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Training Log Archive: kezza

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running18 12:41:59 76.53 123.16 444
  Orienteering10 8:19:27 37.67(13:15) 60.63(8:14) 80076 /95c80%
  Gym8 7:20:00
  mountain bike8 6:11:45 72.89 117.3
  soccer1 1:00:00
  Smackdown!!!1 7:46 1.43(5:26) 2.3(3:23)
  Total28 35:40:57 188.52 303.39 124476 /95c80%
averages - sleep:7.8 rhr:49 weight:62.4kg

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Saturday Mar 31, 2007 #

Running long 1:17:21 [3] 14.3 km (5:25 / km) +444m 4:41 / km
ahr:144 max:175 rhr:50 slept:7.0 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

sat run from ian and julias place round the corner. through moore pk, up to chapel hill reservoir (via the dirt track), chapel hill back streets, honeyeater trail up to the summit (that hill goes on forever!!). short breather at the lookout then home via slaughter falls, stuartholme, through toowong cemetery then through anzac pk back to the start.

pretty good run. was actually planning on doing a similar run last wednesday but it got dark before i could go. it was good coz i was able to get out of bed, walk to ian and julias, and get about 20mins into the run before my brain woke up.

mountain bike 30:00 [2] 11.0 km (2:44 / km)

rode to the track 7mins (3km)

rode home the long way via toowong and the bikeway

Running intervals (track) 15:00 [3] 3.0 km (5:00 / km)
ahr:155 max:169 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

light track session at taringa
600m warm up
5 x 200m with 200m jog recovery (35, 36, 33, 34, 34)
400m warm down
kinda just to loosen the legs up a bit and so i could say i did my track session for the week

Friday Mar 30, 2007 #

mountain bike (gym class thingy) 1:00:00 [3]
rhr:45 weight:62.4kg shoes: volleys

planned on a weights sesh but found out there was a bike class on so had a crack at that. went alright. the instructor wasnt quite as obnoxious this time which helped. only draw back was that one of the songs was a remix of nirvana's "smells like teen spirit". they absolutely butchered it!!! :( why do people have to ruin a perfectly good song by speeding it up and adding a 'fat bassline'?

right knee is a little bit sore. dunno why.

Running 35:00 [3] 7.0 km (5:00 / km)
ahr:145 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

arvo run round taringa. felt like crap. felt really heavy, sore knee, and not in the mood. the heat and humidity didnt help my enthusiasm either. turned for home at about 22mins

Thursday Mar 29, 2007 #

mountain bike 55:00 [3] 21.0 km (2:37 / km)
slept:8.0 shoes: volleys

arvo ride round anzac pk then into the city. first 15mins (3km) was on some of the mtb tracks in anzac pk. bit rusty on the technichal side of things resulting in me nearly coming off once or twice.

considered going for a quick run afterwards but ive got some crap in my chest/throat which wont appreciate being aggravated.

Wednesday Mar 28, 2007 #

Gym 35:00 [3]
rhr:44? shoes: volleys

nid morning gym sesh. bit sore after yest (esp abs!!) but managed 10min (2.3km) rowing machine warm up then 25 on the weights. felt good but stopped when the ipod ran out of batteries plus i needed to do some study.

Running 57:00 [3] 12.7 km (4:29 / km)
ahr:156 max:172 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

longish run round anzac pk, coro drv, regatta moggill rd. feeling pretty good. arches blistered a bit but kept going. run included the coro drv tt (time and distance isnt in this one coz it deserves an entry of its own :D )

Smackdown!!! race (Coro Drv TT) 7:46 [5] 2.3 km (3:23 / km)
ahr:172 max:180 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

i think someone better call the council or something coz i just tore that stretch of bitumen up :) felt really smooth and relaxed even when the hr was sitting mid 170's. hit 178 a bit after oxleys (~4.5min) so eased back a bit. kicked a bit at the end but i was already moving at a good pace. tried to thrash the last bit to get the hr over 180 but it wouldnt happen :( first time under 8 mins and took 15secs off P.B. good thing is i reckon i could go a bit faster

Tuesday Mar 27, 2007 #

Gym 55:00 [3]

lunchtime gym sesh. easy 10min treadmill warm up (~1.8km) followed by 45 on the weights and stuff.

