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Training Log Archive: KFish

In the 7 days ending Aug 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 5:26:12 19.51(16:43) 31.4(10:23) 75064c
  Hiking2 3:49:28 7.5(30:36) 12.07(19:01) 181
  Total7 9:15:40 27.01(20:34) 43.47(12:47) 93164c
  [1-5]7 7:47:39

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Saturday Aug 17 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 1:30:08 intensity: (1:44 @0) + (45 @1) + (19:22 @2) + (56:34 @3) + (11:43 @4) ***** 5.1 mi (17:40 / mi) +182m 15:55 / mi
ahr:142 max:165 15c shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 - Gray2

Finally starting to get the hang of this terrain :) just in time to leave :(. I definitely actually felt like I was orienteering today. No big mistakes just not very clean on the approach to most of them. 2 I drifted south and syd got ahead of me for good before I figured it out. 5 I went wider than I intended but it worked out okay. 10 was my biggest mistake- I took a hard fall on my back and got a little shaken and lost focus. I relocated back to the trail quickly and figured it out, so that was improvement. A little off on 11 and had to relocate again. Then the last 4 went well into the finish.

Woc is a lot of fun, great races with so many people! Then, a chance to watch top athletes In their element. Would come again :). It would be fun with a group ;).

Friday Aug 16 #

11 AM

Hiking 1:21:16 intensity: (59:55 @0) + (17:56 @1) + (2:48 @2) + (37 @3) 2.62 mi (31:01 / mi) +96m 27:52 / mi
ahr:86 max:131

We’re so close to the Swedish border we decided a day trip was necessary. Went to Tresticklans National Park, one of the oldest remaining stands of forest in Scandinavia, for a short hike. The forest and the lakes were very pretty, and it was a nice rest day

Thursday Aug 15 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:00:42 intensity: (3:17 @2) + (17:01 @3) + (31:29 @4) + (8:55 @5) 4.4 mi (13:48 / mi) +170m 12:19 / mi
ahr:159 max:190 18c shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 - Gray2

This was billed as a more urban feeling middle, but I hardly thought it was urban and it was exactly what I love in a middle. The Nav was tricky enough to keep you on your A game or lose precious time relocating. Lots of interesting micro route choices.

Syd and her mom cheered me on at the halfway point. I was headed thru a marked passage along the edge of a field, tripped, and took a branch to the face resulting in 4 nice scratches on my face. Lots of people told me I had blood running down my face so I figured it must have looked pretty bad. It cleaned up nice, and I match syd (she got 2 during the long)

I didn’t start very clean with bobbles in the circle on 1, 2, 5, and 7, but none of them were too bad and I cleaned it up and had a solid second half. I hadn’t originally signed up for this one but I’m glad I did it. We walked around the fort a little for a cool down. Favorite race so far :)
12 PM

Hiking 2:28:12 intensity: (25:11 @0) + (1:38:50 @1) + (16:06 @2) + (8:03 @3) + (2 @4) 4.88 mi (30:22 / mi) +86m 28:48 / mi
ahr:107 max:157

Went for a hike around Asmaloy, walking along the coastal rocks and into hvaler National Park. I misread the scale bar, so this was a little longer than I had planned and we weee all dragging a little by the end, but it was really pretty. Reminded us of ADKs or Algonquin.

Wednesday Aug 14 #

Orienteering 45:00 [3] *** 2.5 mi (18:00 / mi)
3c shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 - Gray2

I’m embarrassed to admit I tried orienteering today.

When we arrived at the arena we found out that the athletes would be starting there as well as running through a spectator loop and finishing. Previously we thought they would have a remote start. This meant I could watch syd start, but only if I made it back from my spectator middle on time, which would be very tight. That was all that was on my mind as I set off and promptly had a huge mistake on 1, 2, and 3. I decided my mind was not in the right place and I’d rather watch syd start than keep fighting it, so I headed to the finish.

Lesson: don’t sign up for spectator races on syds race days. In general I’d be happy doing the day of registration for the open classes, A6 is pretty close to M21-, and it’s all for fun anyway.

Tuesday Aug 13 #

2 PM

Orienteering 1:48:04 intensity: (1:11 @0) + (8:18 @1) + (26:49 @2) + (57:25 @3) + (14:04 @4) + (17 @5) ***** 5.0 mi (21:37 / mi) +336m 17:53 / mi
ahr:140 max:176 17c shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 - Gray2

Mad props to all the woc athletes, most of whom did this in a third the time or less! This terrain is brutal physically and navifatuonally tough. Marshes are almost indistinguishable until you sink into them. Rocks everywhere, only the biggest of which are mapped. Scrubby bushes covering almost every inch.

Huge mistake on 3, with almost every reentrant having its own flag. Another on 6 where I overshot and hadn’t figured out cliff sizing yet. Got cleaner after that and was able to trot okay. I would have benefited immensely from getting out on a model map, so hopefully tomorrow goes a little better. It is crazy to be in the woods with 1000 other people!

Monday Aug 12 #

4 PM

Orienteering 22:18 intensity: (42 @2) + (11:45 @3) + (9:51 @4) 2.51 mi (8:53 / mi) +62m 8:15 / mi
ahr:151 max:169 11c shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 - Gray2

Fun sprint in downtown Sarpsborg where the opening ceremonies for WOC were held.

I messed up 1 because the stand and flag had different numbers and I looked at the wrong one on the first pass. 3 was also on the opposite side of the cliff from what I was expecting so I lost some time there. The rest went pretty cleanly. Looking forward to seein the forest tomorrow!

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