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Training Log Archive: hkleaf

In the 7 days ending Nov 11, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:53:33 5.52 8.89 34027 /29c93%
  Running4 1:56:00 12.33(9:24) 19.85(5:51) 250
  Cycling2 1:50:00 34.71(18.9/h) 55.86(30.5/h)
  X-Training1 35:00 3.24(10:49) 5.21(6:43)
  Stretching4 33:10
  Speed/Track1 29:14 4.56(6:25) 7.34(3:59)
  Total6 8:16:57 60.37 97.15 59027 /29c93%
averages - weight:56.3kg

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Saturday Nov 11, 2006 #

Event: BATONA 500

Running warm up/down (Gravel) 10:00 [1] 1.05 mi (9:31 / mi)
shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

Quick warm up before race to loosen up the legs.

Orienteering race (Club Meet) 1:30:25 [3]
(injured) shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

ICO Event - Camp Ransburg
Blue course

A very good day for me, besides badly twisting my R ankle. More details later.

Running warm up/down (Gravel) 10:35 [1] 1.11 mi (9:32 / mi)
shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

Cool down after race. Stepping gingerly to avoid further turning the ankle.

Stretching warm up/down 4:06 [1]

Friday Nov 10, 2006 #

X-Training hills (Elliptical) 35:00 [3] 5.21 km (6:43 / km)

#4 (Hill Climbing) workout on the Precor. Only had time for a short one before I had to leave for a surprise birthday party. It was a good cardio workout though, at least I was sweating a bunch. Was able to keep it in the 180-200spm range until the last big hill where I ran out of steam near the end. Had to lower the intensity in order to continue at the comfortable level.


So, there's an unofficial ranking of the local runners in the Tri-state region. It's done by a local running store Bob Roncker's Running Spot, and only reflects performances from the last few months, but I was surprised when someone told me that my name is on there at #12 in my age group!

I know I'm not that fast when compared to the really fast runners, but it was neat to see my name on the rankings.

To find out more about the ranking methodology, click here.

Thursday Nov 9, 2006 #

Running warm up/down (Track) 19:22 [2] 3.6 km (5:23 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Landreth II

8:06 – 4 laps warm up
2:09 – 1 lap recovery
2:12 – 1 lap recovery
6:55 – 3 laps cool down

Speed/Track intervals 15:55 [4] 4.7 km (3:23 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Landreth II

67F, clear - an actual fall-like day for a change! Though it felt cooler than that during the run.

Small turnout at the Norwood track - only 6 of us - but still a good workout nonetheless.
Warm up, strides, 10x160m, recovery, strides, 8x200m, recovery, strides, 5x300m, cool down.
Splits for 160s (w/ 40m rest)
33.89 (24.89)
34.33 (26.31)
34.25 (22.40)
32.21 (27.08)
31.81 (23.23)
33.63 (24.71)
33.14 (27.37)
33.34 (30.41)
32.38 (27.67)
32.81 -
Times seemed slow for some reason.

Splits for 200s (w/ 50m rest)
40.32 (36.20)
41.43 (39.51)
40.29 (35.11)
43.94 (35.76) Ran into a girl who bolted onto the track from the infield without looking
40.19 (33.87)
40.02 (43.17)
40.40 (39.20)
38.05 -
Good consistency other than one.

Splits for 300s (w/ 65m rest)
61.36 (57.87)
60.18 (57.45)
59.59 (53.82)
59.04 (??.??) Memory full on my watch!
58.?? -
Not sure why I kept running faster? Should've been more disciplined w/ my pacing.

I ran all of them at a steady pace (10% faster than 5k race pace), no hard sprints. L groin a slightly sore when I got home.

Speed/Track intervals (Strides) 13:19 [3] 2.64 km (5:03 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Landreth II

A total of 22x100m strides, with 20m recovery for each.
6:02 – 10x100m strides
3:40 – 6x100m strides
3:37 – 6x100m strides

Running warm up/down (Track) 12:01 [1] 0.91 km (13:12 / km)
shoes: Asics Gel Landreth II

In-between intervals.

