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Training Log Archive: dbakker

In the 7 days ending Jan 28:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 2:59:52 16.94(10:37) 27.27(6:36) 639
  Streching/Rolling6 2:00:00
  Skiing - Classic1 1:03:14 4.36(14:30) 7.02(9:00) 150
  Skiing - Skate1 1:01:40 7.41(8:19) 11.93(5:10) 190
  Orienteering2 1:00:28 4.1(14:45) 6.6(9:10) 250
  Core Strength2 40:00
  Total12 8:45:14 32.82 52.82 1228
  [1-5]7 6:45:14

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Sunday Jan 28 #

2 PM

Skiing - Classic 1:03:14 [1] 7.02 km (9:00 / km) +150m 8:08 / km

Well... I gambled and lost. It's been snowing pretty much non-stop here for the past day or so, and there is lots of fresh snow everywhere, so I didn't really feel like going for a run. Skate skiing sounded even worse, so I opted for classic. Unfortunately, when I came down to Kelowna, I only grabbed grip waxes that we had duplicates of in Salmon Arm - namely Swix VR 40, VR45, and VR50 - all waxes that work in various parts of the range from -12°C to ~ 1°C temperatures depending on snow conditions. Today the weater said 0°C, so I tried VR50 and hoped for the best, but snow was really wet and warm - and I had pretty much no grip. Bit of a slog on some fields and my new favourite road that is under construction. Rather boring skiing, so listened to the second half of Hamilton while skiing.

Here is the view from the middle of one of the farmers fields (which oddly enough UBCO actually owns, but isn't planning on developing for another ~30 years or so).
4 PM

Core Strength 20:00 [1]

9 PM

Streching/Rolling 35:00 [0]

Saturday Jan 27 #

Streching/Rolling 5:00 [0]

9 AM

Running 34:00 [1] 5.06 km (6:43 / km) +130m 5:57 / km

Run over to Coyote Ridge park.

Orienteering 45:00 [2] 3.24 km (13:53 / km) +186m 10:47 / km

Well this was exciting ... about knee deep snow everywhere, trails were semi-packed with only around4 inches of snow so they were much faster. min/km can only get better from here!

Or if the image doesn't work, a direct link.

So I started from control 1 (I ran up the trail from the South to get there, so skipped the climb from the start), and learned very quickly that this was going to be interesting. I hadn't realized there was this much snow, although under the trees was decent in places. Orienteering was kind of sub-par, but hard to stay focused when I'm going a measly 15min/km. This map should be a blast once the snow melts, lots of great big cliffs, beautiful open pine forest. Will be happy to get back here once the snow melts, but will probably hold off until then.

Running 32:57 [1] 4.87 km (6:46 / km) +114m 6:03 / km

Run back home.

Friday Jan 26 #


So, a quick update on the Okanagan Adventure Running Tournament:

We are considering a date change, and pushing the event back by one weekend. While trying to get permissions for UBCO (the Sunday venue) - probably the best terrain in Kelowna - we learned that there is a major cheerleading tournament that weekend on the campus, as well as all the residences are being professionally cleaned so the entire campus will be a zoo. So we are thinking about pushing the event back by a week to May 5th and 6th. Looking scheduled events on Attackpoint and WhyJustRun, nobody else has events planned this weekend, but does this negatively affect anybody who was interested in coming?

Streching/Rolling 25:00 [0]

Thursday Jan 25 #

3 PM

Running 27:00 [1] 3.86 km (7:00 / km) +97m 6:13 / km
ahr:71 max:107

Heart rate monitor is well and truly dead now I think. Need to buy a new strap.

Orienteering 15:28 [3] 3.36 km (4:36 / km) +64m 4:12 / km
ahr:60 max:67

UBC-O sprint with Rachel and Alexander.

3D-ReRun posted here (hopefully Rachel and Alexander will add their routes too):

Running warm up/down 26:26 [1] 3.34 km (7:55 / km) +123m 6:41 / km
ahr:66 max:72

Coold down and run back up the hill home.

Wednesday Jan 24 #

3 PM

Running 59:29 [3] 10.13 km (5:52 / km) +174m 5:24 / km

Easy run around Quail Flume trail in some of the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen.

Planning on getting out on a contours only map later in the week or this weekend of a super hilly park within running distance (if I run along the "under construction road" that hasn't been worked on in 3 months that I skied on Monday).
10 PM

Streching/Rolling 20:00 [0]

Stretching legs mostly, calves are tight.

Tuesday Jan 23 #

9 PM

Streching/Rolling 25:00 [0]

Core Strength 20:00 [1]

Still getting used to this whole 6 hours of labs business on Tuesdays - makes doing anything else rather difficult.

Monday Jan 22 #

4 PM

Skiing - Skate 1:01:40 intensity: (1:00:00 @1) + (1:40 @3) 11.93 km (5:10 / km) +190m 4:47 / km

Finally getting back into some training again after a pitiful weekend of it. It froze pretty heavily again last night, so a crust developped again - so great conditions for skate skiing without any grooming. Unfortunately the Academy Hill slope that I use to get down to the field is south facing, and most of the snow has melted off of it, so had to walk further down today. Field at the bottom is in decent shape, a little soft on the western end (in the sun more), so stayed close to the edge in the shaded section. Got bored after a little while, so put on Hamilton. Ended up ditching the field with grass poking through it and climbed up onto the road that has been under construction for a while but is halted for the winter - only around 3-4 inches of snow, but on top of pavement so it was great!

One small section in the middle (where an intersection will be) had some pavement sticking through, so was unable to do intervals on the hill up towards Academy - so ended up just skiing back and forth towards the dump and back.

Now back to writing labs and pre-labs.
7 PM

Streching/Rolling 10:00 [0]

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