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Training Log Archive: HammerTime

In the 7 days ending Jun 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:52:40 16.45(14:09) 26.47(8:47) 1198
  Running4 1:41:30 7.03(14:26) 11.32(8:58) 948
  Swimming2 27:30
  Total9 6:01:40 23.48 37.79 2146

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Sunday Jun 2 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:01:27 [3] 6.51 km (9:26 / km) +380m 7:18 / km

Zagreb Open Day 4: Middle

Almost missed the start again and just not really in the mood after yesterday.

Ran out of the start with Ellie into a horrible thicket which was no doubt way better for those coming later. Got a bit garbled into the control as well and took some time loss, but #2 was way worse. Completely off the rails and took 8 minutes on a 2 minute control, somehow just running off vibes and not really giving a shit that I didn't have a clue. Just feeling super numb and I figure I lost the mental battle before the start even. The mistake also meant there was no chance of competing against the other boys in the weekly classification unless I really pushed and I didn't think that was gonna happen.

After a super passive approach to the next few controls I got caught by the Swiss bloke from the sprint and Joe Hudd at the bottom of a 7 control slog climb. Really happy Joe caught me as it gave me a bit of motivation up the hill. Joe had some problems with his shoes so I was able to stick with him somewhat. Many small misses where Joe demonstrated his tekkers.

Joe disappeared at about 19 or so (retired) and I ran by myself for the rest. Had a good few but 22 just before the finish was a complete loss. Faffed in the circle for 8 minutes looking for a control in a tiny pit. Make that my third mistake of more than 5 minutes in 2 days. Almost not worth orienteering at all with that shit.

Last in general classification of the EUOC boys, and it's such a shame because I can do so much better then that. 19:31 on first day would have been perfectly acceptable, on the long at 14 I was on track to beat everyone except for Townley and above, and without binning the time even with the lack of motivation I would have been well into the 50min range. Such a waste. Taking a few weeks off orienteering after this I reckon to recover mentally.
12 PM

Running 10:11 [3] 1.31 km (7:46 / km) +91m 5:46 / km

Joggo with Wozzle and Georgia.
5 PM

Swimming 17:30 [3]

Swim around the island. Crazy sunburnt.

Saturday Jun 1 #

12 PM

Orienteering 1:53:57 [3] 12.72 km (8:57 / km) +564m 7:20 / km

Zagreb Open Day 3: Long

Yeah this one got me raging.

Ran into the start box with a bib not attached to me, and it was taped on very tightly by a woman in the start box with sellotape. Removed this partially on the way to 1, with this task distracting me a little from the orienteering leading to a bit of control circle confusion. Got into some sort of rhythm here though and quickly realized that this is basically some tasty Hertfordshire forest but a little bit steeper, and really felt in my comfort zone :)

After finally getting rid of that crappy bib to 5 and losing some time to that, had a bit of a banana on 7 and then a longer mistake on 8 before entering the rocky section. Hit all of this quite aggressive for me on a long but hit them well.

Always good to see Wozzle take 4 minutes out of me on a long leg- teach me where I belong. Ultimately, not a bad leg for me though, and reached the final climb (probably not the best route, 30s faster going round) with Sunley hot on my heels. Glad I made it this far without seeing him to be honest.

Nailed 12 with Sunley on my tail. We both took slightly different routes to 13 but I kept leading him into 14. At 15 is where the problems started. I somehow got a bad bearing go-to far down the hill- and missed my catching feature to end up on the wrong side of the next big spur. Lost about 1:45 here.

Following this, there was a long leg, which I realized leaving 15 I had not planned for at all (plan before was follow Sunley but he was now like 2mins ahead). I figured that a run across the white slope would be fastest but was officially befuddled by this point and deep in oxygen debt- I didn't feel like I was pushing with Sunley but I absolutely was. Ended up being deflected by a deep gully which pushed me south into a rough open area ( read: thicket) which I was stupid enough to push through, and was too stubborn to change my route across the next patch of open until I was deep inside it and had to turn around. Hard to tell how much time I lost here, but I would hazard a guess at 3 minutes. At 14 I was in 13th place, and by 16 I was in 16th place, dropping behind Townley and just ahead of Ewan Bennett.

