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Training Log Archive: kezza

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering11 7:19:00 38.0 61.16 735
  mountain bike8 7:02:00 91.34(4:37) 147.0(2:52)
  Running6 4:09:44 27.56(9:04) 44.35(5:38) 210
  Gym6 2:56:00
  Total20 21:26:44 156.9 252.51 945
averages - sleep:6.7 rhr:62 weight:61.3kg

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Tuesday Oct 31, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Northside Street O #1) 40:21 [4] * 9.0 km (4:29 / km)
slept:5.0 shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

Woke up at 4am so i was pretty tired all day. Started out the street o good. felt fast and smooth for the first few kms. then the back of my knee muscle started to play up (i think i strained it while stretching after clives yesterday). managed to run olly down out there (coz he took a different route to me so he got ahead of me) and got him by ~3 mins by the end

Monday Oct 30, 2006 #

Running (trail run) 1:07:25 [3] 11.85 km (5:41 / km)
max:188 slept:8.0 weight:61.3kg shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

Clives Training. i was feeling pretty good so i figured id do the longest loop. started off with michelle then she hurt her ankle about 10 mins in. ran by my self after that. 32.30 for the eastern loop. i worked out that ~72 mins was going to be ~6min/km so pushed the last loop (except up some of the steep hills, those i walked!). for those of you playing at home it was home,1,2,3,home,8,7,6,5,7,9,home

Gym 40:00 [2]
max:100 slept:8.0 weight:61.3kg shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

~8min warm up then ~35mins of weights

Saturday Oct 28, 2006 #

Orienteering 19:59 [3] 4.16 km (4:48 / km)
slept:5.5 shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

late night last night then worked 7 til 3. it was really busy for some reason so i was sweating like a peodophile at a wiggles concert for hours. then went to Park O #1 at UQ ipswich. probably would have helped if i warmed up or stretched or something but i musta done something right coz i managed to blow everyone else away. dicked around a bit with locked gates into the showgrounds and came out of 7 the wrong way and lost 30 secs or so on 12. other than that it was good.

i dunna what it is but ive still got a whole heap of rubbish in my chest/throat. probably still sick but it doesnt feel like it unless im running (and i have a good ol' cough every now and then). probably should take all the advice and have a break and get all fat and slow.

Thursday Oct 26, 2006 #

rhr:49 slept:5.0 (rest day)

spent all day studying/assignmenting/cmt-ing/procrastinating so kinda didnt have a chance for training. i was itching to go for a ride in the arvo but got distacted by a fluid and particle mechanics question on my assignment. 4 hrs later and im still not much closer to an answer. grrrr. dont you just love rest days........

Wednesday Oct 25, 2006 #

Orienteering (Street O #3) 32:20 [4] 7.5 km (4:19 / km)
slept:6.0 shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

Street O at 8 Mile Plains. felt fairly reasonable for most of it but a bit tired/puffed at times. Tim Effeney got me by 30 secs (he was flying when i saw him!) but ive got a 3 or 4 point lead over olly and 5 or 6 over julia now so its all good. i am pretty well spent now and i gotta have a late one to do a semesters worth of uni stuff. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006 #

Running (treadmill) 50:22 [3] 10.0 km (5:02 / km)
max:170 rhr:47 slept:5.0 weight:61.3kg shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

went to the gym planning on doing some of those weights i should be doing to lift all that popcorn for our video night :) i was warming up when scrubs came on one of the tele's so i had to watch it coz it is the best show ever!. started the run off slow (~6min kms) but finished faster (~3.30min/km)

Gym 15:00 [3]

did some weights after my run but i realised after a bit that i was actually pretty stuffed so i sat round trying to recover but it didnt work.

Running (Clive's) 47:07 [3] 7.5 km (6:17 / km) +210m 5:31 / km
shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

now the official O season is over, clive is making us concentrate on running. so we went for a run. ran round with olly. both not really into it so cruised round a 7.5 km loop (~4km of it was on windy single track MTB stuff). clive named each section so olly and i ran 3,2,4,6,7,8.

