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Training Log Archive: Unsquashable

In the 7 days ending Oct 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Squash6 5:00:40 7.81(38:29) 12.57(23:55) 10
  Walking1 1:13:55 3.13(23:37) 5.04(14:40) 147
  Orienteering1 44:01 5.03(8:45) 8.1(5:26) 27530 /30c100%
  Running1 24:03 2.1(11:26) 3.38(7:06) 123
  Swimming1 19:03 0.62(2.0/h) 1.0(3.1/h)
  Total8 7:41:42 18.7(24:41) 30.09(15:21) 55430 /30c100%
  [1-5]8 5:44:23

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Friday Oct 7 #

(rest day)

Woke up late after finishing pennant at 12am last night then class 10-12pm. Then worked 21hrs (12pm-9am sat) on call at college because the office was closed. Used the time to work on assessments. Probably good i had a rest day - going out 100% at Lane Cove Timed tomorrow

Thursday Oct 6 #

11 AM

Running 24:03 3.38 km (7:06 / km) +123m 6:01 / km
ahr:124 max:188 shoes: Newton Distance V

Brown's Waterhole Hill Repeats x4
Just easy, helping Kajan out with some fitness.
Next time will be harder, the hill up to Turramurra is much better for repeats.

Squash 34:46 1.0 km (34:36 / km)
ahr:91 max:122 shoes: Asics Gel Rocket (Squash)

Left Handed Skills and Drill at MAASH
3 Games with Kajan to finish.
4 PM

Squash 51:07 2.0 km (25:32 / km)
ahr:116 max:150 shoes: Asics Gel Rocket (Squash)

Left and Right Handed Hit at MAASH
With Haani. The deal was he could play me in a matrix match right handed if i could play him left handed. RH - he got the 1st 15-13 (with my help) so he was happy he got a positive matrix result but then chopped him in the next 3. LH - lost the first 2 but managed to sneak a game in the 3rd. Win-win
7 PM

Squash 49:09 1.96 km (25:05 / km)
ahr:123 max:159 shoes: Asics Gel Rocket (Squash)

Right Handed Pennant at Elanora
Won 3-1 vs RJ 255
Scrappy win vs tricky opponent. Easy 1st game and edged out 2nd. Struggled to find any rhythm in this match. Felt a little lightheaded in the 3rd which was probably from not having eaten since 1pm due to work - preparation for this match was poor, something to work on. To his credit he played well to win the 3rd 16-14. Managed to sneak home in the 4th 15-13. Always felt like i had the upper hand in this match though

Wednesday Oct 5 #

3 PM

Squash 50:09 2.34 km (21:29 / km) +1m 21:25 / km
ahr:101 max:136 shoes: Asics Gel Rocket (Squash)

Right Handed Hit at Mac
5 Games with Matt S. Won 3-2.
Taking it easy but felt physically good
6 PM

Orienteering 44:01 8.1 km (5:26 / km) +275m 4:39 / km
ahr:159 max:190 spiked:30/30c shoes: Newton Distance V

SSS #1 "Lavender Bay"
Fuck yes.
Only took me 2 years.
Granted it was on a shorter and easy to navigate course than usual.
Recovered really well today but wasn't sure how i'd go running as haven't done much lately.
Went 1-10-9-8-7-6-5-4. Slight errors at 3 where i lost 10 secs going around the outside of the ruined (it wasn't mapped the greatest). Lost 10 secs at 2 which was mapped up the top of the stairs but was at the bottom. 20-22-19-28-21-17 were easy but i wasn't running that well and not feeling great. 20 sec error at 24 where i went back up the stairs and down the road instead of following the path around. Similar at 26 where i lost 20 secs going to the top of the stairs instead of going off from halfway. 15-16 (ran past 16 going up the stairs which is odd because on the way there i passed it - started feeling a bit lightheaded around this stage). No mistakes from 25-11-18-23-27-14 but hesitated at 29 which was further down the steps than i thought. Long hill from 30-13-12 then an easy downhill to finish. Surprised that i made it in time considering a bit of elevation - guess the navigation was really easy and the course not that long.

Tuesday Oct 4 #


Woke up not great. Studied and slept all day. Struggling to eat and digest food (keeping it to smoothies and dates). Felt better again by afternoon

Monday Oct 3 #


Threw up a few times through the night but feeling much better as the day went on. Just a bad headache and lightheaded now.

Sunday Oct 2 #

10 AM

Swimming 19:03 [3] 1.0 km (3.1 kph)

Swim at Mac
Got some decent goggles at last and now my contact lenses don't come out. Keeping it light today. Shoulder rotation starting to get a little sore after 15mins. Not sure if it's from the same problem I had from last year when I was swimming lots or just sore from lots of pullups/chinups for Tough Mudder

Squash 54:14 2.45 km (22:07 / km) +3m 21:58 / km
ahr:113 max:153 shoes: Asics Gel Rocket (Squash)

Right Handed Training at Mac
Games with Stan and Steve then some skills and drills at the end. Shoulder felt fine. Kept intensity light today, wrist felt fine.
4 PM

Walking 1:13:55 5.04 km (14:40 / km) +147m 12:49 / km
ahr:101 max:135 shoes: Merrell Trail Glove 3

Went with 7 friends from college. Found some opened lemonade beforehand in my fridge that was a month old and drank it. Very very bad move. Started feeling lightheaded, dizzy and ready to throw at 2km mark. Didn't want to say anything as I was leading the walking group. Managed until 10m outside college when I announced "Everyone I'm going to throw up" and did so on the garden. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. So funny and so much spew. Felt amazing afterwards and wanted to go for a run. Lesson learnt. Poor garden.

Saturday Oct 1 #

10 AM

Squash 1:01:15 2.82 km (21:43 / km) +5m 21:31 / km
ahr:104 max:144 shoes: Asics Gel Rocket (Squash)

Right Handed Training at Mac
3 games with Matt S and 4 hard games with Stan. 2-2. Happy with how I played, hitting with ball with good intensity and feeling like I got a bit of form back. Wrist good :)

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