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Training Log Archive: Danish Dynamite

In the 7 days ending May 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running8 3:50:51 25.33(9:07) 40.77(5:40) 600
  orienteering - Quality3 3:31:57 17.4(12:11) 28.01(7:34) 291
  Orienteering - Sprint1 14:21 2.29(6:17) 3.68(3:54)
  Total8 7:37:09 45.02(10:09) 72.46(6:19) 891

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Sunday May 26 #

10 AM

running 16:15 [1] 2.46 km (6:36 / km)

Jogging from the train station to the start

orienteering - Quality 1:02:30 [4] 9.73 km (6:25 / km)

Forked mass start training organized my Sn├Ątrringe in there local forest. Fun training. A very rough day physically though. Quite hot outside and heavy legs led to me being in the red after 20 mins. Not the best technically either, but good training anyway.

Something like 12 mins after Bergman and 6 after the second group.


A good start where I didn't screw up the first forking. It also helped that Gustav Bergman had the same forking. He was already starting to pull away after the first control and after having to do my own orienteering through the green, I was happy to see him ahead of me at control 2. A different forking to control 4 though, I hooked control 5, and he was long gone.

Two noteworthy mistakes are to control 9 and then the control 17-18 forking. To control 9, I got pulled off by some others and then ran along the hillside as opposed to over the top of the hill. Over the hill would have been quicker for my forking, and also a safer entry into this tricky area of the map where it's quite easy to lose time amongst the hills.

Then I lost about 90s on the control 17-18 forking. To control 17, the issue was I thought the control was on the hill as opposed to the little marsh. Still, it speaks to my precise orienteering in very detailed areas. Then to control 18, I left rushed and without a plan. I did a good job of noticing this and correcting, but I still made a mistake. I think noticing the distinct hills/cliffs/bare rock area behind the control could have saved me some time.

Saturday May 25 #

6 PM

running 33:00 [2] 5.5 km (6:00 / km) +100m 5:30 / km

orienteering - Quality 47:22 [2] 5.99 km (7:54 / km) +85m 7:23 / km

A contour and water feature only corridor. The same one I ran in the winter and never finished. Opted to run it in the opposite direction this time.

Went quite well. I left the corridor 3 times, but I was able to recover quite quickly and rejoin the corridor

orienteering - Quality 12:05 [4] 1.84 km (6:34 / km) +31m 6:03 / km

A 1.7km course I ran at a faster pace afterwards. The same as the corridor with only contours and water features on the map.

Friday May 24 #

11 AM

running 13:15 [2] 2.17 km (6:06 / km) +40m 5:35 / km

orienteering - Quality 1:30:00 [3] 10.45 km (8:37 / km) +175m 7:57 / km

2x 3.5-4km control picking courses. Took about 5 mins rest in between. Very steep and technical so it ended up being a long training. Initially, my technique on the training had felt quite messy, but after looking at the gps I feel better about.

Two big mistakes. The first to the second control. Bad direction and not a good enough plan of what I was looking. Also, still getting into the map and the steepness of everything a little so I wandered around a while unsure.

Then the next at control 15, where I'm not really sure what happened. I think my brain just switched off.

password: Majken
1 PM

running 10:15 [2] 1.95 km (5:15 / km) +20m 5:00 / km

Thursday May 23 #

8 AM

running 54:31 [2] 9.01 km (6:03 / km) +196m 5:27 / km

Easy morning run on the trails

Wednesday May 22 #

12 PM

running 26:05 [2] 5.14 km (5:04 / km) +49m 4:51 / km

A short run from the office at lunch to shake the legs out before tonight.
7 PM

running 23:30 [2] 4.8 km (4:54 / km)

Orienteering - Sprint race 14:21 [5] 3.68 km (3:54 / km)

SSC #2. 12th, +1:41 on Gustav Bergman.

Good race and a fun area again. A little easier technically than the last stage. Clean technically with no mistakes related to execution, so I'm very happy with that and a big improvement over the last 2 sprints.

Still a little further back then I would like, but I suppose that is natural when I don't train for sprint. Orienteering pretty much at my limit with having to balance the route choices, execution, and not running into someone. I'm hoping I can shave a little more time off in the race next week.


Also, not only did I make my start today, but I had a control description holder with me and I even brought safety pins to put on my number bib. I don't think I will ever be able to top this.

running intervals 8:00 [4] 1.9 km (4:13 / km)

2x 3 mins w/ 1 min rest after the race. Keeping to 3:25s, which I assume would have felt relaxed if I hadn't run a race before.

Tuesday May 21 #

7 PM

running 46:00 [2] 7.84 km (5:52 / km) +195m 5:13 / km

Just taking it easy. Not much sleep last night and I finally got around to getting the TBE vaccine this year, so I got the second dose at lunch.

Monday May 20 #

(rest day)

Got busy

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