Stretching warm up/down 11:34 [1]

Afterwards. Legs felt a bit tight.

Cycling (Stationary) 45:00 [2] 14.1 mi (18.8 mph)

Level 10, Manual.
While watching the last 1/3 of Poseidon.

Cycling warm up/down (Stationary) 5:00 [1] 1.34 mi (16.1 mph)

Cool down.

Wednesday Nov 8, 2006 #

Cycling (Stationary) 1:00:00 [2] 19.27 mi (19.3 mph)

Level 10, Hills.

Stretching warm up/down 8:30 [1]


Tuesday Nov 7, 2006 #

Running (Road) 52:02 [2] 6.37 mi (8:10 / mi) +210m 7:25 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

57F - shorts and t-shirt kind of weather, but I wore my gloves. Streets still wet from the rain.
Easy run with the group. Did 4x hill repeats around Rookwood. I didn't run with the fast group though, instead taking it easy as a recovery. Legs still slightly sore at places, but feeling better today.

Stretching warm up/down 9:00 [1]

Post-run stretch.

Monday Nov 6, 2006 #

(rest day)

Various parts of my body are sore today. Though a recovery run/ride may be more beneficial, I opted for pure rest instead.

Sunday Nov 5, 2006 #

Orienteering (Shadowing) 41:06 [1] ** 2.9 km (14:10 / km) +80m 12:27 / km
spiked:14/14c shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

OCIN Event – Harbin Park, Fairfield, Ohio.
Yellow Course: 2.5km, 85m, 14c (1:7500, 5m)
Course Setter: Matthew Robbins

A very nice fall day, with temps possibly hitting low 60s. Kit, my cousin, had enjoyed the white course at West Tyson last month, so I decided to bring her along and give it another go. I had planned to just do the white, but upon seeing the course it didn’t seem to present much of a challenge, so we decided on yellow.

I mostly just shadowed her, but had to constantly remind her to look at the map and orient it to match the terrain. I also pointed out some features and tell her what they look like on the map. The terrain at Harbin is much more wide open compared to West Tyson, so I think the navigation was a bit easier. In hind sight, maybe I could’ve taken a more hands-off approach and let her make some mistakes and corrections on her own?

Either way, she had a good time out there. Her time was good for a 2nd place finish!

Orienteering race (Club Meet) 42:02 [4] *** 5.99 km (7:01 / km) +260m 5:46 / km
spiked:13/15c shoes: Silva O' Spikes (Rubber)

OCIN Event – Harbin Park, Fairfield, Ohio.
Green Course: 4.8km, 175m, 15c (1:7500, 5m)
Course Setter: Matthew Robbins
Official results (to come)

I took a short break after the yellow before heading out again. My legs actually felt decent after warming up on yellow. I was just hoping to have a clean run (unlike yesterday) and break 50 minutes. So I was pleased to have achieved both when I finished.

This kind of felt like a long sprint course, with some easier navigations in the first half (1-6). Coming out of 6, I was choked by a hanging vine and thought I sliced my neck. That distracted me for a minute or two, but didn’t cost any mistakes since I was taking the easy trail route (left) to 7. It’s an interesting long leg that covers the length of the map. There are several route options, though I think the location of 6 made the left choice more favorable. My one big mistake came at #8, which should’ve been very easy. I just rushed it and didn’t read the map carefully. I also had a bad route to #13, failing to see the shorter and faster trail option. I ran along the dried stream bed instead.

Overall, I was pleased with the run. It’s nice to feel fast and smooth moving in the terrain. I still need to work on reading ahead and planning better exit strategies though.

splits | leg comments

Running warm up/down (Controls Pickup) 12:00 [1] 1.61 km (7:27 / km) +40m 6:38 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Cumulus VII

Picked up controls in SW quadrant of park with Kit.

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