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Training Log Archive: kezza

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  road bike14 18:40:00 306.96(3:39) 494.0(2:16)
  Running8 7:38:00 47.85 77.0
  Total19 26:18:00 354.8 571.0
averages - sleep:9.5

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Sunday Sep 27, 2009 #

Running 1:17:00 [3] 14.5 km (5:19 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

had to get out and do something so went for a pre lunch time run from gap creek. up kokoda (reduced to a walk/stumble up that beast....), round the top to the summit, slaughter falls, round the bottom to simpsons falls, up simpsons to channel 9, down three sisters and lantana back to gap creek. hot and dusty and still no mojo.....

Saturday Sep 26, 2009 #

road bike 1:48:00 [3] 43.0 km (2:31 / km)

mt cootha then half river loop. absolutely no mojo and a dust storm got me about highgate hill. i think i have lung cancer now.....

Friday Sep 25, 2009 #


32 hour days at uni dont leave much time for training....

Thursday Sep 24, 2009 #

road bike 1:36:00 [3] 45.0 km (2:08 / km)

river loop

Tuesday Sep 22, 2009 #

Running 30:00 [3] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

run from home to/from st peters for sprintervals.

Running 25:00 [5] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

sprintervals at st peters with olly, ian and julia. good courses but frickin confusing in some of the multi level buildings/1:2500 map

Monday Sep 21, 2009 #

Running 58:00 [3] 12.6 km (4:36 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

late arvo/early evening run. same as saturday but turned around at the start of the green bike bath section along coro drv. started drizzling about 20 mins into it. put in an effort from oxleys to regatta just to keep it interesting. i like running in the rain.

Sunday Sep 20, 2009 #

road bike 1:35:00 [3] 45.0 km (2:07 / km)

morning ride. pretty heavy in the legs after yesterdays run. took 30 minutes or so before i was able to get any power out of them but once it came it felt pretty good. did the full river loop. pretty hot today. i think summer is gunna be a beast....

Saturday Sep 19, 2009 #

Running 1:08:00 [3] 14.0 km (4:51 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

still not sure who came out of yesterdays deathmatch better and as i was in the mood for a run, figured another one couldnt hurt. through anzac pk to coro drv, up as far as hale st then did a u turn and came back via the RE. felt surprisingly good and was able to push the pace from time to time.

Friday Sep 18, 2009 #

road bike 2:03:00 [3] 57.5 km (2:08 / km)

decided whatever bug i have at the moment isnt anything serious so it was time for a deathmatch with it. either i would destroy it or it would destroy me.
full riverloop followed by a lap of cootha on the way home. timed myself up at 9.17 but it is much more likely that it was 10.17 and i am just an idiot. pretty shattered coming back along the bikeway. will have to see who the winner of the deathmatch was soon.....

Thursday Sep 17, 2009 #

road bike 30:00 [3] 12.0 km (2:30 / km)

fairly slow roll into uni and home again to hand in an assignment.

Tuesday Sep 15, 2009 #

road bike 1:00:00 [3] 26.0 km (2:18 / km)

into sprintervals then home again. decent pace in there (i was running late) then cruise home (i was tired)

Running 25:00 [5] 4.5 km (5:33 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

good courses set by mark and wickedly complex map made for lots of getting lost and fun. 4 singles (~3 min) at staggered starts then 2 doubles (~6min) with mass strarts

Running 15:00 [3]

warm up/down

Friday Sep 11, 2009 #

road bike 1:03:00 [3] 30.0 km (2:06 / km)

arvo ride around the short river loop. a few muppets out today

Thursday Sep 10, 2009 #

road bike 1:17:00 [3] 32.0 km (2:24 / km)

had some plans in the arvo but they got cancelled so took sascha out instead. cootha then into botanic gardens. got sascha up to 73 on top section of decsent and new top of 77 on the bottom straight.

Tuesday Sep 8, 2009 #

road bike 1:00:00 [2] 22.0 km (2:44 / km)

into uni in the morning then to sprintervals in the botanic gardens then home again after

Running 25:00 [5] 5.4 km (4:38 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

botanic garden sprintervals. feeling quite flat before and on the ride in but perked up once i got going.

Running 15:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

warm up and down

Monday Sep 7, 2009 #


no session today. cold and windy outside plus exams wednesday and saturday and assignments due thursday and friday

Sunday Sep 6, 2009 #

road bike 1:42:00 [2] 42.0 km (2:26 / km)

half river loop plus cootha with olly. couldnt manage to find any extra power up cootha but got up in about 11'

Saturday Sep 5, 2009 #

road bike 1:02:00 [4] 30.0 km (2:04 / km)

early arvo hit out with sascha around short rver loop before an afternoon social engagement. felt good to go fast.

Friday Sep 4, 2009 #

Running 1:15:00 [3] 15.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

lost interest in a chemical reaction engineering tute so decided to revisit the 'long-run friday' of days gone past. servo, anzac pk, bus depot, toowong, coro drv (up as far as hale st roadworks) then home along mogill rd. felt quite good and enjoyed it. didnt have much kick in the legs tough

Thursday Sep 3, 2009 #

road bike 1:04:00 [3] 30.0 km (2:08 / km)

shortened river loop in the late arvo. too good of a day to be stuck inside doing assignments.

Wednesday Sep 2, 2009 #

road bike 2:00:00 [3] 54.0 km (2:13 / km)

got off uni early so took sascha out to make up for some of the deprivation she has been feeling over the last week or so. extended river loop (full loop + story bridge). good pace until i hit southbank/the city which dropped the average a bit

Tuesday Sep 1, 2009 #

road bike 1:00:00 [3] 25.5 km (2:21 / km)

from home into uni to print the maps for sprintervals then iton southbank via toowong and home again afterwards. first day of spring and the magpies are already on the offensive. took a few knocks on the helmet before i realised what it was

Running 30:00 [5]
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

sprintervals at southbank. set the courses but got no advantage from that. 4 forward then 4 reverse with a goodwill smackdown to end the 2nd/start the 3rd. good session and less totally shattered than after last week

Running 15:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

warm up and down along the front.

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