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Training Log Archive: Shep

In the 7 days ending Apr 21, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:20:48 21.14(9:30) 34.02(5:54) 1420
  Cycling (Commuter)2 2:50:00 53.44(18.9/h) 86.0(30.4/h) 400
  Foot Running6 2:10:00 9.69 15.6 100
  Total8 8:20:48 84.27 135.62 1920

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Monday Apr 21, 2014 #

11 AM

Foot Running warm up/down 10:00 [3]
shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

No warm down, didn't have time - needed to write some limericks.

Orienteering race (Easter Day 4) 59:30 [5] 8.77 km (6:47 / km) +545m 5:11 / km
ahr:161 max:173 shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

Reverse order chasing start at the Cherry Farm. Started 2 min behind Kez and needed to defend a 45 second lead over him, and 2 min before Craney and trying to catch a 1.5 min gap to him. Ran reasonably well, I got done by the route choice again - I went straight to 2 which probably cost me 1.5 mins. Maybe if my legs had a bit more in them straight would have been a better option. I caught Kez after the first butterfly, we ran together for most of the rest, but we had different splits in the second butterfly. I lost a bit of time on the first control of the northern loop on the second butterfly, I was going over through the gap but went through the wrong gap and got stuck on the other side coming down. Came into the pivot just before Kez and was glad to have him with me to keep me honest up the tough hills in the last part of the course.

I took a minute out of Craney which was 48 second too little to get onto the podium. Very happy with the result but, if you'd offered me 4th at Easter a month ago I'd have taken it. Got Stingered today though, in fact all us Cockies did (Robbie got 2nd behind Simon, Larry 3rd, me 4th, Craney 5th), we have to forfeit our appearance fees now.

PTE 5.0 (106 hours recovery!? Good one suunto)

Sunday Apr 20, 2014 #

10 AM

Foot Running warm up/down 15:00 [3]
shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

Orienteering race (Australian 3 Days Day 2) 1:35:30 [5] 17.0 km (5:37 / km) +505m 4:53 / km
ahr:158 max:174 shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

The long day on Prossers Reef. I'm reasonably happy with my race - I held a solid pace all the way and didn't miss too much. Probably picked the wrong route on the long one but I was kinda gambling there - i thought i'd lose time on the tracks so i risked the straight option hoping it would be quicker and no one else would go that way. I don't think it worked out that way ;) Overall it was just too long for me in then shape i'm in, i needed another 30 seconds per km to match it with the big boys again.

Pretty disappointed with the area and ridiculously boring course (except for the first 6 controls). There's so much awesome terrain in that part of the world and we were running around looking for termite mounds on vague spurs and gullies.

PTE 5.0 (75 hours recovery!)

Saturday Apr 19, 2014 #

11 AM

Foot Running warm up/down 15:00 [3]
shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

Orienteering race (Australian 3 Days Day 1) 32:17 [5] 5.4 km (5:59 / km) +280m 4:45 / km
ahr:166 max:180 shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

Scary start to this race - across a vague kinda spur and into the rock. Hit 1 ok then just tried to keep my map reading ahead of my legs through the next few short legs - great fu orienteering there. Ran pretty good for the rest of it, but ran straight to 13 and dropped about 30 seconds compared to going around. picked the right route on the long one though so win some you lose some. finished in 2nd only 9 seconds behind Larry, exciting finish although i had no idea whether i was in front or behind - if i was still running for NSW i'm sure Nick Dent (on the commentary) would have told me exactly what i'd have to do to take the win from my Cockatoos team mate ;)

PTE 5.0

Friday Apr 18, 2014 #

Event: Easter 2014
1 PM

Foot Running warm up/down 15:00 [3]
shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

Orienteering race (Easter Prolog) 13:31 [5] 2.85 km (4:45 / km) +90m 4:06 / km
ahr:169 max:179 shoes: Inov8 Xtalon 212 (3)

Fun race, pretty easy but you still had to be careful. I don't think I lost to much time, just a few seconds to 17 maybe. Didn't have any more speed unfortunately. Good work Larry for taking the win! I was 29 seconds down in 5th, close one today.

PTE 3.7

Thursday Apr 17, 2014 #

12 PM

Foot Running 30:00 [3] 6.5 km (4:37 / km) +30m 4:31 / km
shoes: NB 814

Easy run at lunchtime. Did 4 x 30 second efforts with 2 min jog recovery after. Still a bit stiff and sore!

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014 #

Cycling (Commuter) 1:25:00 [3] 43.0 km (30.4 kph) +200m
shoes: Bontrager MTB RL

Tuesday Apr 15, 2014 #

Cycling (Commuter) 1:25:00 [3] 43.0 km (30.4 kph) +200m
shoes: Bontrager MTB RL

1 PM

Foot Running 45:00 [3] 9.1 km (4:57 / km) +70m 4:46 / km
ahr:139 max:151 shoes: NB 814

easy lunchtime run. The legs were still feeling Sundays run early on, but got better.

PTE 3.0

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