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Training Log Archive: dbakker

In the 7 days ending Sep 17, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking3 4:18:59 38.93(6:39) 62.66(4:08) 847
  Running1 1:19:11 7.03(11:16) 11.31(7:00) 247
  Armchair-O1 20:00
  Total5 5:58:10 45.96 73.97 1095
  [1-5]4 5:28:10

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Sunday Sep 17, 2017 #


I think we can cram both the Sunday races on to the UBC-O map, if I expand it to the north a bit.

Round 4
Location: UBC-Okanagan (northern part)
Ownership/Permissions: UBC-Okanagan
Description: Would be about 50% open pine forest that is fairly featurless, but has some rocky knolls and is a large hill. The other 50% is university campus, but saving the best stuff for round 5.

Round 4 Alternate
Location: Academy Hill (adjacent to UBC-O)
Ownership/Permissions: A mess... City of Kelowna, "Mission Development Group", a private school, and maybe another private residence as well. There is also a lot of construction right now, so probably best to keep this potential location for later years.'
Description: Mixture of steep forested park hillside, forested bench, and larger residential buildings in mixture of parkland and open forest.

Round 5
Location: UBC-Okanagan (northern part)
Ownership/Permissions: UBC-Okanagan
Description: 80% University Campus with weird buildings, breezeways, etc. 20% forested with ponds/marshes.
10 AM

Biking (Road) 12:27 [1] 5.35 km (2:20 / km) +43m 2:14 / km

Bike to church in Rutland (downhill). Transit to get there is supposed to take 30 minutes...
12 PM

Biking (Road) 20:25 [1] 5.43 km (3:45 / km) +147m 3:19 / km

Bike home from church (uphill).

Saturday Sep 16, 2017 #


So I think this is how we (I have support from Alexander and Rachel) go about organizing this.

1. Set up an agreement with Sage O-Club regarding the event, insurance, money, etc. (Shouldn't be a problem)
2. Set a date (likely end of April after exams get out? Not sure on US university schedules if we want to draw the Seattle Crowd)
3. Get Permissions from Landowners/City of Kelowna (potential problem, also I hate doing this so hopefully Rachel and Alexander can help here.)
4. Map!!! (I like doing this, it is relaxing, a challenge, and good training)
5. Everything else: Logistics, Volunteer Recruitment, course set, etc.
6. Run the race.

Ok, so based on the bike ride today, here is the new schedule:

I'll figure out a bracket shortly, tempted to completely ignore times and just use placements in heats like they do at midgets. I think that would make life easier for setting up the next heats, but not sure just how much people liked having the lucky loser time based qualifications after the winner.

New locations means all the parking can happen in 1 area for the time trial and first two rounds

Time Trial
Location: City Park (less than 5 minute walk from parking for all three events)
Ownership/Permissions: City of Kelowna
Description: Flat, typical north american grass and trees park, with a few buildings and the odd fence and parking lot. Good for a time trial, you can go fast!

Round 1
Location: Kelowna Culture District
Ownership/Permissions: City of Kelowna (maybe others?)
Description: Flat, mostly rectangular buildings, fences, a couple of low speed, low traffic roads, monuments, trees. This area has all of Kelown'a museums, City Hall, Arena, Library, Arts Theatre, Cop Shop, etc. Is fairly technical, will be easy to make interesting route choices.

Round 2
Location: Waterfront Park (adjacent to Culture Distsrict)
Ownership/Permissions: City of Kelowna, Delta/Marriot Hotel, Kelowna Bay Resorts. These are the most sketchy permissions of the bunch, I figure it is rather unlikely, but you never know.
Description: Flat, mixture of weird building shapes with breezeways and some multi-level stuff, impassable water features (including a small boat lock!), boardwalks, trees/grass park.

Note: If we don't get permission to some of the area, round 1 will take place on an amalgamation of the two adjacent maps and round 2 will move to an Alternate.

Round 2 Alternate
Location: Okanagan College Kelowna Campus
Ownership/Permissions: Okanagan College (likely), probably should talk to Kelowna Secondary School as well since we would use their grounds as well.
Description: Flat, just another small community college, not awful terrain, just not that much of it is interesting. There will have to be some longer (boring) routechoice-based running legs to get to 12-15 minutes, but there will still be technical sections for sure.

Round 3
Location: Knox Mountain
Ownership/Permissions: City of Kelowna
Description: HILLY (weird I know, but it is called a mountain!), open forest sprint. Mixture of trail widths, some rock features, some larger ponds/marshes to create some routechoices. Could potentially be a night-O the forest is so open.

