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Training Log Archive: MIclimber

In the 7 days ending Sep 24, 2016:

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Saturday Sep 24, 2016 #


12 HR East Forks Challenge 2016

1st long AR with Ross, Angel, & Scott. That 430am wake up call was pretty rough, got maybe 2 hours of sleep due to some noisy hotel neighbors that were up late making tons of noise.

We snagged 24 of 28 CPs and finished with 34 miles total travel. 14 paddle, 16 trek, and 4 bike.

We started out clockwise and knocked out 1, 2, 3 without any issue. We over ran 4 by forgetting to calculate our distance properly. We lost about 20 minutes searching the wrong reentrant and back tracking about 1 mile in total. We zipped around picked up 5 and hit the north boat launch for the 2nd major trek section. We blasted up the up hill road (hahaha we walked) found the muddy horse trails grabbed 12 no problem. 11 we again were slightly off in our distance and were about 100 meters too far south after 1km+ travel. We cut straight west and blasted up the major hill to 10 came out right on it, was beautiful. We had a slight delay grabbing 8 as the trails here were a bit confusing. But then we high tailed it back to the dock and yes this time we ran down the big hill all the way back.

Back to the boat, quickly got 6 as we could see it from launching at the dock. Paddled over to 7, of course up another hill and same with 9, but found them both no issues. Then the long paddle across the lake where we got swamped by speed boats several times, luckily we didn't flip. 13 grabbed without too much delay, another one that was back in there a ways further than it seemed on the map.

At this point on the way to 14, we realized we were behind and had discussions about potentially dropping 14 or getting 16, 17, 18 from the bike. We ended up going to 15 finally after some confusion reading the map, because I was counting the towers, only problem we realized once we got closer to shore we couldn't see all the towers. Argh! So we lost a bit of time by paddling more distance than we needed to. But we finally pulled into the creek and found 15 again way the heck back in there!

We decided to then get 16, 17, 18 from foot ditching our earlier plan of getting them from the bike. 16 we over ran just a hair, because there were two spurs and we just didn't quite see the flag the first time and went to the second spur only to realize we had again over ran it. 18 & 17 we hit spot on.

Back to the boat, now we are back and forth about how to get 19, 20, 21 or if we even have time before we need to get the boat back. We ended up hitting an old boat dock and following an old to 19, hit it no problem, then ran back downhill on the road to the boat, we did this one pretty quick. So now we are back to thinking we can still get 20 & 21. Ok we paddle all the way back around watching the clock, we have an just over an hour to get this boat back, ahhh!!!

We hit the south boat launch and go after 21 being easier, cut thru the clearing and grabbed it no problem, got in within 10 minutes, so now we are thinking ok if we can get 21 in 10-15 minutes we'll have 30 minutes to get the boat back. We get 20 and then run back down hill on the road all the back to the boats. Deja vu! Back to the boats and we can see the beach. Omg we've been going for 10 hours! But we are going to make it, it only takes about 15 minutes to make it back across and turn in the boats. We clear the paddle trekking section, wow!

Ok, we have 1.5 hours to do the biking, but we are starting to run on fumes. Those hills up outta of the parking lot were killer. We remember from last year it took just under 2 hours to do the biking. So we decide we'll cut off 22/23 since that adds 3 miles and a good 20 minutes. Ok we aren't going to clear course now, but we are ok with it. We completed the mountain biking section last year on the 5 hour course, so nothing we haven't seen before we all agreed.

We take the trail head scoop 25, but then Ross, Angel and myself were just not doing well on the biking and knew 24 would be hell out and back, so we ditch that one too. Ok we just need 26, 27, 28 and we'll call it good.

But we're on the advanced section, it's going even worse, pushing our bikes a ton. Aggravted at all the two way traffic, and Ross was starting to bonk, we also decided once we got to 26 to ditch 27 just to get back and call it good. I was starting to get dizzy myself by 28, the biking was just too much after a full day like that for us.

We busted out of the trail back to pavement and finished. 24/28 in just under 11.5 hours. If we had a bit more energy we could have gotten 2 maybe 3 more CPs on the bike course. Also if we had not had the few errors on foot that cost us a good 30-40 minutes, we would have had plenty of time to clear the course entirely.

But we were all happy to have finished a 12 hr race and were amazed at how much ground we covered. The beer on the way home was a perfect way to finish a great trip and race!

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