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Training Log Archive: hkleaf

In the 7 days ending May 13, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling3 2:40:00 54.98(20.6/h) 88.48(33.2/h)
  Running3 1:35:44 11.58(8:16) 18.64(5:08)
  Orienteering1 52:24 3.29(15:55) 5.3(9:53)29 /33c87%
  Stretching3 14:00
  Total6 5:22:08 69.85 112.4229 /33c87%
averages - weight:57kg

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Sunday May 13, 2007 #


NEOOC Event - Ledges, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Hudson, Ohio.
2 Sprints, (1:5000, 5m)
Course Setter: Stanislav Rachitskiy
Low 60s, sunny, breeze, dry conditions, leafs filling out.
Official results

Kind of lucked out with an event just 30mi from the wedding hotel. So after checking out, I drove over to the Ledges - site of NAOC 2004 - for some sprints.

I hadn't orienteered in this kind of terrain before, so I was really looking forward to the event. It didn't disappoint either. It was a ton of fun running around giant sandstone ledges. There were some tricky control locations that require map concentration and smart route planning. The fact that these are sprint courses make them more exicting!

A couple disappointing things:
1) Maps are just blown up versions of the original 1:10000 map, so all the lines appeared too thick and symbols too large. The density and size of the black (rocks) makes it harder to spot the trail. The use of black rectangle for bridges along trail is questionable. They can easily be misinterpreted as a rock feature imo. I realized the mapper(s) had probably spent a ton of time on mapping of the rocks, but there seems to be some inconsistencies on the shapes and spacings (gaps) between rocks. There're several places where the gap shown on the map is much wider than reality. I'm not sure if there's a remedy for this, especially at the 1:10 scale. But at 1:5, mapped to ISSOM standard, I think this could be a really fun place to orienteer!

2) No pre-printed maps. For sprints especially, I guess I'd prefer not to copy my own maps and having the extra time to look at the course. The other problem is the readability of the course on the map. Both courses kind of make a loop, utilizing the rocks all around. Often times, the leg lines and circles are obscured by the dense black on the map. I'm sure if I had a brighter red ink pen to draw my course it'd be better. The red ballpoint pens just don't cut it in this case.

Lastly, it's a shame this event isn't a part of the Sprint Series - not that I can earn any more points as I've pretty much maxed out my potential already. I didn't find out the reasons behind not being part of SS, but I did talk to Steve about doing that in the future. All the work (course setting, results tabulating, etc.) are already being done. The only thing left is submitting it for inclusion on the SS schedule, and viola, instant points for club members who do the sprints. This could get enough people interested to attend the SS Final and form a club relay team for the Relay Champs. But this isn't my club so it's really not my place to say stuff. Think I've written quite enough already.

I don't want to sound overly critical, because I really had a fun time out there, and would gladly go back for another event.

Orienteering race (C-Meet Sprint) 29:36 [4] **** 2.9 km (10:12 / km)
spiked:16/18c shoes: VJ Integrator

Sprint 1: 2.9km, 18c (1:5000, 5m)
One look at the map and I knew it'd be next to impossible to relocate using any rock features. So I decided on a pretty cautious (read: slow) approach all the way around, not wanting to lose contact. Had trouble at times deciphering rocks on the map while running. With the map being 1:5000 things tend to come up real quick. Mainly used the trails and contours to navigate by, also counting off big rock formations whenever possible.

Drifted slighted left on #6, but knew what I did wrong so corrected quickly. At #11, I went left to attack from the high side thinking it'd be easier to spot the control. That I'd accomplished, only the punch is 30ft straight below at the bottom of the cliff, with no easy way to get down. So I said some choice words and backtracked my way around to the lower side. Other than that, I faired okay. Just too slow in my decision making and running.

Orienteering race (C-Meet Sprint) 22:48 [4] 2.4 km (9:30 / km)
spiked:13/15c shoes: VJ Integrator

Sprint 2: 2.4km, 15c (1:5000, 5m)
After a brief 5min break, I went back out to for the 2nd sprint. This is the easier of the 2, where the controls are all placed just off the trail. Having more familiarity with the terrain, I tried to pick up my pace a little. Unfortunately, this resulted in a couple of mistakes. I overran #2, but corrected quickly when I spotted my catching feature. Then at #6, I didn't have a good plan, nor a solid attack point. This led to a bit of searching amongst the giant sandstones, hoping the control can be seen just over the ledge, or around the corner - not the best solution! Eventually I stumbled upon it, but from that point on reverted back to a more cautious approach. Caught up with Bob Boltz at #14 and ran in with him to the finish.


Went back out after the sprints for a short map hike. Got a chance to better decipher the complex rock details on the map. Also took some pictures of the giant sandstone ledges.

Afterwards, drove to nearby Peninsula with Steve Hughes to grab a bite to eat before the 4hr ride home. Walked along the Cuyahoga River bike path and took in some scenery. An awesome weekend.

Saturday May 12, 2007 #

Running tempo (Road) 14:25 [3] 2.05 mi (7:02 / mi)
shoes: Pearl iZumi Float

First run w/ Blast training group. It's a timed run to see where everyone stands. Since I was the time keeper, I ran in with the first guy so that I can read out finishing times. Nice short run to start the day off.


Attended wedding near Medina, OH. Really nice outdoor ceremony by Lake Chippewa, and then dancing the night away in good company.

Friday May 11, 2007 #

Cycling (Stationary) 35:00 [2] 12.6 mi (21.6 mph)

Level 12, Sports Training, 308c.

Stretching warm up/down 2:00 [1]

Thursday May 10, 2007 #

Running (Trail) 42:45 [2] ** 4.7 mi (9:06 / mi)
shoes: Icebug MR BUGrip

Evening trail run at Stanbery. Did 3 laps (with different variations). Tried to read the map and pick out contour details along the way. Quite a few folks out, which unfortunately also means a few unleashed dogs. One of the Retreivers actually tried to bite me! Good thing it missed.

*will figure out the distance and climb later.

Cycling (Stationary) 50:00 [3] 18.34 mi (22.0 mph)

Level 10, Random, 50?c.
Workout at Skytop before Kareoke (post-Pig celebration w/ the group).

Stretching warm up/down 8:00 [1]

Wednesday May 9, 2007 #

Cycling (Stationary) 1:15:00 [2] 24.04 mi (19.2 mph)

Level 10, Hills, 661c.

Tuesday May 8, 2007 #

Running (Road) 38:34 [2] 4.83 mi (7:59 / mi)
shoes: Pearl iZumi Float

80F, sunny - SRR from the Spot. Legs are feeling alright, albeit a little tired.

Stretching warm up/down 4:00 [1]

Post-run stretch.


Looks like I'll be staying on as one of the coaches for the next training program - The Hyde Park Blast - should be fun.

Monday May 7, 2007 #

(rest day)

Scheduled rest day.

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