Orienteering (clives....not!!) 30:00 [3] 3.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
ahr:148 shoes: Nike Total 90 III

turns out clive is away so picked up a few of last weeks maps on the east side of the road. kinda just cruised around.

figured i needed some compass practise after my effort on the weekend so drew a few lines on a bit of paper and ran the "course" on the west side of the road. got frustrated with it after about 10 minutes so went home


does anyone have any ocad files of maps near me? something like city botanic gardens or uq would be ideal. i would like to set myself a course or two for a bit more practice at that navigation thing you need for orienteering.

Monday Mar 26, 2007 #

Running intervals 24:00 [4] 4.0 km (6:00 / km)
ahr:153 slept:7.0 weight:62.5kg shoes: asics gel GT-2120

uni intervals round the footy field next to the track.
1 lap hard, 1 lap easy, 2 hard, 1 easy, 3 hard, 1 easy, 2 hard, 1 easy, 1 hard.
kinda stuggled to get proper breaths in for the last 2 hard reps. feels a bit like i have got a bit of rubbish in my chest. hope it goes away soon. legs felt really good so felt a bit guilty about only doing what i did.

Running warm up/down 30:00 [3] 4.0 km (7:30 / km)
shoes: asics gel GT-2120

got there a bit early so ran to the other side of the bridge and back to the track

warm up round the field x 2

warm down round the oval x 1

Sunday Mar 25, 2007 #

Orienteering race 1:16:43 [4] **** 11.0 km (6:58 / km)
ahr:164 spiked:10/16c shoes: Nike Total 90 III

oy2 @ wild boar creek

the good:
physically felt really good
ran strongly till the end
finished the course
felt confident
made myself stop and focus out on the course after stuffing 5 of the first 8 then ran reasonably well after that

the bad:
very sloppy compass work til #8
loss of concentration
let the map scale put me off
knew i was being sloppy but didnt stop to fix it
dropped at least 14mins through stupidity
7min/km at hunters hut (should have done 6min/km)

the ugly:
banged my right knee while i was lost before the first control. little bit swollen and stiffened up a bit on the drive home but nothing serious.

Saturday Mar 24, 2007 #

(rest day)

rest day in bundy. lots of sleeping and swimming followed by lots of eating (i was doing some um... carbo-loading at sizzlers)

Friday Mar 23, 2007 #

Running 29:54 [3] 7.5 km (3:59 / km)
ahr:160 max:179 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

run around my old hungry jacks loop (kendalls rd, takalvan st, walker st, avoca rd) in bundy. feeling pretty good after the rest day. didnt feel like i was pushing too hard. grans place (4.4km) in 18 mins then 3.1 home in 12min. bundy is so much flatter than brissy. think i used to run this in about 37/38 mins so ive knocked quite a bit off.

Running 13:34 [4] 3.5 km (3:53 / km)
ahr:167 max:177 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

felt good when i got back from the HJ's loop so ran my old short loop for funnies. felt like i was running slower than before but turned out i was going a bit quicker. i think my old time was ~13.50ish so it is an improvement.

Thursday Mar 22, 2007 #

(rest day)

does anyone know of someone that will have a spare seat coming back to brissy after the OY on sunday? im going up to bundy tomorrow so i just need a lift home.

rest day today. first real one in quite a while (1month to be exact!!!).

Wednesday Mar 21, 2007 #

Gym 1:25:00 [3]
rhr:57 weight:62.5kg shoes: volleys

usual wednesday 4 hour uni break gym sesh.
5min loosener treadmill jog, 10min (2.4km) rowing machine warm up then a fairly solid hour of weights. finished it off with 10mins of core stuff.

dunno what the deal with the rhr was this morning. wierd.