This put me in a bit of a bad mood and I grumbled my way to 17, taking a gel and rearranging my bib and gel in my pocket, which annoyed me more and lost me a bit of time.

20 was the WORST control I think for 5 YEARS. No exaggeration. I hared it down the hill on a northward bearing and ticked off the paths; after the first path I breathed in a fly deep into my lungs (I wasn't sure if it was a bee so I got a bit scared) and was a little distracted from the O, so didn't notice how far I ran before hitting the second path. Continued the descent into the valley and started to notice things looked a little wrong, but similar enough to keep going. I crossed a couple of gullys to realize that there was a big stream running east west just to the north of me, and... Figured out where I was on the map. Twice the distance from the last control to 20, probably slightly off the map entirely, down the hill and 13 contours- 65 meters- below my control. If I was angry before, this was enough and I had a few choice words on the long slog up the hill.

A very unsteady 21 was followed by a rage fest of mistake or rage leg. Actually had the fastest leg to 24 which NEVER happens to me and demonstrates that I was fucking pissed. 23 I had no plan but I didn't care at this point and endured the further mistake.

After the finish I punished myself with some hill reps (5 of them) because clearly I hadn't had enough climb. On the fourth one I went over on the ankle. Feels okay but at the time felt like it had gone so I came pretty close to crying. Walked up the hill and had a good scream in the forest before sitting on a rock for 10mins to calm down. Not felt like that in a while and this kinda aggression seems super useful if it could come in big races sometimes? Hard to control though.

Friday May 31 #

3 PM

Orienteering 37:45 [3] 3.06 km (12:20 / km) +194m 9:22 / km

Zagreb Open Day 2: Forest Sprint

Well that was a lot of fun! A proper technical course.

Went into the forest at full pace to take advantage of the dead running, and was immediately confused by the scale and mapping so actually made a blunder here. Note: don't set off quick on a technical forest Sprint like this. Similarly poor nav to 2, and finally got my head in the game on 3.

Long-ish leg to 6 was where I feel I was losing time to the leaders through pure physicality- 40 seconds slower here.

Binned a bit of time on 7 as we entered the boulder field and it took a bit of time to adjust- just faffing around in the circle really. Again binned a little time to 9 and was caught by some peeps here- beat them to 10 but was lead astray by them. The next section was a mix of running with them, leading them and following- my strongest of the race.

Lost a bit of time to 20- 30 seconds of faffery on the wrong apur- before an overly cautious descent to 21 where I again lost a bit of time. Need to work on being more confident on descents.

Overall, result seems good in that I am in top 10 and way better places than yesterday, but honestly I had a lot better in me without mistakes I think. Enough to bridge the gap to 8th place (Frank)? Yes. 7th place (Joe)? No way.

4 PM

Running 20:07 [3] 2.61 km (7:42 / km) +82m 6:40 / km

Warm down that went a little rogue

Thursday May 30 #

2 PM

Orienteering 19:31 [3] 4.18 km (4:40 / km) +60m 4:21 / km

Zagreb Open Stage 1: Sprint

Clearly too relaxed from being on holiday- missed the start by 2 mins and 5 seconds or so, so ended up with a time of 21:35 for a race that actually took 19:31 give or take.

Started just a couple seconds behind Michael Scheurer, some Swiss guy, and we turned out to match each other quite well- I think I was slightly better at nav and he was slightly faster. Horrifically hot following or being followed by this sweaty dude.

Lack of warmup and fact that I had just eaten a sandwich meant this was not my best work. I didn't really make any mistakes, except a bad direction leaving #13. Not a very technical course tbh.

Running 7:04 [3] 0.93 km (7:36 / km) +9m 7:15 / km

Warm down with the squad.

Wednesday May 29 #

1 PM

Running 1:04:08 [3] 6.47 km (9:55 / km) +766m 6:14 / km

Back after a couple days rest (cuts on base of foot so probably for the best hm?) to do a tasty ascent with Jamie. Feeling good actually.

Up to the top of the tower south of Zagreb. Lovely.
5 PM

Swimming 10:00 [3]

Swim to island and back with Ewan Mus.

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