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Training Log Archive: abarn

In the 7 days ending Oct 1, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:51:33 13.64(12:35) 21.95(7:49) 385
  Rockclimbing1 1:30:00
  Running3 59:47 7.58(7:53) 12.2(4:54)
  Touch Rugby1 40:00 2.49(16:06) 4.0(10:00)
  Total7 6:01:20 23.71 38.15 385

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Saturday Oct 1, 2016 #

Orienteering 1:36:33 [3] 12.6 km (7:40 / km) +385m 6:39 / km

Australian Long Champs on the legendary Cascades (and Amiens).

Pretty good race overall. No big mistakes, but I was very cautious the whole race, and kept really good contact. Probably the most technically demanding course i have ever run. The need for concentration was relentless. The closest you got to a dead running leg were the short segments on rock slabs.

Started off cautiously, reading every feature to control 1. Contoured to 2 along the bare rock using the hill next to the control as an attack feature. Bearing up the hillside to 3, using the bare rock to lead into it. Bearing to 4 picking off the rock clumps along the way and again using the bare rock as an attack point. Hopped between the bare rock patches to 5, with a bearing through the light green. Down the bare rock again, onto the track and then up a gully to 6, which was just behind a really obvious line of rocks as an attack point. Tried to read the contour detail to 7 and did a reasonable job. In general I was quite slow on long legs but this was probably my fastest long leg so I should learn from that. Tried to follow the rocky spur up just to the right of the red line but had a bit of trouble and lost contact. Decided the best course of action was to keep running my bearing and relocate on the track. This worked out well because the rocky hill next to the track/redline intersection was really big and obvious. Hopped the rest of the way to 8 on bare rock sections, but then was clumsy coming in off the bare rock and lost time in the circle. Lost at least a couple of minutes on that one. Bearing out of 8 then across the bare rock to 9. That's an important thing to note, exit direction was so important, definitely worth taking a bearing out of every control. Along the bare rock again to 10, but had a really dodgy attack point trying to use the outline of the bare rock which meant I lost time in the circle. Combined bearings with the gullies to get 11 alright. Saw the rock clump from a long way off so worth keeping eyes up in this section of the map. Really struggled to get to 12. The rocks all looked the same, there were no bare rocks and the contours were really hard to read under the rock (and were vague formlines to begin with). Only found it because I kept good direction the whole way and picked up cliff lines along the rocky spur infront of it. Long leg of hopping from bare rock to bare rock to get 13, using the clearing just before as an attack feature (but needed to be more careful with the bearing). Bare rock hopping again to 14 then bearing down the hill which allowed you to see all the way to roughly where the control was. Bare rocks and bearings (yet again) to 15 but also made use of the contour detail picking up the small hill and gullies on the way. Bearing and good estimation to 16, too hard to read the individual rocks. Ran wide to the bare rock to avoid the green and beat Tomas to 17 who had been 20s ahead but then I lost the time in the circle thinking the control was on a different feature. Used the out of bounds section as the first attackpoint and then stupidly ran through the dark green section on the other side of it loosing some significant time to Tomas. Bearing through the pine and then attacked 18 using the white corridor and bare rock. Bare rock and bearing again to 19 which was much faster than straight in the green as I caught Tomas up again after the lost time from 18. Bearings and tracks to 20. Bearing to the track and then in off the the track bend to 21. Misread which feature 21 was on so lost a tiny bit of time. Bearing and looking for the edge of the rock detail to find 22. Bearings and reading the edges of vegetation to 23. Sloppy bearing to 24 (but it was a frantic pack so hey) then sprint finish to win the finish split!

So to sum up the cascades strategy in a few words it would be - "Bearings and bare rock".
- Bearing out of every control.
- Use bare rocks as attack points and take bearings between them.
- BUT need to be more precise with the final bearings from attack points into the control circle.
- Use white corridors where possible
- Try to use contour detail more for long legs

Friday Sep 30, 2016 #

Orienteering 40:00 [3] 3.6 km (11:07 / km)

Model run at Passchendaele. Easy jog with some walking. Testing out the terrain.