Running 25:23 [4] 6.0 km (4:14 / km)
ahr:163 max:178 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

short sharp night time run. taringa pde/stanley tce loop. took 24 secs of the P.B. started out fast but came home slower esp along stanley tce. 4.05 to moggill rd/taringa pde (normally 4.30), 10.18 to taringa pde/stanley tce (10.55), 18.36 to stanley tce/moggill rd (18.40).

coming down stanley tce had the same kinda thingy ive had a few times over the last few weeks where my breathing isnt going quite right so i feel short of breath. also coughed up a but of stuff from the throat. i dont think there is anything wrong i just figured i would put it in here so i can keep track of it.

Tuesday Mar 20, 2007 #

Orienteering (clive's) 33:00 [3] 3.0 km (11:00 / km)
ahr:153 max:175 shoes: Nike Total 90 III

same session as last week except gary was the bunny rabbit. had some serious trouble finding the start! first time i wasnt careful enough with my bearing and drifted right. didnt know when to stop coz i forgot to pace count. ended up on the other side of the creek with the wierd island sorta thing in it (maybe 200m to far and 100m of to the right). no one came to save me so i ran the 450m back to the start and tryed again only prob was i didnnt have the map to look at so i drifted right again. ended up finding no.3 first and michelle told me roughly where to go. took me just on 20 mins to find it :( had to give up at number 5 coz lana needed the car for some work thing. hopefully my worst run for the season....

Running 15:00 [2] 1.5 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Total 90 III

usual warm up

run home along the track from number 5

Monday Mar 19, 2007 #

Running intervals 25:00 [3] 4.0 km (6:15 / km)
ahr:149 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

been feeling really lethargic and not 100% in the guts all day. if it wasnt interval monday i probably would have had a day off. 10min warm up then 2x3 laps (1km) of the hills loop we did last week. gave up on the third. jog back to the track warm down at a fairly slow pace. times for the ints were 3.27 and 3.28

Sunday Mar 18, 2007 #

Orienteering race 38:54 [4] *** 6.3 km (6:10 / km) +170m 5:26 / km
ahr:163 spiked:12/15c slept:10.0

state event @ collins creek
ran the red 3 coz i wanted to have a middle distance type race. bit low on number 3 and hesitated a bit in the green at 14 but was heading straight for it so it was all cool. wasted a bit of time crossing the creek before 1. other than that it was pretty good. was reading the map well but compass work could have been better. good to get a clean fast run under the belt before maryborough next week :)

Saturday Mar 17, 2007 #

Running 1:11:03 [3] 12.0 km (5:55 / km)
ahr:146 max:169 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

saturday morning run from bridgys place. similar route to last time except we came up the ridge track out of the reserve instead of the creek track. bit of rubbing under the arches but apart from that it was an enjoyable run made even better by a swim and breaky afterwards (thanks for the food bridgy!!).

mountain bike 18:00 [3] 6.3 km (2:51 / km)

ride to and from the track via swann rd and the gailey rd round. ~9mins each way

Running intervals (track) 20:50 [4] 4.0 km (5:13 / km)
ahr:160 max:176 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

evening track intervals at the taringa track.

~5min warm up (600m)

10 x 200 with 200 easy jog in between. each lap generally took just under 2mins. kept the ints pretty constant (between 34 and 37 i think). jogged an extra recovery lap between 5 and 6.

400m jog/walk warm down (i havent included warm up or down in the time or distance)

Friday Mar 16, 2007 #

Running (treadmill) 34:00 [3] 7.0 km (4:51 / km)

treadmill run at the gym so i could stop if my leg was giving me trouble. fortunately it went alright. started of slow (6min km) but wound it up 1km/hr after every km (ended up at 16km/hr or 3.45min/km).

mountain bike 1:00:00 [3] 22.5 km (2:40 / km)
shoes: volleys

arvo ride into the city/botanic gardens via bikeway and southbank.been a while since ive been on the bike for a real ride so legs felt a bit gooey to start with but came good

Thursday Mar 15, 2007 #

mountain bike 30:00 [3] 11.5 km (2:37 / km)
shoes: volleys

rode the treadly to uni and home again via swann rd/hawken drv


six days after it happened and my ankle/leg is still pretty swollen and stiff and tender. on the plus side it it has developed a bit of colour from 5cm or so below my ankle bone to about 10 cm up from it. there is some blues and some greens in there but they're all pretty pale and unimpressive. good thing i dont bruise easily.

