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Training Log Archive: rocky33

In the 7 days ending Aug 26:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  MTBO6 10:29:47 75.93(8:18) 122.2(5:09) 686888 /88c100%
  Mtn Biking10 3:43:59 28.48(7.6/h) 45.83(12.3/h) 1462
  Total15 14:13:46 104.41(8:11) 168.03(5:05) 833088 /88c100%

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Saturday Aug 26 #

9 AM

Mtn Biking warm up/down 22:22 [1] 2.02 mi (5.4 mph)

Warm up in Quarantine area for Sprint.
10 AM

MTBO race (Sprint Course ) 40:15 [4] 4.86 mi (8:17 / mi)

Sprint course with lots of bobbles and lack of competitive spirit. Ugh, glad this week is over.

Friday Aug 25 #

10 AM

Mtn Biking warm up/down 25:31 [1] 3.0 mi (7.1 mph) +223ft

Warm up in the Quarantine and ride to Start.
11 AM

MTBO race (Long Course) 3:01:36 [5] ***** 26.27 mi (6:55 / mi) +2122ft 6:25 / mi
ahr:160 max:193 spiked:28/28c

Aggghhh. The one day I thought I was going to do well...I implode on one control. I really was doing well, and would have had a placing in the low thirties, but unfortunately second guessed a route choice and turned around, only to get promptly lost. When I stopped at an intersection to try to figure it out, I actually was very close to the control, but went in the complete opposite direction. I lost 28 minutes on just that one control. So bummed. Legs felt better, my routes were decent otherwise, and I was feeling good up to that point. Several times now I have second guessed myself and should have stuck with my original plan. Need to just trust my instincts more.

Thursday Aug 24 #

(rest day)

Rest day. I rested. And got a massage.

Wednesday Aug 23 #

9 AM

Mtn Biking (Commute) 17:38 [1] 3.42 mi (11.6 mph) +150ft
ahr:97 max:147

Ride to Start/Finish of Relay event, same location as yesterday.
12 PM

Mtn Biking warm up/down (Warm Up) 17:56 [1] 1.77 mi (5.9 mph) +72ft

Warm up in the quarantine area. I was third leg. We had to be in Quarantine at 9:50, the race started at 11, and Abra and Sue took over an hour, so it was a long wait.
1 PM

MTBO race (Relay ) 1:14:37 [4] ***** 9.54 mi (7:49 / mi) +869ft 7:12 / mi
ahr:154 spiked:19/19c

Relay third leg. Sue was behind Estonia by a bit and in front of Japan by a lot, and I finished the same way despite catching Estonia early (she then just pedaled away from me on an uphill while I tried to coax my poor legs into working), so solidly 15th place out of 16 teams. Ugh, haha. The navigation was easier in the beginning and then very technical in a maze of trails in the second half. My nav and route choices were much better today, and my time was only 5 minutes slower than Sue today, a huge improvement. I know I would be minutes faster if my legs were with me, but I am happy for now that at least I didn't get lost and found all my controls where I expected them. :).
3 PM

Mtn Biking warm up/down (Commute) 17:38 [1] 3.12 mi (10.6 mph) +219ft

Ride back to Uribhop hotel. I think the sun actually came out, even, amazing!

Tuesday Aug 22 #

9 AM

Mtn Biking (Commute) 25:39 [1] 3.57 mi (8.4 mph) +160ft

Ride to the Mass Start event Start/Finish area.
10 AM

Mtn Biking warm up/down (Warm up ) 17:59 [1] 3.77 mi (12.6 mph) +141ft

Warm up before Mass Start event.
11 AM

MTBO race (Mass Start) 2:09:29 [3] ***** 20.0 mi (6:28 / mi) +1000ft 6:11 / mi
ahr:137 max:175 spiked:41/41c

Guess on mileage and elevation since I forgot to start my watch and then it stopped on its own in the middle somewhere. A slight improvement from yesterday in that I didn't get disqualified due to the time limit, but still was second to last finisher. I was actually not doing badly in the middle but had a couple big mistakes and one huge one, similar to yesterday. I looked at my splits and even where I was smooth I was still losing 20-40 seconds to the fastest time, which could be fitness related. Relay is tomorrow, so hopefully I don't let the team down too much.
1 PM

Mtn Biking (Commute) 22:08 [3] 3.15 mi (8.5 mph) +210ft

Ride back to the hotel.

Monday Aug 21 #

10 AM

Mtn Biking (Middle Course) 22:08 [2] 2.46 mi (6.7 mph) +187ft

Warm up in the quarantine and then ride to Start.

MTBO race (Middle Course) 2:32:50 [4] 11.76 mi (13:00 / mi) +2339ft 10:56 / mi

Man and I thought my races last year were bad. This was by far my worst. Slow because I am tired, but I made one huge and many small nav errors as well. I literally had the slowest time of all my competition today, a first for me, along with being DQ'd for being over the time limit. Ouch and ouch. If I didn't actually enjoy myself out there (which I did, really!), I would just pack it in for the rest of the week. My handling skills got better today from yesterday at least, but still not 100%. Hoping tomorrow goes better!

Sunday Aug 20 #

11 AM

Mtn Biking 35:00 [1] 2.2 mi (3.8 mph) +100ft

Rides to and from Model Event and car wash.
12 PM

MTBO (Model Event) 51:00 [3] 3.5 mi (14:34 / mi) +538ft 12:43 / mi

Model event. Bike handling skills not strong right now, probably too tired still, but this terrain is steep and muddy!

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