Round 3 Alternate
Location: Mission Creek Park
Ownership/Permissions: City of Kelowna
Description: Fairly hilly, mixture of thick and open forest with a fairly dense trail network and a mixture of trail widths. A fair number of water features, but not rock to be seen. In general, the forest is much thicker here than at Knox Mountain. Could not be a night-o, too thick forest.


To be continued later tonight, gotta make supper. I'll keep you in suspense, on the edge of your seat.
10 AM

Biking (Road) 3:46:07 [1] 51.87 km (4:22 / km) +657m 4:06 / km

This ended up a wee little bit longer than I meant it to be... Checked out most of the potential orienteering spots in Kelowna proper: Knox Mountain, Cultrual District, Waterfront Park, City Park, OK College, Care Home Central, Mission Creek Park. Will give an update on that later tonight.

Friday Sep 15, 2017 #


Still feeling under the weather, but hoping to get out biking tomorrow. Did some math homework (probably should have done more, but have all weekend to do another 2.5 assignments that are due over the next week for lecture and lab - I did 2.5 today as well and only 1 other lab prep to do), and then continued working on the OC Kelowna Campus map that I started working on yesterday. I am starting with georeferenced 2016 imagery with 1 meter contours overlayed on top (unfortunately not the raw data, but needs to be traced from the image... since you can't download only a section of the City of Kelowna contours, only the entire thing which was a massive file) and would take some processing in QGIS which I'm not great at anyways.

Thursday Sep 14, 2017 #


Feeling kind off still, bit of a sore throat, and bit of a fever off and on. That was fun for 7.5 hours of class without a break.

Wednesday Sep 13, 2017 #


Just got a bit of a cold, and with 6.5 hours of classes was pretty wiped by the end of the day so took it off.

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017 #

(rest day)

A little tired in the legs today, so didn't get out doing anything active.

Monday Sep 11, 2017 #


Don't have much homework yet, so looking at possible orienteering locations in Kelowna. I need to update the UBC-O map (do a bit of fieldwork on it), but there is so much construction right now I'm not entirely sure that it is worth it until at least part of the project is finished.

Also, fresh off SART, I'm thinking about the possibility of a OART (Okanagan Adventure Running Tournament) that is in different towns each year in the Okanagan, and would be run by juniors (Me, Rachel, Alexander, ???) as a fundraiser for JWOC/NAOC/COC etc. In Seattle, they sold out with 80 people, but only needed less than 10 volunteers (a number of whom could compete in the events) to run the entire event.

As for event timing, maybe end of April type thing after exams are finished? Other suggestions?


Time Trial: City Park (waterfront by the bridge) or Cottonwoods Care Home/S Matheson Elementary. Both would be new maps, not sure on permitting for either. City Park is a little bland, but very touristy, while Cottonwoods is smaller but more interesting.

Round 1: Okanagan College Kelowna Campus. New Map, permitting likely given Alumni status and Brian May's connections?

Round 2: Mission Creek Park. Existing ISOM map, which would be interesting enough if blown up to 1:5000, or converted to ISOM. Permitting entirely through City of Kelowna. Could possibly run two events here in a pinch.

Round 3: Parkinson Park (fairly boring and really flat), Knox Mountain Park (boring and very Hilly), or a night-o on one of the many, many golf courses that are everywhere in this city. Permitting ???


Round 4: Academy Hill (where I live). A mixture of large, awkwardly shaped apartment buildings, and steep hillsides (with an interesting enough bench that I found today) owned by City of Kelowna and then whatever company manages all the buildings (I know it is all one company, just can't remember the name at the moment). Permitting ??? If this falls through, you could probably do 2 at UBC-O (Round 4 being mostly on the trails to the north of the University and maybe upper residences) considering the size of the map.

Round 5: UBC-O. Orienteering in interior BC doesn't get better than this. Permitting: probable since we are all students here, and Alexander has connections with a lot of important people here.

Am I completely crazy? Thoughts?

Alternatively, you could do 1 day in Kelowna and the other in Vernon if permitting or map making is a significant issue.

Armchair-O 20:00 [0]

Going over what I did at SART with Rachel.
2 PM

Running 1:19:11 intensity: (10:00 @0) + (1:09:11 @1) 11.31 km (7:00 / km) +247m 6:19 / km

Easy run exploring some trails and stretching out the legs. Met up with Rachel for the last little bit.

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