Running 1:00:00 [2] 11.5 km (5:13 / km)
ahr:144 max:167 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

plan was for a ~11km fast tempo run incl coro drive time trial. got as far as moggil rd before my leg started hurting. seriously considered coming home after about 10 mins but i figured if i came home i wouldnt be able to tell other people to harden the .... up. 'tuffed' it out as far as the start of the bicentennial bikeway but felt really bad (couldnt get the hr up above 160 and i wasnt moving smoothly). did the time trial but it was so slow im not gunna put it up.

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007 #

Gym 1:30:00 [3]
rhr:49 slept:8.0 shoes: volleys

very hard to get moving when i woke up this morning. dunno what the deal was but it took about 3 hours before i could function anything close to normal.
solid coffee and donut (x2) fueled gym sesh in my 4 hour break. 10 min (2.3km) on the rowing machine, ~50 mins on the weights then ~10 mins solid of core stuff then a 3km (17.40) treadmill as a warm down. finished it off with 15mins of stretches but didnt include them coz streches dont count.

Tuesday Mar 13, 2007 #

Gym 1:00:00 [3]
rhr:48 slept:7.0 weight:62.2kg

fairly solid pre-uni gym sesh. 10min loosener jog on the treadmill (~1.65km) then 5min (~1.2km) warm up on the rowing machine followed by 45 on the weights.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [3]
shoes: Nike Total 90 III

normal warm up round the clearing followed by a jog along the track to the start doing some distance estimating.

Orienteering (clives) 47:00 [4] *** 5.5 km (8:33 / km)
ahr:157 spiked:16/17c shoes: Nike Total 90 III

map memory course with a compass and pacing to find the first map (nailed the direction but forgot to start counting so had to estimate 350m). was running pretty quickly and smoothly (by gap creek standards anyway). saw mikey b coming out of no 4 (he stuffed it but so did i), caught him by 5 and took the maps at 6. tryed to run each leg by map memory while keeping control flow and speed up which worked well. course took 38mins then another 9 mins collecting the maps at 6, 7, 8 and 9 by map memmory. good session

Monday Mar 12, 2007 #

Running (warm up/down + recoveries) 32:00 [2]
shoes: asics gel GT-2120

warm up from track to the duckponds via the bus stop then a jog round one lap of the course. ~1.5km

4 x 3min slow jog recoveries across the board walk and back

warm down round the course then back to the track with some walking towards the end. ~1.5km

Running intervals 17:29 [4] 4.86 km (3:36 / km)
ahr:156 max:176 rhr:50 slept:8.0

did julia's "hills interval" loop down near the duckponds. did 5 x 3 loops with as close to 3 min recovery between each as my maths would allow. each set of 3 was just under 1km. times were 3.24, 3.26, 3.30, 3.34, 3.35. good session but i swallowed about a million bugs.

hills loop

p.s. ahr was for the whole session (including recoveries)

Sunday Mar 11, 2007 #

Orienteering race (OY1 @ Brooklands) 1:38:19 [4] ***** 10.7 km (9:11 / km) +330m 7:58 / km
ahr:162 spiked:14/22c shoes: Nike Total 90 III

bit of an epic today. incredibly hot and dry (i think i went through about 15 cups of water at the water points). a long way off a clean run so not that happy with it. maybe im losing my memory in my old age but i seem to remember brooklands being pretty clear underfoot so i was expcting something faster than ~9:11min/km

leg held up ok. still pretty swollen and tender (esp coz i kept knocking it out there and spending the next few minutes in pain). starting to develop a bit of colour too. should be fine in a few days

Saturday Mar 10, 2007 #


went for an easy 9 mins jog to the servo and home via disraelli st to test out the leg. hurts a bit when running down hill (or when i bang it down hard). hopefully will be fine for tomorrow.

