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Training Log Archive: LiamB

In the 7 days ending Feb 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hill Running3 4:12:26 26.14(9:39) 42.07(6:00) 1877
  Trail Running3 1:57:36 15.61(7:32) 25.12(4:41) 292
  Road Running3 1:35:34 13.19(7:15) 21.23(4:30) 167
  S+C1 1:10:00
  Total9 8:55:36 54.94 88.42 2336
  [1-5]9 7:45:36

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Sunday Feb 11 #

7 PM

Hill Running 53:36 [2] 5.3 mi (10:07 / mi) +360m 8:21 / mi
shoes: Inov 8 X-talon 225

Nice and easy. Bit sore after yesterday but not feeling too bad. Went to catch Euan and Jen out playing on their skis. Stopped to chat for a bit then looped over Allermuir and saw them again on the way back.

Saturday Feb 10 #

9 AM

Road Running 15:17 [2] 2.02 mi (7:34 / mi) +22m 7:19 / mi
shoes: Asics GT 2000 #3

2 PM

Hill Running warm up/down 17:43 [2] 2.0 mi (8:51 / mi) +79m 7:53 / mi
shoes: Inov 8 X-talon 212 #4

Easy jogging followed by some strides and an attempt at drills. Started to do some skips and tweaked my hip a little. Frantic stretching followed and settled down by the start. Something definitely not quite right in there

Hill Running race (Carnethy 5-13th) 55:11 [5] 5.74 mi (9:37 / mi) +657m 7:06 / mi
shoes: Inov 8 X-talon 212 #4

Very happy with this run. Getting up around some good runners now and feeling I've made a bit of a step up from last year.

Quick start to get in an ok position for the bottleneck and worked hard on the first part of the climb then settled in behind Sam and James. Feeling good off the top and started pushing a bit more. Climbing strongly today and sitting in a wee group with me just outside the top 10. West Kip descent was decent. Only lost 2 places. Al came past near the top (and went on to finish 4th from being outside the top 10 at this point! Crazy pacing) and Dessie. Not far off Dessie and got back onto him and ahead of James on the big climb up. Descending here was better than normal but not great. Lost the tapes and was doing some heather bashing. Hip not feeling good with the high knee lifts and hamstrings feeling like they might cramp. James came past near the top and disappeared. Adam Perry came by near the bottom but I got him quite comfortably in the field.

Very happy with this. Beforehand I was thinking I could maybe do top 20 and I thought getting near 55 was a possibility but didn't really know if I could do it. I feel like based on how I'm climbing I think I've got the fitness to be mixing in with the top 10 but my descending isn't quite there to stay with them. I'm happy with how I went downhill today and I'm definitely improving. With current niggles I think I'd struggle with anything more technical but things are going in the right direction. Excited for the rest of the season.

Hill Running warm up/down 30:07 [1] 2.92 mi (10:19 / mi) +17m 10:08 / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross GTX

Back to the school and getting lost in fields with Hamish, Alex and Konrad

Friday Feb 9 #

5 PM

Trail Running 36:19 [2] 4.81 mi (7:33 / mi) +67m 7:14 / mi
shoes: Asics GT 2000 #3

Easy run round campus and strides with Niall

Thursday Feb 8 #

11 AM

Trail Running 47:08 [2] 6.09 mi (7:44 / mi) +145m 7:12 / mi
shoes: Inov 8 X-talon 212 #2

Easy round Mortonhall. Hip was very sore after run yesterday for a wee while. Eventually I moved and there was a big clicking noise as something shifted and then it felt great. Not really sure what to make of that.

Was a bit of a numpty near the garden centre. There's some construction stuff going on near it. Went to cut through a gap between a lampost and a bit of fencing not noticing the head height bit of string connecting them. Ran straight into it and got a fat lip for my troubles. Lots of witnesses too. Not my finest moment

Wednesday Feb 7 #

3 PM

Hill Running 1:35:49 [2] 10.18 mi (9:25 / mi) +764m 7:38 / mi
shoes: Inov 8 X-talon 225

Easy longish run. Mostly feeling pretty good. Hip a bit niggly throughout and getting quite sore on the descent in the last couple of miles.

Tuesday Feb 6 #

10 AM

Trail Running 34:09 [2] 4.71 mi (7:15 / mi) +80m 6:53 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer #2

Easy round campus between lectures
6 PM

Road Running warm up/down 15:28 [2] 2.12 mi (7:18 / mi) +30m 6:59 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer #2

Road Running 33:47 [5] 4.97 mi (6:48 / mi) +62m 6:33 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer #2

Session in the research park. The loop round I used for threshold intervals a few weeks ago is very nearly a mile long (~0.96 miles) so did 5 reps of it. Good wee group with Juan, Sean and Olivier. Running quite well. Juan came with me for the first couple but dropped off during the third.

Rep times: 5:09,11,09,10,08

Happy with the consistency. Works out as about 5:20min/mile or 3:20min/km

Road Running 19:24 [2] 2.47 mi (7:51 / mi) +30m 7:34 / mi
shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer #2

Monday Feb 5 #

6 PM

Road Running 11:38 [2] 1.61 mi (7:14 / mi) +23m 6:55 / mi
shoes: Asics GT 2000 #3

V short jog before and after circuits. Things got away from me a little bit today and had a very busy day.

S+C 1:10:00 [0]

HW circuits. Taking things easy after last week. Hip not happy with a couple of the exercises so very easy on those and skipped them on the last set. Getting a wee bit sore towards the end of the session but fine in the evening after

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