Monday Oct 23, 2006 #

Gym 6:00 [2]

again a pretty piss poor effort at a sesh. i forgot to take socks so i figured no running so i had a chop at the rowing machine. unfortunmately i got bored about 5 minutes in and went to do some weights. by the time i had walked to the weights room i was sick of it so i went home.

Running 27:30 [2] 5.0 km (5:30 / km)
shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

fell asleep on the couch at about 1 and woke up 5:30 so decided to go for a run. fairly light run around taringa pde/stanley tce/moggil rd loop. mainly just to get me back into running mode after a few weeks off. it was wierd but my arms felt like they had forgotten how to move when running.

just saw the national junior squad announcement thingy. congratulations to everyone and commiserations to everyone else, bridgy especially, you were robbed!!! :(

Sunday Oct 22, 2006 #

Orienteering 10:00 [3]

gathering at ollys where i ended up down in the garden til 3am...
got 3 hours sleep on the floor (not very comfy might i add).
went to club relays. slight case of gut rot but massively tired so that didnt help. nothing to major except for a sharp pain in my chest on the last loop. (i was loosing to julia for most of it but i came good at the end)

Saturday Oct 21, 2006 #

rhr:51 slept:6.0 (rest day)

no training today. been feeling really tired the last few days. Wednesday and thursday are always my big days (uni 8-4 or 5 then street o then working from 6 or 8 til midnight). anyway im not gunna do anything today coz i couldnt be stuffed and there is a storm. plus the arches of my feet are hurting. i hope its just coz ive been up on em for the last few days and nothing more serious.

Friday Oct 20, 2006 #

slept:4.0 (rest day)

thought about doing something but thats as far as it got...

Thursday Oct 19, 2006 #

Gym 30:00 [2]

pretty piss poor effort at a gym sesh. knocked out 2km on the treadmill (12mins) then i got bored so i went and did some weights/situps and stuff. lost interest after about 20 mins. i was never really in the mood to do anything today.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006 #

mountain bike 30:00 [3] 11.0 km (2:44 / km)

rode the treddly to and from uni

Orienteering race (Street O) 32:00 [4] 7.5 km (4:16 / km)

steet O no 2 @ holland park or somewhere. didnt feel in the mood for it but i figured after all the effort involved to get there i needed to do something. it took ~30 mins to get from my place to the other side of the indro bridge (which is a bout 1.5km from my place) coz of the bridge that is going to collapse in the city. anyway normal street o stuff except this time i had a torch so i could actually see my map on some of those pitch black streets. my time was about 32 but i cant remember coz i had to go to work pretty much as soon as i finished my course. grrrrrrrrrr!!!

Tuesday Oct 17, 2006 #

Running (treadmill) 22:20 [2] 4.0 km (5:35 / km)
slept:5.5 shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

tredmill run at the gym. nothing to strenuous.

Gym 40:00 [3]
shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

did some weights. abs are a bit sore after yesterday but they still worked ok.

mountain bike 1:24:00 [3] 24.0 km (3:30 / km)

felt like a ride so went and did the same one as yesterday into botanic gardens. only problem was they blocked off the bikeway at north quay coz a bridge was going to collapse or something so had to detour through the city at walking pace and dodge thousands of suits. grrr. also nearly saw a cop tackle some woman coz she wouldnt listen to him and was going to walk under the bridge and die or something. funny stuff

Monday Oct 16, 2006 #

Running (treadmill) 15:00 [3] 3.0 km (5:00 / km)
slept:7.0 weight:61.5kg shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

warm up run at the gym

Gym 45:00 [3]

first weights sesh ive dont in ages... almost forgot how to do some of the stuff. didnt do anything too strenuous but it was good to be back

mountain bike 1:08:00 [3] 23.0 km (2:57 / km)

went for a ride to the botanic gardens via anzac pk and southbank then home via southbank again then the bikeway. my legs feel much better on a bike than they did a week ago (and my ass is alot less sore as well...)

