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Training Log Archive: blairtrewin

In the 7 days ending May 6:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run2 1:38:52 9.07(10:54) 14.6(6:46) 22011 /14c78%
  Pilates1 50:00
  Pool running1 45:00 0.43(1:43:27) 0.7(1:04:17)
  Total4 3:13:52 9.51 15.3 22011 /14c78%

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Sunday May 6 #

11 AM

Run race ((orienteering)) 1:00:52 [4] *** 8.0 km (7:37 / km) +220m 6:41 / km

Today was an unwanted landmark of the ageing process; I entered something other than course 1 (or its equivalent) at a non-championship state-level event without a specific injury-related reason to do so (as readers will know, I haven't been well this week but had already decided before then anyway). I think this is the first time in 32 years that this has happened.

I didn't feel good before starting and on the first leg and was wondering if even course 2 was going to be beyond my capabilities. Somewhat to my surprise, having expected that I might have to walk significant hills (in as much as they exist here), I managed to run up the steepest hill on the course - the climb out of 3 - and settled down from there. My gully-spur navigation, though, was a little wobbly, and became more than wobbly on 7, where I saw the gully where the control was, thought it was much too big (1:15000 map?) to be mine and concluded I was too far up, and ended up at 8. Probably dropped 2.5-3 minutes there. Decent second half but the damage was done.

The last time I was here, three years ago, I was in a terrific first-leg relay scrap with Aston. Today he beat me by 20 minutes. I suspect about half of this is him getting better and about half is me getting worse. (He became the latest addition to the list of people who've gone sub-5s at Eppalock; once upon a time I was one of those).

Saturday May 5 #

10 AM

Pool running 45:00 [3] 0.7 km (1:04:17 / km)

Took a turn for the worse overnight and spent the first hour or two after getting up coughing and spluttering (and the Achilles wasn't great either), so thought I'd better do something easier. This worked, more or less (and things improved a bit through the day).

As expected, I wasn't the only one there - it's a lot harder to get a parking spot at 9.30 on a Saturday morning than it is, say, at 7 on a Monday (although the little kids are almost all in the indoor pool so it wasn't too crowded once in the water).

Had the increasingly rare modern experience this afternoon of watching my team play at the MCG at 2.10pm on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, they only played for three quarters and the match goes for four.

Friday May 4 #

7 AM

Run 38:00 [3] 6.6 km (5:45 / km)

Back in action, which I was pleased about. Achilles soreness early on, and had a stop about 10 minutes in to clear various bits of gunk out (common for a first post-cold run), but handled things OK after that. Had the novelty of some light rain to contend with. A good start with hopefully better things ahead.

I spent some of today going through 2016 Census data (for the purposes of updating my list of populations of places associated with my observing sites). Kalumburu has lost one person between 2006 and 2016 - hopefully they didn't have as much trouble getting out of the place as I did - whilst Port Hedland's 10-person lead over Broome in 2006 has now reversed with Broome a bit over 100 in front in 2016 (in 2011, near the mining boom peak, Port Hedland was over 1000 ahead). Also quirky was that Eucla appears to have about five motor vehicles for every resident, although the Census may not have asked how many of the vehicles concerned were actually capable of being driven.

Thursday May 3 #

(sick) (rest day)

Felt somewhat better for a decent night's sleep, and much better over the course of the day - sufficiently so that I was beginning to regret not having gone out in the morning. Looking forward to a resumption tomorrow. (I'm not the only person in this part of town who's looking forward to something resuming tomorrow - the rail line is reopening).

As often when exploring travel plans, I'm seeing plenty of website ads for places I've already searched for, although one advertiser must be somewhat confused as to which language I was doing the searching in because its ad proclaimed 'Precio Minimo Garantizado'. (I did once see an ad - on the Bureau website when viewed from work, no less - which said that there were rooms on offer in Brisbane from only 511 Swedish kroner - this one was a particular mystery because at the time I hadn't booked or searched for accommodation in Sweden for years, Cassie and Jenny having made the arrnagements between them for my previous visit).
10 PM


My credit card and bank accounts have been working hard this evening - ranging from a recently-installed house pantry, to a cottage near Woodhill, to a ferry in Alaska. Presumably my bank is already well aware of my travelling habits because they haven't yet queried any of this. (Perhaps they're too well-aware, because when my card got skimmed a few years ago they failed to notice that there was anything suspicious about the fact that it had been used for ATM withdrawals in Miami and Rio two hours apart).

Wednesday May 2 #

(sick) (rest day)

The question of whether my cough was pollution or a cold was answered fairly comprehensively overnight. Had entertained some thoughts of taking to the pool at the end of the working day, but as it turned out a (slow) bike commute was at the outer limits of my capabilities today.

Tuesday May 1 #

7 AM


That wasn't quite how it was supposed to happen. Somewhat to my surprise, I had trouble getting to sleep (partly I think through the time zone change, partly because I'd been working on something mentally stimulating too close to bedtime), then not long after I finally got to sleep I started cramping, badly. My assumption is that whatever it was I ate after Sunday (which was a dehydrating race because of the very high humidity) didn't have enough salt to replenish what I'd lost, and this was the first time I'd been lying down since then.

Decided I wasn't going to do any exercise until I'd done some salt replenishment through the day and had tentative plans of an evening swim, but that didn't work out either. At least I got a big report off to internal review just before I left. Did feel a bit better later in the day, although I have a bit of a cough - not sure if this is a cold or a remnant from Chinese pollution, although Guangdong is the least polluted part of eastern China (thanks to the combination of a nearby ocean, and regular winds and rain - unlike the Beijing area or the Sichuan basin, where dry stagnant conditions can persist for weeks in winter).
7 PM

Pilates 50:00 [3]

I'm going to count this - it was hard work (on the muscles if not aerobically).

Monday Apr 30 #

(rest day)

Flew overnight from Guangzhou, not the best flight I've ever had - probably only slept two or three hours, with some "help" from an unhappy small child nearby and crew who served breakfast at least an hour earlier than they needed to.

One thing I've realised on this trip is that, once you're at all off the beaten track, it's difficult to function in China without knowing Chinese. My tentative plans post-World Cup next year are to do an overland trip west into the mountains of Yunnan, then south through Laos to finish up in either Bangkok or Singapore (depending on whether southern Thailand is stable enough to transit overland), and I've realised that to pull this off I'll probably need to do some language-learning. (To complicate things further, Mandarin is not necessarily the first language in much of southern China, although my Chinese colleague tells me that it's well-understood). Adding a particular degree of difficulty is that I tend to function in writing rather than speech and can work through the logic of most European languages, but with Chinese script I wouldn't know where to start.

Didn't have time for any (aerobic) exercise today. Once I got to work (having negotiated Melbourne Airport on one of its more shambolic mornings), I was straight into a meeting which took up most of the day with only a brief lunch break, then was committed to pilates this evening. Back into it tomorrow (I hope).

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