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Training Log Archive: taramelhuish

In the 7 days ending Apr 28:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 5:33:31 19.59(17:01) 31.53(10:35)
  Bike2 2:12:01
  Run4 1:37:50 9.63(10:10) 15.49(6:19)
  Strength2 1:25:00
  Total8 10:48:22 29.22 47.02

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Saturday Apr 28 #

2 PM

Run warm up/down 15:00 [1] 1.2 km (12:30 / km)

Orienteering race 1:39:44 [5] 13.21 km (7:33 / km)

TIOMILA!!! Such a fun race :)))
Ran the long leg for Halden 3, and had no problems at all making it under the 3hr time limit ;) Went out quite late so was catching slower runners all the way to the first control (and had a couple of very quick runners get away too :/). After that I was sort of in a pack for a couple more controls but for the rest of the first half I was either on my own or leading a pack...!!! so weird, never thought that would happen given how concerned I was about my navigation. Always took the wide routes which was definitely better for me, so sometimes some people followed me that way while others went straight. Somewhere around the half way mark or just after, I kind of got in a pack again, including Aislinn (funny how there was well over 300 people running that leg and I ended up with the only other Aussie) so that helped pull me along for the second half. Aislinn and I again always took the wider options round the hills, which got us ahead until we made a mistake on a short control. Then it wasn't much further to the finish and there seemed to be more and more people around all the time, before being able to out-run them on the last 3ish controls and into the finish which was all straight forward/ open.

Such a good experience for me, not many times when I have felt so happy in the finish chute and very relieved to have survived the long course. But thinking back, much of it was so fast paced and intense the race went very quickly for me considering I was out almost 100mins, but that's a good thing! Legs were dead once I finished too.

Spectating was also lots of fun (and stressful near the end) but our 1st team came third wooooooo!!!!

Friday Apr 27 #

10 AM

Orienteering 58:47 [3] 4.4 km (13:22 / km)

Another training before tiomila. This was a super technical one but a really really fun area. Basically a very small but very complex area of contours, cliffs and knolls with butterfly loops over it. Had to go pretty slow but didn't do too badly apart from two controls which I did mess up a lot!! but was happy to be finding my way through the complex stuff at least some of the time.
This got me even more nervous about how long an 11k tiomila leg would take me.

Orienteering 16:00 [3] 1.23 km (13:00 / km)

There was the same thing again on an adjoining southern part of the map, but knowing I was definitely the last person in the group to finish I only did the first and last two controls of that course so that the others weren't waiting hours for me....Turned out they had pretty much all skipped that one entirely so they were waiting for me for even longer and getting quite concerned about if I was ok or embarrassing!!

Thursday Apr 26 #

8 AM

Strength 30:00 [3]

tiny bit of core before heading to Sweden!
4 PM

Run warm up/down 6:30 [1] 0.65 km (10:00 / km)

to the start

Orienteering 1:28:30 [3] 6.32 km (14:00 / km)

Tiomila training course at Granby. A middle style course in super cool, very relevant terrain. started off well until hitting a super complex hill top area (lots of people messed up here), coming in too early and then having no idea which little hill/ cliff/ gully was which. After another control Eva decided we should do some controls together, so I followed her for a couple and she followed me for a few, stopping at the start (and sometimes during) each leg which added time. basically she said I was never looking at my compass that much and making all my mistakes because of it. Ran the last bit by myself - there was a small loop in some vague stuff at the end so was really trying to use my compass there, though it seemed to never get me the right direction anyway so i'll defs have to work on that!! So not the most encouraging experience right before tiomila considering its double the distance, but definitely a good training even if I was not feeling great about it.

Also met Elena Roos so it was a good day :P

Wednesday Apr 25 #

11 AM

Bike 28:45 [3]

To Hoias, defs getting my share of uphill riding here - legs hurting a lot because i'm not used to it. 6.57km

Orienteering 1:10:30 [3] 6.37 km (11:04 / km)

Training course by myself, and all the winter controls are still out in the forest so had markers for each one which was good. 5.4k middle style course, mostly went pretty well, just slow but that's ok for training. Need to work on being more confident because most of the time I knew where I was/ was going so just needed to run but found myself stopping all the time unnecessarily and checking the map even though I already knew I was in the right spot and had good visibility of what was around. Also need to work on just knuckling down and running when I can, because I also stopped a lot when I came across marshes/ difficulties underfoot; searching for a way around when I just needed to keep going. Also wasted time being super indecisive on a long leg. Was a nice day out, nice course, some beautiful terrain and was fun :)

Bike 19:16 [3]

Luckily the way home was mostly flat which made for a much quicker and easier journey (thankfully). 6.48km

Tuesday Apr 24 #

11 AM

Run 36:20 [3] 6.62 km (5:29 / km)

Short/easy run - no pain in the hamstring-back-of-knee tendon thing which was good. Was quite cold and rainy but I survived.
5 PM

Run 40:00 [3] 7.02 km (5:42 / km)

Another easy one on some smaller trails in hoiasmarka, exploring/ taking some wrong turns. Cold and raining again :/ not happy when the sun came out at 8pm

Monday Apr 23 #

Bike 1:24:00 [3]

Taking another day off running, just to be sure my leg is ok - not painful at all today. Went for a ride interesting experience. Started raining a little heavier again just as I started so got soaked and freezing at the start because it was all downhill. Went into town, up the river, a big climb up some streets, and after that which included a few stops to try and figure out where I was + some turning around, got out onto a really nice quite rural road which went along close to a lake north of halden (Femsjoen). Kept riding along there till I got to a nice viewing point, then I had been ages from being slow up the hills and stopping to check maps so just turned around. On the way back found a much less steep/ twisting/ busy road crossing route to halden which I will take next time! A nice ride once I got out of the city and the rain stopped, and all the up and down was probably good for me since I normally only ride on the flat, though my feet felt frozen the whole time! 23.42k

Strength 55:00 [2]

Did my own strength instead of club strength to avoid all the running drills and jumping etc. Just some basic glute stuff, then some core spread over a long time bc I was lazy and found myself just lying a lot between exercises

Sunday Apr 22 #

(rest day)

Decided not to run the O race out near Moss to let the leg get better. Not feeling painful anymore but still hurt to touch and definitely would have hurt if I ran. Annoying coz it looked like a fun course and I really wanted to run (even took all my stuff out there just in case), but was definitely for the best because I need to be able to run for tiomila - especially once I found out ive got the 11k leg :0

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