Sunday Oct 15, 2006 #

slept:13.0 (rest day)

today was one of those glorious (but extremly rare) days in which i had nothing to do until i worked at 7pm (i should have done some uni work but that doesnt count coz i never do it anyway). so moral of the story is that today was a rest day. i could have slept in longer but it started to get hot about 11.30. grrrrrr. damn summer coming back

Saturday Oct 14, 2006 #

mountain bike 54:00 [3] 19.0 km (2:51 / km)

rode to and from the event at rocks riverside on the treadly.

Orienteering (Rocks Riverside) 37:35 [4] *** 5.1 km (7:22 / km)

the usual rocks riverside course (park, bush, street, bush, park, bush, street, bush, park). felt pretty heavy today but i think that was mainly due to the fact im pretty tired at the moment and i was on my feet all day. ran pretty well but forgot to read the map at times (overshot 8, ran to 4 instead of 14 (now that ive looked properly it was probably a good route choice!))

p.s. there was so many people cheating out there. out of bounds means dont go there dickwad! but i beat em all so meh

Friday Oct 13, 2006 #

mountain bike 35:00 [3] 13.0 km (2:42 / km)

pretty tired after very little sleep on my couch (thanks laurina). rode to uni and home via lambert road coz it has a really good long downhill. only problem is there is a hairpin corner which i took too fast and almost died (i hit it at about 45ks then tried to brake and turn at the same time... not a good idea).the good news is i didnt crash but i did wet myself. no not really

Thursday Oct 12, 2006 #

mountain bike 30:00 [3] 11.0 km (2:44 / km)

rode to uni and home again

Wednesday Oct 11, 2006 #

mountain bike 43:00 [3] 16.0 km (2:41 / km)

rode to uni (15mins) then home via regatta and bikeway

Orienteering race (Street O) 37:02 [4] * 7.5 km (4:56 / km)
shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

first street o event of the season and my second ever. pretty cool stuff. i think i might be almost over my sicknesses because i could actually breathe today but i am still bringing up nasty phlegm and snot. legs felt really good. they have been itching to run fast again. navigation was simple (when i had enough light to read the map - thank god for streetlights) but i still managed to dick one up so lost a minute or so.

Tuesday Oct 10, 2006 #


Aus Champs Wrap-up

Overall i think the best word to describe the trip would have to be frustrating. it was a really good trip and i enjoyed (almost) every minute of it and would do it again in a flash but i cant help thinking what if... i know it is bad to think like that but its the truth. ive been running a bit better than olly lately (no offence olly) and to see him do so well (congratulations again - its about time you pulled out some good ones) when that is where i was a couple of weeks ago is enough to drive anyone insane.

hopefully i can use what has happened this week to my advantage and get back into training (once i am better of course) and be fitter and faster than ever just in time for that thing that is happening next year.

if you have managed to read this far then congratulations because you have a longer attention span than i do and im sorry to be a whiney little bitch but i had to get some of this stuff out or my head would have exploded.

mountain bike 1:18:00 [3] 30.0 km (2:36 / km)

went for a ride through the city via epsa library at uni because i discovered i have a book that is 2 weeks overdue. legs felt like jelly to start with but eventuall got some mobility into them. im still coughing and spluttering all over the place and i left a trail of snot along the entire 30km om my ride (i had to have a snot rocket about every minute)

Monday Oct 9, 2006 #


spent 19 hours (5am - 11.30pm) sitting in perth airport waiting for my plane then flew home arriving at ~6am.

