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Training Log Archive: riinaF

In the 7 days ending May 6:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running1 3:06:42 13.05(14:18) 21.0(8:53)
  Orienteering (walking)1 1:28:32 4.13(21:27) 6.64(13:20)7c
  Total2 4:35:14 17.17(16:02) 27.64(9:57)7c

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Sunday May 6 #


Woke up after 12hrs of sleep. Body feeling surprisingly okay! Upper back, abs, lower back and legs sore but nothing too bad. Legs don't feel like I'd like to walk for long though.

Been having a pretty bad headache the whole day. Tried taking painkillers but they've only helped a bit. Maybe from not drinking enough or because my upper back is sore and tight?

Had a two hour nap during the day, I was already feeling wrecked after being awake for like 4hrs! Sleeping helped with the headache, not as bad after I woke up.

Went for a short walk, beautiful and warm day out and legs didn't feel too bad! Stretched a small bit after getting back.

Tummy was sore towards the evening again, took a painkiller when going to bed.

Saturday May 5 #

10 AM

Running 3:06:42 [5] 21.0 km (8:53 / km)
ahr:174 max:193 shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 212

Bodom Trail in Pirttimäki, Espoo

Signed up for this in December, trained well in February and then fell off the wagon and as can be seen here, haven't done much in the past month or two.. Was pretty nervous going in, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it. In Bodom you can decide after 12km loop if you want to finish or continue to the second, 9km loop. I had already decided I'd be running both loops, I could never leave the decision to tired me after 12km!

I was in 4th start group (out of 5), felt like an okay choice. First almost 1,5km was on a small gravel road. Probably good to get people spaced a bit but I didn't like it since I'm not strong on roads. It meant I got dropped to the end of the group and I still went through the first km way too fast for me, 6:33min/km.

After we moved to the trails I started to get passed by people from the last start group. It was annoying since I tried to run on the right side giving them enough space to pass me. After a bit I started to catch people from earlier starts too though!

First loop was actually somehow tougher, maybe because it was longer. I felt like the drink station would never come but then it did and I didn't stop since I was feeling okay and didn't want to get my mug out of my Spibelt (they didn't have mugs at the station to avoid trash in the forest). Started to regret my decision pretty soon after it though! I took two glucose tablets after 30mins of running and I think I took another two at 1hr. I like them and they don't cause any tummy problems but they're hard to eat while running (I normally breathe through my mouth and also they won't melt since my mouth is dry). I had one gel with me but I haven't tried any gels since prob last Jukola where they made my tummy sore so I didn't want to use it.

The first loop I basically just counted down kilometres and waited for it to end. I was doing okay but I was wondering if I was going too fast to make it through the second loop. I managed to run all but uphills (or when the pack in front of me slowed down to walking). Finally the first loop was over and I arrived to the finish. Picked the left chute continuing to the second loop. There was a drink station at the beginning of the second loop and I stopped there, had a mug of sports drink. Someone commented there that the worst part is over, choosing that left chute! I was through the first loop in 1hr 38mins and I had been told the second loop would take roughly the same time so I already knew my goal to finish in under 3hrs would be tough.

Start of the second loop was gravel road again but shorter this time. Suddenly there was a sign telling us to go right. We had been told the second loop would be a lot more challenging terrain and super wet. This also became clear right from the start. From the road the markings continued to a small forest which was more like a pond because all the snow melting had pooled water in there.. People in front of me cut to the right to run on the side of a field but I decided to follow the route and go through all the mud and water. It was nice and chilly!

The whole second loop was trickier and slower. The course went through multiple marshes and there were also bits with those small wooden bridges (pitkospuut) which were slippery from muddy shoes spreading mud everywhere. The wet bits were very very wet, easily up to my knees and sometimes even deeper. Luckily my shoe laces were tied okay and taped so I didn't have to worry about losing my shoe in marsh!

The second loop went by quicker because the terrain was more challenging. The only bit I remembered from the course map was that there would be a drink station, then going around a lake and then only a bit over 3km to go. The drink station came actually quite quickly and I had a mug of water which was really good and made me feel so much better! I was doing fine without carrying anything to drink but I think next time I'll get a vest or something to carry water with me. I also took 2 energy bloks near the start of the loop and then another two pretty quickly after those, maybe like couple of km in the second loop. After that I didn't take any energy and then only that mug of water.

Going around the lake had some really beautiful sights! Would be nice to go and hike there maybe. Also some really funny bits where the course was following a trail and then suddenly sign telling me to turn left and to go through a marsh, like 'seriously?!'. And sliding down a muddy hill/cliff to limbo under a fallen tree trunk while some people still tried to avoid getting muddy and were climbing the cliff dangerously to get over the tree.

The second loop had a lot more uphills as well. Garmin says only 100m climb total so not that much really but the hills were tough towards the end when I was tired. There were also some longish gravel road bits which were the worst!! On the trails I still managed to shuffle along and even attempt something that felt like running. But on the road bits it was clear I was tired and felt like I was going so slow I was almost jogging backwards.. The last 3km felt like it would never end but then finally it was only 1km to the finish and after a last super wet bit it was gravel road and downhill for the last 500m and I even managed to jog to the finish!

I was doing surprisingly okay through the whole course. Jogged through the whole first loop except for uphills and even on the second loop I managed to mostly keep slowly jogging when the terrain was dry enough. No cramps at any point and no alarming pains in knees or anywhere. I didn't even fall down at any point, slipped a bit only a couple of times. I'm clearly strongest on downhills and on the more technical trails! There I managed to pass a lot of people and there were bits where I could've gone faster but people in front of me were going slow. The same people I had passed then passed me on the uphills or on the more easy trails/road bits and then they were in front of me again when a downhill came... Some people were also super annoying with trying to avoid getting their shoes wet!! They'd stop at each wet part and trying to find a dry way over it and slowing everyone else down as well. Overall the event was nice though, start groups worked well and at least with people going at my pace it wasn't super crowded at any point.

Kinda happy with my run, I had fun at some points at least, didn't break myself and I wasn't completely wrecked at the end. Need to train uphills a lot more before Koli though. And need to pay more attention to drinking + energy planning, now it definitely wasn't ideal.
8 PM


I was really tired after the run. Physically doing okay, just a bit stiff but no pains or anything. Got home with the event bus + train and then Anna came to cook risotto for me! I had also made a chocolate cake.

My tummy was kinda sore for the rest of the evening though, not sure why: just because I ran further than ever before, because of the energy bloks or because of the sports drink (had two mugs during the run and a mug after finishing). Didn't have much of an appetite.

Anna left around 9pm and I headed to bed straight away. Tummy was hurting and I woke up in 2hrs because of it. Took a painkiller and that helped finally.

Monday Apr 30 #

5 PM

Orienteering (walking) 1:28:32 [3] **** 6.64 km (13:20 / km)
7c shoes: VJ Bold 7

HS event in Pirttimäki, 5km course.

Went with Marianne, jogging mostly but also a lot of standing and looking at the map. Went straight on the long leg even though paths probably wouldve been a lot faster, thought we might as well practice going straight etc instead of jogging around on the paths..

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