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Training Log Archive: nmulder

In the 7 days ending Feb 16:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Adventure Racing3 22:38:03 131.06 210.92 2009
  Mountain Biking2 2:33:41 31.58(12.3/h) 50.83(19.8/h) 727
  Gym2 2:00:00
  Road Running2 1:09:09 7.13(9:42) 11.48(6:01) 166
  Orienteering1 44:06 2.8(15:44) 4.51(9:47) 117
  Trail Running1 23:51 3.11(7:41) 5.0(4:46) 30
  Total11 29:28:50 175.69 282.74 3049
  [1-5]10 28:50:50

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Sunday Feb 16 #

7 AM

Adventure Racing race (Wartrail Non-stop) 9:58:03 [4] 57.92 km (10:20 / km) +2009m 8:48 / km
ahr:132 max:168 shoes: Salomon Sense Pro 6 Blue

Non-Stop Wartrail - 58km Mountain Run, 153km MTB, 65km River Paddle.

Raced with Darren, Mac and Tracey C. as Team Cyanosis.

We started at 07h00, with the aim of arriving at the river at about 5.20am for a 6am start.

I generally felt good throughout the run. Pushed a bit on the climb to microwave tower and then a poor section just after Avoca. We were carrying fullish backpacks as training.

The trail continues to get bigger every year. There is now a perfectly graded track from Olympus to Snowdon that is probably 10 mins faster than in the past. There's also a new jeep track from Microwave tower to just beyond the first fence and a track emerging from Dragon's back down to Skiddaw.

No other competitive teams to race against this year. We caught Bubbles and Petrus at the Snowdon stream and they finished about 30 mins behind us. We weren't as fast as we were hoping on the run, about 30+ mins off expectant pace.

CP War 2020 War 2019 War 2016 War 2015 Sky 2012 War 2012 War 2011 War 2007 War 2006 War 2005 Best Split
Microwave Tower 1h18 1h23 1h18 1h14 1h10 1h15 1h14 1h22 1h16 1h17 1h10 - Sky'12
Olympus Hut 3h17 3h22 3h12 2h56 2h51 3h11 3h01 3h37 3h14 3h16 1h41 - Sky'12
Mt Snowdon 4h52 5h08 4h46 4h26 4h23 4h54 4h31 5h43 4h51 4h55 1h29 - War'11
Avoca Peak 6h46
6h39 6h14 6h03 6h46 6h15 7h33 6h45 7h00 1h40 - Sky'12
Skiddaw 8h22 8h42 8h07 7h27 7h26 8h16 7h31 8h55 ? ? 1h13 - War'15
Balloch 9h58 10h47 9h43 8h51 8h47 9h49 8h55 10h21 9h42 9h57 1h21 - Sky'12
Edgehill 11h06 2h19 - Sky '12
Bridle Pass 13h24 2h18 - Sky '12
The Turn 14h58 1h34 - Sky '12
Mt Halseton 17h25 2h27 - Sky'12
Wartrail 18h59 1h34 - Sky'12
5 PM

Adventure Racing race (Transition) 38:00 [0]

Took us a bit longer than usual as we had to retie the boats back down onto the roof.
6 PM

Adventure Racing race (Wartrail Non-Stop) 12:02:00 [4] 153.0 km (4:43 / km)
shoes: Specialized Epic FSR Mthn 2014

Left Balloch at 17h36, behind schedule. Got dark just as we got to the entry gate into the Rosslyn farm fields.

I generally had a good ride, but felt overheated for a lot of it. Road conditions were probably the best ever, with no mud anywhere and quite a lot of grass mowing been done for the race. The downhill into the Delta canyon was also just graded. Leo broke the course record earlier in the day by going under 7h.

Bike stats:
Tm 10:12:13
Dst 152.97
Mx 59.1
Av 14.9

CP War 2020 War 2016 War 2015 Best Split
Left Balloch 5.36pm 5.14pm 4.39pm
Rosslyn Farm 1h47 1h55 ? ? - War'15
Railway Gate 2h38 2h46 2h29 ? - War'15
Delta Farm 4h28 4h31 ?
Montana Farm 5h54 6h01 5h33
Tempevale Farm 7h45 8h06 7h20 1h47 - War'15
Woodlands Exit 9h08 ? 8h52 1h23 - War'20
Lady Grey 10h17 10h56 9h52 1h00 - War'15
Ndlokovana 12h02 12h28 11h52 1h32 - War'16
Arrive River 5.38am 5.42am 4.31am

Saturday Feb 15 #

7 AM

Trail Running (Bloemfontein) 23:51 [4] 5.0 km (4:46 / km) +30m 4:38 / km
ahr:180 max:186 shoes: Salomon Sense Pro 6 Blue

Langenhoven Parkrun in Bloemfontein en route to Wartrail.

Nice Parkrun but missing a signpost or two. The first 4 runners missed a turnoff at the back of the course and we ran an extra 100m down the wrong path. 3 of us didn’t know the route and the 4th couldn’t remember it. Probably about 90s time lost.

120 / 97

Friday Feb 14 #

9 AM

Orienteering (Walter Sisulu) 44:06 [2] 4.51 km (9:47 / km) +117m 8:39 / km
ahr:119 max:149 shoes: Salomon Sense Pro 6 Blue

Checking the orienteering map for upcoming schools league.

Thursday Feb 13 #

7 AM

Road Running (Fourways) 47:42 [3] 7.9 km (6:02 / km) +123m 5:36 / km
ahr:139 max:156 shoes: Asics DynaFlyte Grey/Lime

Dropped car off for service and ran back home.

Wednesday Feb 12 #

7 AM

Mountain Biking (Lonehill) 1:04:40 [3] 21.29 km (19.8 kph) +328m
ahr:105 max:139 shoes: Specialized Epic FSR Mthn 2014

1 PM

Gym (Bio) 1:00:00 [3]

Tuesday Feb 11 #

6 PM

Road Running (Cedar Lakes) 21:27 [3] 3.58 km (5:59 / km) +43m 5:39 / km
ahr:124 max:141 shoes: Asics DynaFlyte Grey/Lime

Out and back to Cedar Lakes back gate before ROC meeting.

Monday Feb 10 #

6 AM

Mountain Biking (Cradle) 1:29:01 [3] 29.54 km (19.9 kph) +399m
ahr:121 max:150 shoes: Specialized Epic FSR Mthn 2014

Warm and humid after overnight rain.
4 PM

Gym (Bio) 1:00:00 [3]

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