Sunday Oct 8, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Aus Relays) 47:43 [4] ***** 6.1 km (7:49 / km) +285m 6:20 / km
(sick) shoes: Nike Total 90 III

ran 3rd leg in a team with simee and olly. went out with 20 secs separating 1st,2nd and 3rd after tas mp'ed. stuffed up 1 but so did the other two i was with (jeck and some tas random). i was running really well til 6 when i ran straight past (within metres) of my control after i had seen another control on a similar feature 50m further along the line i was running along so i lost 2 or 3 mins there. i was feeling really good everywhere except the hills where i just didnt have enough space in my lungs to power up them. that also affected me in ther other parts because i was having to slow down to get some air into my lungs (and spit out some phlegm).

Saturday Oct 7, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Aus Champs) 1:36:36 [3] ***** 10.9 km (8:52 / km) +450m 7:21 / km
(sick) shoes: Nike Total 90 III

i think today i was concentrating too much on trying to run rather than navigation and just letting the running come. i got 7 controls (out of 18) on the first attempt which for me is pretty attrocious coz i normally get a majority of controls first go. the stuff ups werent major (<1min) except for 8 and 14 which i dicked up pretty majorly. started to come good when i got the shits with the course/map/the one remaining lung i had and actually slowed down considerably and started reading the map. who would have thought that if you read the map it is easier to find the damn control.

i think it finally sunk it today that i am sick and i have lost a lot of fitness and confidence in my navigation. when i got back i was pretty upset and pissed off that everything ive done over the last 3 or 4 months has effectively come to jack shit.

Friday Oct 6, 2006 #

Orienteering (Model Event) 40:00 [1]

got a lift out to the model event with out new friend Hugh Moore (haha get it... hu-mor) so i wandered around for a bit pretending to read my map but really just being a bit of a knob. i ran a few legs to see how my sicknesses were coming along and i discovered that i could actually breathe a little (only on the flat and down hills). then spent the next two hours sitting round waiting for hugh and laurina. no wonder she did so well at aus champs, she spent 2 hours out on the course at the model event...

Running 20:00 [2] 3.0 km (6:40 / km)
ahr:150 (sick) shoes: mizuno - wave atlantis

i wanted to go for a run before aus champs just to see if i still remembered how to do it. olly came along too. i still found it pretty hard to breathe but it was manageable. my heart rate was probably 20 or 30 bpm higher than it should have been for the pace we were travelling at but it felt good to be doing something.
we ran along the avon river from the caravan pk for ~10 mins then back for ~10mins

Thursday Oct 5, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Aus Sprint Champs) 45:24 [1] 3.4 km (13:21 / km)

this was the funnest event ever!!!
greggles wouldnt let me run (coz i would have died) so i walked it. i spiked every single control. i spent the fist half of the course cheering the other guys on as they flew past me and chatting with spectators then i met up with some act schoolgirls (one giggedy) and walked around with them for a few controls. i got home and discovered that i wasnt in last place (hooray for mp's).
i had to run in the main street coz it would have been embarresing to walk and that was painful!! i was out of breath after a few steps.

Wednesday Oct 4, 2006 #


schools relays
bridgy gave me her video camera and the mission of filming stuff. combine me, a video camera, boredom, prescription drugs, pissed-off-ness and loads of scandal and what do you get? a highly controversial but thouroughly amusing (apparently) video of the schools relay.
p.s. i apologise if i offended anyone/state/country but it was all just a bit of a piss-take and if they cant take a joke then its not my problem

Tuesday Oct 3, 2006 #


schools individ/NOL races
incredibly pissed off and in a bad mood today coz the area looked insanely awesome and i was stuck in the fuckin assembly area coughing my lungs up.

Monday Oct 2, 2006 #

rhr:80 (sick)

rest day in Fremantle. greggles thought it would be a good idea to go to the doctor to check me out coz my cough kept getting worse. alas it turned out that i had bronchitis as well as the flu so he put me on a course of antibiotics.

Sunday Oct 1, 2006 #

rhr:81 (sick)

WA Champs Day 2
Finally accepted that i was actually pretty sick and decided not to run in the hope i would be feeling better by tuesday

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