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Training Log Archive: X8A7

In the 7 days ending Feb 24:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Classic Ski3 5:16:26 44.46(7:07) 71.55(4:25)
  Skate Ski1 1:00:00 7.4(8:06) 11.91(5:02)
  Total4 6:16:26 51.86(7:16) 83.46(4:31)

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Saturday Feb 23 #

Classic Ski 3:37:26 [4] 34.17 mi (6:22 / mi)

Birkie 55km. Watch said 33.06 mi, but I have no reason to believe that the trail is not exactly 55 km. The morning was rough as usual (up at 4am CST, which is 3am MST). Was only able to get down two Tobies (big) oatmeal-raisin cookies. But leading up to the start, managed to also get down 5 baby foods, 2 Gu's, 1 package of cliff blocks, and 2 nutrigrain bars. Turned out, this was just enough with taking a Gu at nearly every aid station, but starting at Mosquito brook, I could feel a bonk was near, thankfully it was avoided, though barely. Temp was probably about 25F at start with light snow, but it didn't warm up as much as predicted, snow tapered off during the race. Glide was Matrix Red with Race Powder Mid. Kick was Ski-Go HF purple, with red under the foot. Red iced just a touch on the warm up so covered with purple as best as I could. Wore under suit one thin layer on top and tights on bottom. New Bliz "car wind shield" glasses worked perfect and was worth the purchase. Only fogged up just a touch at high point, but they do look a bit goofy. Through to OO, kick and glide were perfect and the best of everyone around me I think. After OO, the red started to ice in the tracks where (I think) cold powder from underneath was uncovered. Skis didn't slow hugely, but they became comparable to others. Somewhere around 12-15km to go I gave up on the tracks and this helped the icing problems and was faster in general, should have given up sooner. Others had icing problems much worse than me. Start was good and I got into a second group with the 2nd women in it. Passing was a real problem and it took a lot of energy as generally only one track was skied in and the other two had a few inches of powder in it. Going up to high point I dropped the group and after the next aid station they caught up. I went to the back, and they slowly dropped me. They must have picked up the pace or something and they continued to creep away from me, sometimes I'd get close, then they pull away. Some from behind would catch up, a couple from wave 1 and the third women, but at Mosquito Brook hill, nearly all started to come back to me. Most were clearly struggling on the hill, by Bitch hill, I was catching a few, finally by the hill leading to Rt 77, the group fell apart and I passed most of them. Through the rollers I tried to put on as much of a gap as possible as the Lake is always a spot to loose time. One guy (from wave 1) passed me at the start of the lake, but I passed back on the bridge, and the one still within reach from the group I didn't manage to pass at the Rt 77 hill, I managed to nip in the final meters. 43rd overall, 3rd in age group, very happy with result and I thought I was more in the 70s based on the bib numbers around me. It was a very hard race, by 10km I was really feeling it, and by OO it was the hardest ski I've done all year and I had 29km to go. Skiing up hills I tried to save the arms as much as possible by just using them for balance. On the lake I used the "marathoner's squat double-pole" as it could maintain speed even with dead arms, which were numb and tingling, like my gums. I certainly paced well and died less than that group I passed, but I wish my fitness was better. Never felt to have much in the way of power, pace always seemed fast. The same issue I've had in previous years that I attribute to having to ski at high elevation where it is not possible to go fast.


Classic Ski 13:00 [1] 1.49 mi (8:43 / mi)


Friday Feb 22 #

Classic Ski 31:00 [1] 3.16 mi (9:49 / mi)

Birkie ridge

Classic Ski 18:00 [3] 1.81 mi (9:57 / mi)

Korte start.

Thursday Feb 21 #

Skate Ski 1:00:00 [1] 7.4 mi (8:06 / mi)

Around Jr. Birkie course etc.

Wednesday Feb 20 #

Classic Ski 37:00 [1] 3.83 mi (9:40 / mi)

Quick ski at the Arb with OB in steady snow. Few inches on the trails made things slow.

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