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Training Log Archive: emilyr

In the 7 days ending Jun 27, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking4 5:46:10 74.95(4:37) 120.62(2:52) 746
  Dragon boating2 1:11:58
  Foam rolling3 30:00
  Total6 7:28:08 74.95 120.62 746
  [1-5]6 6:58:08

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Thursday Jun 27, 2019 #

Biking 2:24:00 [1] 45.95 km (3:08 / km) +518m 2:58 / km

Second week of our Gran Fondo training clinic. I met Oscar in Gastown and we biked over, but I felt like we didn't have a good route at all. Powell street is really a mess for bikers. For our training ride, we went up Lillooet Road and did part of the forest demo road. It definitely was raining there and no where else, haha. Biked back with one of our group leader's, who showed us a much better route home. Forgot to record the trip there, so it's approximate.

Foam rolling 10:00 [0]

Foam rolling. At least this is a good time to listen to podcasts--distracts me from the pain.

Wednesday Jun 26, 2019 #

Biking 40:02 [3] 15.84 km (2:32 / km)

7:30am spin class at Cyklus. Oscar and Kate H came as well. I think I was motivating for Oscar to push to have higher watts than me, haha. We had two pretty tough 7 minute hills. Phew! I think my knee feels alright. I moved my seat post up to letter I instead of H. My average watts per class have gone up over the past couple of months, so that's motivating.

Tuesday Jun 25, 2019 #

Biking 2:01:28 [2] 42.89 km (2:50 / km) +228m 2:46 / km
ahr:125 max:168

Dragon boating took up a lot of my weekend, so I wanted to try to fit in our long ride of the week today. I needed a break from marking midterms anyways. Was supposed to be 45km. My planned route was a bit short, but didn't want to bother biking in the city to add on the last 2km. Felt good. I needed to stop for a little food and water and stretch out my leg at some point. I also went over some bumps and it jostled my seat to tilt up, which made the last 10km a little uncomfortable. This was my first longer bike ride by myself!

Foam rolling 10:00 [0]

Foam rolling right quad, IT band, and hamstring.

Monday Jun 24, 2019 #


Had physio this morning. Need to keep up with the stretching, rolling, and hip alignment exercise pre/post activities. She looked at my bike fit and brought my seat up just a little bit higher. I might look into getting a cut out seat since I'm feeling more pressure than desired on the front of the saddle. Also did IMS on my quad. There were some good twitches! We're going to wait and see if I need any more sessions after doing a few more weeks of activity.

Biking 40:40 [3] 15.94 km (2:33 / km)

Got to do one of the classes during my volunteer session, which was a nice use of time! We did a lot of higher rpm stuff, which I have a hard time doing.

Foam rolling 10:00 [0]

10 minutes on right quad after spin.

Sunday Jun 23, 2019 #

Dragon boating 15:13 [1]

Race #3. Our best race of the weekend! Pretty good although our timing really broke down at the finish, but it was pretty good for the rest of it. Time was 2:33 (not sure the rest of it). That's over 12 seconds better than our first race!

Dragon boating 13:45 [1]

Our last race. It felt okay during the race, but we ended up being 2.38 something. I think we are going a bit too fast, which means we don't have much power behind our stroke. These are tough races (heart rate gets up to 185 or so)! We were in the D final and missed out on medalling by just under .5 of a second. Shoot. I felt a bit bad because our coach swapped out some people on our team for women from her mixed team, which I don't know is great for moral.

Also walked 15,000 steps between the race marshalling and cheering. So glad that my coaches said I could go home at 3:30 instead of waiting until 5pm to see if they needed volunteers in the beer garden. I was completed wiped out from the super busy week and the whole weekend of dragon boating. We were spending 8.5 hours a day at the event for 5 minutes of racing. It was fun, but I think our coach wants our team to be at a level that we're not currently at yet. Two more races this summer (Harrison and Steveston). I think our team is starting to appreciate that we need to go a little slower so that we can keep our timing and also add more power to our stroke. We need to work on our on our endurance and stamina as well.

They filmed the races. Our last race is here (team name Orca in lane/boat 4. Our steers person has the green jacket):

Saturday Jun 22, 2019 #

Dragon boating 16:59 [1]

Our first 500m dragon boat race at the Concord Pacific festival! We were in one of the first heats of the morning. It was a bit of a disaster. We went way too fast, didn't have any power, lost all timing, and the finish was a gong show because the rate was too fast and over a quarter of the boat couldn't keep up. At one point our coach stopped calling because it was so bad and then turned to swearing. Oops. Guess we had to get that out of our system. Our official time for 500m was: 2:45.312.

Dragon boating 26:01 [1]

Race #2. They accidentally gave us the wrong boat, so we had to paddle back in, switch boats, and paddle back out which adds an extra 1000m or so of paddling. That might have actually helped since I think it calmed us down. This went much better. We were much more in time and the pacers slowed the rate down. Apparently, the tide was going out as well. Official time for 500m was: 2:40.172


Walked over 30,000 steps today at the dragon boat races and then at the free Too Many Zoos concert at the Art Gallery.

Friday Jun 21, 2019 #

(rest day)

Exhausted from the 13+ hour days, from writing for 7 hours a day, and also had to serve beer at the beer garden at the dragon boat festival (my team volunteered to do it) right after my workshop. Thought doing the strength workout I was supposed to do wouldn't actually help anything.

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