kept it going well. 9'50 to the start of the loop. maybe pushed the loop a little hard trying to pop out in front of bridgy. 16'10 to the rockpools. started to tighten up a littleafter that but held it together til the end. thought sub 22' was a chance so tried to up the pace but didnt have it in me. took ~1'10" off P.B. still a good time but i want a sub 22'...

Tuesday Apr 15, 2008 #

road bike 1:40:00 [3] 47.0 km (2:08 / km)
slept:9.5 shoes: Sascha

afternoon spin on sascha. toowong, anit-clockwise river loop, goodwill bridge then home via toowong. body felt pretty good. L itb/knee a bit sore at the start but didnt notice it after a bit.

Monday Apr 14, 2008 #

Running 25:00 [2] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

morning jog. had planned to go over cootha and back through anzac pk but couldnt do it. servo, moore pk, caladenia st, lookout track, blackwood st, waverley rd, home.

road bike 1:30:00 [3] 42.0 km (2:09 / km)
shoes: Sascha

night ride into the city. toowong, coro drv, bot gardens, riverside, floating walkway, story bridge, kangaroo pt, southbank, coro drv, home. legs felt completely different to this morning. actually found another gear on sascha...its called the big ring...

almost had a spectacular crash as well. movng at a pretty good pace along coro drv when a "jogger" decided to step out a few metres in front of me. a swerve and brakes led to a few anxious moments when the back wheel came off the ground and i almost went over the bars. caught it in time so all good. scared the crap out of both of us though. sascha and i were both having some mt archer flashbacks...

Sunday Apr 13, 2008 #



Saturday Apr 12, 2008 #


saturday afternoon exams suck...

went for a very leisurely morning ride but im not counting it due to the number of chubby middle age dudes that passed me.

Friday Apr 11, 2008 #


hungover, working, studying, and sleeping. sometimes all at the same time...

Thursday Apr 10, 2008 #


time just in for mt cootha climb on the weekend. 10:17 from simpsons road to the crest just after channel 10. only got beaten by 2 girls but ~120 guys. still beat ~1250 others though.

Wednesday Apr 9, 2008 #

road bike 1:30:00 [3]

finished uni early so took sascha for a spin. bikeway, toowong, round uni, green bridge, west end, southbank, riverside, story bridge, kangaroo pt, north quay then bikeway home. felt good

Tuesday Apr 8, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [3] 8.0 km (5:00 / km)
slept:10.0 shoes: mizuno wave azure II

evening sesh after work. home, regatta, oxleys, regatta then home again. nothing too spectacular. added a temp effort from oxleys to regatta (below)

Running tempo 5:00 [4]
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

oxleys to regatta (4mins) then back towards oxleys (~1min) lost interest partway through the 2nd one so called it quits.

Monday Apr 7, 2008 #

Running 1:06:32 [3] 15.0 km (4:26 / km)
slept:7.0 weight:60kg shoes: mizuno wave azure II

reasonable arvo/evening effort. servo, the crag (11'40"), anzac pk, sylvan rd, then coro drv up as far as the ICB. back along coro drv then moggill rd home.

had a good stretch at the crag so felt pretty good along the trails in anzac pk. tightened up along coro drv and felt tightness in the L knee from the itb. will give it a good rolling later tonight.

in other news, uni is not looking so insanely busy for the next week. dont quote me on this but i think i might only have 2 pieces of assessment due in the next week. will be a nice change from the 6 or 7 last week. more chances to party methinks :)

Sunday Apr 6, 2008 #

road bike 3:20:00 [3] 90.0 km (2:13 / km)
slept:5.5 weight:59kg

mt cootha challenge ride
into southbank, paddington, bardon, up cootha anti-clockwise (stay tuned for the time). took it pretty easy coming down as lots of douche's out this morning. then toowong, uni, indro, along the river for a bit, fig tree pocket, bikeway to jindalee, round to oxley, sherwood, chelmer then the river loop back to southbank and home again. felt pretty good. tired now though. ride in and home were slower.

Saturday Apr 5, 2008 #

road bike 40:00 [3]

caught up on some much needed sleep this morning. totally uninterested in getting out of bed for cyclones meeting but figured i should. rode sascha to lance and wendy's then home again. maybe ~20 each way.

also had a nana nap yesterday bringing my sleep for the day up to ~16hours

Friday Apr 4, 2008 #

road bike 1:00:00 [3]

managed to squeeze in a ride before work. antclockwise loop of my cootha. it is no where near as brutal as mt archer to climb. was feeling a little seedy at the beginning but much better by the end. fortunately there was no RBT's out picking up cyclists today or i would have been busted.

Thursday Apr 3, 2008 #


another 8 am to 8pm day

Wednesday Apr 2, 2008 #


8am - 8pm at uni doesnt leave much time for exercise. have spent more time at uni in the last week than i have sleeping. by a lot. uncool...

Tuesday Apr 1, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [3] 8.3 km (4:49 / km)
slept:6.0 shoes: mizuno wave azure II

into regatta, then along coro drv to hobo house. ~25mins. was feeling very good/energetic so pace was ~ intensity 4

smackdown (below)

home from regatta. ~15mins. had run off all my pent up energy/stress by this stage was was pretty knackered. L calf and R itb tight.

Smackdown!!! race 8:00 [5] 2.3 km (3:29 / km)
shoes: mizuno wave azure II

Coro Drv TT
was feeling really good before the start of this aftera stressful and busy few days. was starting to run low on pent up energy and stress by the start and was pretty much cooked by the end.

went out reso hard and held it til just before the tunnel. not much of a kick at the end. pretty good time but still disappointed. watch stopped at exactly 08:00:00


uni 8am - 1.30pm. work 2-6

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