A few things to note:
-Bare rock in white is a fantastic feature, bare rock in green can be pretty hard to see!
-Clearings were quite visible in the forest.
-Heath wasn't too bad.
-Clump the rocks together, use the outlines of rocky sections more than the rocks themselves until you get into the control circle.
-The subtle contour detail is really useful and remember bare rock can be mapped just as regular contours.
-Long bearings are easy in the pine.
-Use contours to the circle if possible for the faster nav.
-Light green is quite easy to get through, but definitely slower running (possibly half as fast).
-Darker green was good as a navigation feature.
-Rocky ground can be boulders the size of cars!
-The knolls and high points are often just mossy rocks, but pretty obvious in white forest.

For tomorrow:
-Keep good contact, relocating will be VERY hard.
-Clump rocks to simplify.
-Use contours for faster navigation
-Bare rock, unique rock shapes, and clearings for attackpoints.
-Careful bearings if there aren't features or you are going through thick green.

Thursday Sep 29, 2016 #

Orienteering 35:00 [3] 5.75 km (6:05 / km)

Two step race at Cottswold.

Slow start, should have taken more careful bearings. Fast to number 3 by staying out of the creek. Read the boulders into 4 and found the creek particularly helpful. Bearing, keeping my eyes up to spot 5. Took a lazy bearing to 6 by the road made it easy to pick up. Along the road to 7 and just read the rocks in the circle. Contour round reading the individual rocks to 8. Contour again to 9, ticking off bare rock patches and cliffs. Skip 10 and bearing to the track for 11. Aimed off to the left of 12 which worked well for what was otherwise vague. Used the gully to find 13 and then took a lazy bearing to the long obvious cliffline leading into 14. Ran along the top to 15 but took too lazy of a bearing and came down too early which would have lost time. Back the same way to 16 using the change in direction of the contour at the top of the cliffs as an attack point. Bearing down the spur then picked off the correct gully to go up to 17 (not much risk with the massive linear catching feature behind). Bearing to 18 (should have been more careful), hit the road too far right. Down the track towards 19 then bearing off the end, again should have taken more care! Bearing to 29 which was obvious in the creek and then skipped 21 to 22 which was again very obvious then home.

-Stay out of the rocks as long as possible because it seems to be slower moving.
-Aiming off was useful.
-Take bearings more carefully if there aren't features along the way.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016 #

Running 16:07 [3] 3.5 km (4:36 / km)

Easy jog down to Clovelly (mostly downhill) to go diving with Richard.
Feeling sluggish and slow which isn't ideal so I'll keep resting over the next couple of days. Worth noting I was wearing a backpack so perhaps that contributed to the feeling.

Dive was awesome fun. Half in the night. Saw 2 port jackson sharks, a few rays, a massive blue groper, and a few cuttlefish among many other miscellaneous fish.

Tuesday Sep 27, 2016 #

Rockclimbing 1:30:00 [3]

Bouldering at 9Degrees with Lena. Climbed lots of the same old routes but also got some new good climbs (particularly the overhang orange). Finished off with some legs free laps on the blue overhang.

Monday Sep 26, 2016 #

Touch Rugby 40:00 [3] 4.0 km (10:00 / km)

Touch game against second on the ladder. Really tough one. Got the first try early in the first 5 and we led till about the 10 minute mark amazingly. Lack of subs started to hit us at that point and people started fatiguing. Second half was even tougher but we held on alright technically speaking even if we conceded alot of points. Proud of the team.

NOTE: Pretty buggered even on the warmup to the game. Definitely need to take a break and a few days of easy if I want to be in shape for the weekend.

I'm thinking jog and scuba tomorrow, bouldering and no run wednesday, two step event (taking it easy) on thursday, and then a jog round the model on Friday. Then bring on a weekend of amazing terrain!!!

Running 25:00 [3] 4.7 km (5:19 / km)

Warm up and warm down to touch.

Good song came on during the warm down and I smashed a 500m interval so had to do a longer warm down after. Worth it.

Sunday Sep 25, 2016 #

Running 18:40 [3] 4.0 km (4:40 / km)

Easy run to Richard's place for dinner. Still ended up going fastish but kept the heart rate pretty low with an average of 140bpm.

Felt pretty tired and calves were a little tight so I stretched them out later

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