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Training Log Archive: evie

In the 7 days ending Aug 27, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering8 5:49:00 21.77(16:02) 35.04(9:58) 451
  Running9 1:42:37 9.22(11:08) 14.84(6:55) 228
  s&c1 45:00
  Total11 8:16:37 30.99 49.88 679

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Sunday Aug 27, 2017 #

Running warm up/down 9:11 [2] 1.33 km (6:54 / km) +30m 6:12 / km
shoes: VJ supra


Orienteering race 59:21 [3] 6.26 km (9:29 / km) +75m 8:57 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Frosvik long
Screwed #1. Hesitant and dodgy all the way to #2 because all I could think about was that I managed to screw up #1 on the last race. Finally got my head back into it for #4. From there it was good just a bit slow. Managed to run past #8 quite far because I saw the girl who started 2 mins in front of me and I was amazed I'd managed to catch her after my mare.

Saturday Aug 26, 2017 #

Running warm up/down 4:15 [2] 0.6 km (7:05 / km)
shoes: VJ supra


Orienteering race 36:19 [3] 4.35 km (8:21 / km) +45m 7:56 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Frosvik middle
Caught Anika at #5 even though I'd made a mess of #5. Anika drifted to #7 but I stayed on line which I'm happy about. Got a bit distracted trying to go a different way to her to beat her on #9 even though we were both going straight. Hit all the others going straight.

Running warm up/down 3:20 [2] 0.5 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus 33 shield

Me and Anika sat in the bendy bit of the bus where you can't see where you are and no one told us we were there... Ran back from the next bus stop with our bags, halfway back before they realised we were missing

Thursday Aug 24, 2017 #

11 AM

Orienteering 10:23 [2] 1.1 km (9:26 / km) +15m 8:50 / km
shoes: VJ supra

First 2 controls didn't go great and was tired so when Louise caught up when I was giving Ryan time to go off we decided to map memory some together. Was a hard area for it to be honest and when I forgot to pay attention on Louise's leg we did get a bit lost

Running warm up/down 8:56 [3] 1.54 km (5:48 / km) +13m 5:34 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Back to the hut
6 PM

Running warm up/down 16:30 [3] 2.0 km (8:15 / km) +35m 7:35 / km
shoes: Inov8

up the hill and jogging round in terrain

Running intervals 19:25 [4] 2.8 km (6:56 / km) +25m 6:38 / km
shoes: Inov8

Terrain loop intervals with ravinen. Actually really enjoyable in this nice forest. 3 min race pace, 1 min slow jog x5
7 PM

Running warm up/down 10:45 [3] 1.41 km (7:37 / km)
shoes: Inov8

back to hut

Wednesday Aug 23, 2017 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 41:00 [3] 3.8 km (10:47 / km) +30m 10:23 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Luffarligan (old peoples league) still going straight but not if there was an obviously better route (did some path on #1 and #8). A very satisfying strava map since I didn't get lost. An old guy overtook me on the way to #9 because he was running so much faster but I was more accurate so I nearly beat him. I'm basically one of the walking old people now.
6 PM

Orienteering race 27:21 [4] 3.4 km (8:03 / km) +70m 7:18 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Junior race. Anika started a minute behind me so I was trying very hard to not be caught up. A few hesitations and went to #7 thought this is on a massive path where am I, ran away about 10 seconds then thought I should probably check because everything else seems right and went back and it was mine. Slowest run in had to wear this pink elsa hat at gronalund and I got the same as Alastair so I think I was safe, but one last control was dodgy and gave a minus run in time which half people had so we decided George would have to wear it for mispunching.

Running warm up/down 4:30 [2] 0.6 km (7:30 / km) +15m 6:40 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Tuesday Aug 22, 2017 #

11 AM

Orienteering 55:57 [3] 5.32 km (10:31 / km) +56m 9:59 / km
shoes: VJ supra

2 controls then waiting for each other with Anika. Completely straight to all. Pleased with this because I spiked pretty much all of them and actually knew where I was at all times. Shadowed by Cat for the second half

Running warm up/down 8:02 [2] 1.46 km (5:30 / km) +20m 5:09 / km
shoes: Nike Pegasus 33 shield

Some of us ran back with Cat which was a lot faster than waiting for the bus
6 PM

Running warm up/down 6:00 [3] 0.8 km (7:30 / km) +60m 5:27 / km
shoes: Inov8

Orienteering 45:39 [3] 4.2 km (10:52 / km) +60m 10:09 / km
shoes: Inov8

Ravinen technical training on Telegraph mountain. Kept on trying to stick on the line the whole time. Not as good as this morning but didn't get lost so an improvement. Was going very slowly

Monday Aug 21, 2017 #

Running 11:43 [2] 1.8 km (6:31 / km) +30m 6:01 / km
shoes: VJ supra

Orienteering 56:00 [3] 4.51 km (12:25 / km) +60m 11:39 / km
shoes: VJ supra

did a course from ravinen hut. 1:7500 because the world is cruel and doesnt want to let me stick to one scale for more than a day. Struggled with the first 3, then was absolutely fine to #6. Got shadowed by Cat T from #6 to #10. Came a little bit right of #7 at first but in the circle, then went onto the hill with the control, didnt see it. wandered. went back out to the path and took it again. Same hill. didnt see it. wandered. went back to the path. Cat took the bearing and this time we saw it. Had been on the right formline hill twice without seeing it. was on line to #10 but drifted about 2 thirds along and had to go left.

Orienteering race 17:00 [3] 2.1 km (8:06 / km) +40m 7:23 / km
shoes: Inov8

Sprint, me and Anika spent ages looking for a control that Alastair knocked off so was buried in the heather, but only us 3 had that gaffle
6 PM

s&c 45:00 [3]

Ravinen strength training. Didn't get too intense because my arms are too weak to do anything for too long. Made friends with a Swedish kid.

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