Friday Mar 9, 2007 #

soccer 1:00:00 [2]
rhr:43 slept:9.0

i dunno what the hell is going on with my rhr lately. it is normally about 50 but the last 2 days it has been 44 and 43 (i counted 43 twice).

afternoon soccer "training" with with a few mates before th UQ social comp kicks off. nothing too strenuous.

one small problem though. we were playing some randoms we found and i copped a boot to the shin. nothing more than a normal hit but it had swollen up as if there was a couple of golf balls inserted under the skin just above my ankle. took some photos of it when i got home but it wasnt nearly as impressive as before. still fairly swollen though. mobility is fine apart from the swelling getting in the way. icing it now so hopefully be fine for sunday.



doesnt look all that impressive in those but you get the idea

Thursday Mar 8, 2007 #

Orienteering race 49:03 [2] 4.0 km (12:16 / km)
ahr:153 max:169 rhr:44? slept:11.0 shoes: Nike Total 90 III

was in bed by seven last night and woke up still tired this morning. was pretty hungry when i got home from uni so ate a couple of sandwiches about an hour before the run. not a good idea. felt pretty sick for the whole run and had to resort to walking for large chunks of the course, esp the last half. course was pretty similar to tuesdays, i even stuffed up in the same places (silly me following terry). oh well, you win some, you lose some.

does anyone know of someone who is going down to warwick for the events on Sat arvo who could give me a lift there?
i dunno what i am doing yet but im just checking out whats available

Wednesday Mar 7, 2007 #

Gym 15:00 [2]
rhr:53 slept:6.0 shoes: volleys

late night last night knocking off a CHEE assignment thingy so pretty tired today. went to gym during my 4 hour break. 6min (1km) treadmill loosener followed by 10mins (2.36km) on the rowing machine. by the time i had walked into the weights room i had lost interest so i stretched for 15 or 20 minutes then went home for a nap. its a hard life...

this is my 300th session on attackpoint!!! according to this, ive done ~218hours over 35 weeks (since mid july '06). works out to about 6:15 hrs per week with the average session being about 43mins long!!!
thats just crazy!!! anyone who does that must have a few screws loose somewhere in their head...

Tuesday Mar 6, 2007 #

rhr:55 slept:8.5

woke up this morning not feeling 100%. bit of a sore throat (maybe not sore just a bit wierd). rhr was about 5 above normal but im not sure that it is a real good indication. might be due for a couple of easy days but will see how i feel after clives this arvo.

p.s. exactly 1 month til the first day of easter!!!

Running hills 15:00 [4]
shoes: Nike Total 90 III

normal warm up for clives (~5mins)

6 x 100m hill reps up the hill on the north side of the clearing. recovery was the time it took to walk down to the bottom

Orienteering race (clives) 45:00 [3] 4.0 km (11:15 / km)
ahr:161 max:182 spiked:12/13c shoes: Nike Total 90 III

the instructions for this one were simple; catch bridgy (she was putting out tapes). only problem was clive hid our maps in the bush 450m due west of where we were. ended up about 10 m left of the maps then started the course. took the track option on number 6 to avoid the green stuff. saw bridgy coming out of 7 and got her by 8. took the tapes off her and put the rest out. stuffed 10 a bit and got off line a couple of times but recovered quickly. good session running hard in the bush. walked a couple of hills but that is a given at gap creek

Monday Mar 5, 2007 #

Gym 1:00:00 [3]

gym session on the way to uni. 10min (~1.67km maxHR 132) then 50mins on the weights. wasnt going ballistic but went hard enough to make it hurt. 20mins in a scaldingly hot shower afterwards was awesome.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2] 2.0 km (5:00 / km)
ahr:137 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

warm up to the bridge followed by a stretch then run back to the track with a few take offs

Running intervals 41:45 [4] 6.0 km (6:58 / km)
ahr:153 max:182 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

monday intervals @ uni
similar to last week (6 x 1km starting an interval every 6mins). very hot and humid so altered the recoveries slightly.

