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Training Log Archive: Cat Dealer

In the 7 days ending Oct 20, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 2:29:47 11.4(13:08) 18.34(8:10) 77589.9
  Running5 2:10:12 17.68(7:22) 28.45(4:35) 16450.8
  Total7 4:39:59 29.08(9:38) 46.79(5:59) 939140.6

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Sunday Oct 20, 2019 #

9 AM

Orienteering 1:11:53 [4] 8.99 km (8:00 / km) +473m 6:20 / km

2019 Older Dash Blue Saturday
7.1 km (10:07 / km) +380m 7:59 / km
Route Gadget
Second day! The game plan was as follows. Push any flat section with speed as yesterday there not many sections were you could push the pace. Also push the climb a bit as this is where most of the energy is used up. Final thing was to go around when needed as the general white, much less the green, was quite slow. So the plan was quite good, the problem is I didn't always follow it. Let's start! No problems in the beginning, mostly me just not being able to climb the hills as fast as others, until a very major problem at #4. This control was a very painful mistake. First off, why I decided to cut through the forest and not follow the trail around, great question! But not only was the route choice bad, the execution was awful. I went down the side of the wrong hill and ended up looking for #4 there. There was a ton of rocks and cliff like features here as well that were not on the map, that did not help my confusion. I also ran into a thin wired fence here at a pretty sizable speed which left quite the mark on my quad which did not help the mood. Thankfully what saved me here was spotting the rock wall and knowing exactly I was from there. Lost 3 minutes here, which is not the recommended start to any course. I kicked myself a little bit, but if I wanted to win I had to concentrate on having a clean race from here on, and use the mistake as motivation to push more. The next few controls were all uphill, so I pushed as I could but still could not do them as fast as the other runners. Reaching #8 it was finally flat, so the time to speed up came. Lost a little time on #11 where I either should have gone more around, or gone more straight, but instead did a mixture of the two route choices. Not much time, 20ish seconds. Now the course was mostly downhill so time to run! Really happy with #13, almost a minute faster than anyone else :D. Hit 2:30 min/km going down the hill here. #14 was a bit brutal since you had to climb and wade through tall grass here, but somehow I ended up winning this split, really pushing here I guess. Very slight mess up at #15 where I wasn't super sure where I was entering and slowed down to check (10 seconds of hesitation), and then an all out sprint to the end!
Other than one blow up, I had a much cleaner race than yesterday! Very few minor mistakes means not much time lost on simple things. Of course this is a little overshadowed by a looming 3 minute mistake on one control, but I am also happy on how I focused on the rest of the race despite such an error. Overall lost about 3:30 minutes of mistakes, so about the same as yesterday. Again, when comparing to others, I lost a significant chunk of time from the initial climb of the course. Really need to work on those mountain legs so I think that will be the focus for the time being. Speed on flat sections and downhills are in much better shape. Next big race is midatlantic's so I am taking all offers to clubs that want a runner ;)

Saturday Oct 19, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:17:54 [4] 9.35 km (8:20 / km) +302m 7:10 / km

2019 Older Dash Blue Saturday
7.9 km (9:51 / km) +280m 8:22 / km
Route Gadget
Solid navigation in not so fast terrain was pretty much my experience today. I was overall happy with my navigation, as I had a plan for almost every control and I pushed where I could push. I had a little bit of a "rocky" ;) start where finding the start took me way longer than it should have, and it took me a little bit to get into the map. This is quite clear on #2. I slowed down quite a bit here, and things didn't line up exactly how I thought they would. The safe option for this control would have been to run on the trail almost the entire way to it, but I thought I would be able to save time by going straight on. In my panic, I basically got a little lucky and saw the control, but this still cost me about 30 seconds. A little shaky, but it helped me get back into focus. The next few controls went quite well, spiked pretty much all of them. Had a small problem with #8 in terms of route. I exited #7 downward and immediately regretted it as I wanted to hit the trail to my left. I tried side hilling as I could to the trail, but was dragged down anyway. A little of the line, but since I knew where I was I got back on track at the bottom. Maybe lost around 20 seconds. The route to #9 was also not the best, I lost around 20 more seconds by trying to cut through the forest, should have just quickly run around. #10 was physically taxing :(. Small mistake on #12, dropped a little earlier than I wanted, and a little further of the line than I wanted. Lost about 30 seconds here as well, nothing to big on a long leg like this. Spectator was fast but then back up the hill. I lost about another 20 seconds on #16 based on route choice. The best thing to do here would have been to run on the bottom and follow the trail up to #16. Both Keegan and Bridget had a similar leg and they both beat me in terms of time which slightly mortified me. Dropped a little to low on #18 so lost about 20 seconds again (see the trend?). Some hesitation on #19 and going a little high on #20 would also cost me around 30 more seconds. The rest of the course was a super fast downhill, and in my anxiety of dropping below my controls, I ended up overestimating the distance to #22 and entered a bit early (did not see the opening ahead). Cost me another 30ish seconds which hurts at the end of the race.
So the race had no major mess ups anywhere, but had a couple of things that could be tweaked and fixed as the small things add up. Overall I count about 3:20 minutes of mistakes. When I finished, I didn't have much feedback on how I did based on results yet, so I was a bit frustrated at my speed in the rocky terrain, but it ended up everyone else had the same problem with running fast today. Compared to other top results, the biggest difference between my speed and others was on the climbing legs, so it looks my hill training needs quite a bit more work before I catch up. Ended up in 1st so pleased with how I did and excited to go again.

Friday Oct 18, 2019 #

8 PM

Running 25:39 intensity: (13:39 @3) + (12:00 @4) 3.13 mi (8:12 / mi) +161m 7:04 / mi

Evening Run
Short jog after an 8 hour drive.
A little nervous about tomorrow's supposed 280 km of climb on the blue course...

Thursday Oct 17, 2019 #

6 PM

Running 21:30 intensity: (27 @2) + (5:56 @3) + (15:07 @4) 3.15 mi (6:49 / mi)
ahr:159 max:168

Evening Run
I'm probably going to sleep well tonight.

Wednesday Oct 16, 2019 #

9 AM

Running 24:50 intensity: (41 @1) + (7:16 @2) + (16:53 @3) 3.16 mi (7:52 / mi)
ahr:140 max:151

Morning Run
The calm before the storm, a morning jog before exams :')

Tuesday Oct 15, 2019 #

4 PM

Running 35:00 intensity: (17:36 @3) + (17:24 @4) 4.94 mi (7:05 / mi) +2m 7:05 / mi
ahr:159 max:172

Afternoon Run
Slightly faster than easy pace run on grass, still feel pretty tired but at least no other problems today.

Monday Oct 14, 2019 #

4 PM

Running 23:13 intensity: (1:45 @1) + (3:51 @2) + (17:37 @3) 3.31 mi (7:01 / mi) +1m 7:01 / mi
ahr:136 max:159

Afternoon Run
Meant to be longer but stomach kept making noises and overall became painful to run on. Pretty annoying considering my right shin has started hurting again so I was already doing loops on grass.

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