#1 3.12 (2.48 recovery dropped to ~120bpm after 1min)
#2 3.14 (2.46 recovery)
#3 (not!!!) real struggle so came back to the start after 400m at a slow pace started the next interval at the next 6min mark (18min)
#3 3.13 (2.47 recovery)
#4 3.19 (4.41 recovery i.e normal recovery + extra 2 mins)
#5 3.18 (3.12 recovery i.e normal recovery + 30 secs coz it was a bit of a struggle to get the hr down)
#6 3.15

pretty solid session but the humidity was a killer. happy i was able to keep the times pretty similar but would have liked to make the last one fastest

Sunday Mar 4, 2007 #

Orienteering race 32:00 [3] 6.0 km (5:20 / km)
ahr:157 max:170 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

event at grange. mostly in parks alongside kedron brook with some legs though surrounding streets. it was far to hot to run flat out (31degrees in the shade when i finished at 9.30) so just kind of plodded round walking when i needed to. ran around all of the creeks instead of bashing through them. arches on my feet started to get a bit sore toward the end but i had them taped up so that helped.

mountain bike 58:45 [3] 23.0 km (2:33 / km)
ahr:137 max:162 shoes: volleys

arvo ride into the city via the bikeway, southbank and the botanic gardens. home the same way. 30ish mins out and 28ish back. felt a bit sluggish to start with but got going after a bit.

Saturday Mar 3, 2007 #

Running 42:22 [2]
ahr:145 slept:5.0 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

saturday morning run with the gang from lance and wendys. nothing too strenuous apart from the hill climb but that always sucks. developing some decent sized blisters under the arches of both feet so came home via simpson falls with ian. pancakes and coffee afterwards were good.

Orienteering race 49:28 [2] *** 5.3 km (9:20 / km) +300m 7:16 / km
ahr:152 max:168 spiked:12/12c shoes: Nike Total 90 III

red 2 course @ bardon forest park
very hot and sweaty day. spent a lot of the first half of this course walking (most of the hills were in the first half including a 100m climb to #1!!!!). i knoiw ive been saying this heaps lately but was never really pushing it hard. picked up the pace a little bit around the oval at the end so i would make it home under 50. no navigation probs coz i was just cruising.

Friday Mar 2, 2007 #

Running 35:18 [3] 8.3 km (4:15 / km)
ahr:160 max:173 shoes: asics gel GT-2120

plan was to go for a short fast run before my 8am lecture but i decided that was stupid about 2 seconds after my alarm clock went off. finished the lecture and was home by 9.30 so went for a run then. already pretty warm in the sun and humid. feet were pretty sore in the new shoes and my right arch has now got the first stage of a blister. pleased that i was able to make up for a bit of yesterdays piss poor intervals session this morning.

had a really good stretch last night (40mins) and found some dirty big knots in my hip flexors and glutes which were quite painful to remove. everything is heaps looser now but will have to have a few more sessions on it

Thursday Mar 1, 2007 #

Gym 40:00 [3]
shoes: volleys

went to the gym on the way home from uni. 10 mins (2.4km) on the rowing machine then ~30 on the weights. just upper body stuff coz i forgot about the abs

mountain bike 1:00:00 [3] 22.0 km (2:44 / km)

rode to the track (6.30mins 3.2km) via swann rd

rode home via uni bridge, annerly rd, goodwill brdge, coro drv, bikeway. got a bit caught up at southbank (went past simees school then went lost between the railway line and southbank coz of all the places you cant ride bikes).

Running intervals (track) 25:00 [4]
shoes: asics gel GT-2120

10 min warm up with a few laps and lots of stretches

15 mins of intervals (400m, 200m, 100m, 100m, 200m) with about the same recovery. was planning on doing more but my legs were INCREDIBLY tight and i couldn't loosen them up at all. gave up after that coz it didnt feel like i was doing any good running.

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