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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 29 days ending Feb 29, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  kayaking15 17:19:22 47.22 76.0
  cycling9 8:13:00
  Total22 25:32:22 47.22 76.0

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Monday Feb 27, 2012 #

cycling 55:00 [3]

commute from mona to work, then later from work to sandybay

Sunday Feb 26, 2012 #

kayaking 59:22 [3] 9.5 km (6:15 / km)

Summer Survival - 1st leg paddle.
Totally happy with my race. The conditions were all over the place. Lots of people swimming and boats blowing to shore. Awesome for me as with my recent experience I was fine.

Ended up being 2nd fastest female paddler - 2 mins 16 behind fastest and over 5 mins ahead of 3rd (who beat me by a few mins each day at Freycinet). Also beat my normal nemesis by over 10 minutes. The rough conditions really tested everyone - in smooth it would have been heaps closer.

Family Team went really well in hot hot conditions. 4th in vets.

Friday Feb 24, 2012 #

cycling 25:00 [3]

short commute

Thursday Feb 23, 2012 #

cycling 25:00 [3]

Short Commute

kayaking 50:00 [3]

Last session before Summer Survival. 2 x 3min sprints, then 2 x 2 minute sprints then 2 x standing starts.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012 #

cycling 25:00 [3]

short commute. Soooooo many cyclists.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012 #

cycling 25:00 [3]

short commute

kayaking 30:00 [3]

Browns River RAce
5 mins warm up
20ish race
5 mins warm down

Monday Feb 20, 2012 #

cycling 25:00 [3]

short commute. It's still worth it, even in the rain.

Sunday Feb 19, 2012 #

kayaking 30:00 [3] 5.5 km (5:27 / km)

Race 4 : Bruny Island Double Header
Handicap race from Alonnah out and around Satellite Island then back to beach. Based on yesterday's results and an estimate of the distance I started on scratch with 1.30 to the next guy and 8 mins to the big boys at the back of the field.
Paddled my arms off and managed hold on to finish first with a big pack of paddlers bearing down on me. Perfect time to win a race as mum, dad, jon , the kids and the cousins were all on the beach to watch me finish.

kayaking 1:15:00 [3] 12.0 km (6:15 / km)

Race 5 : Bruny Island Double Header
I really didn't want to do this as I was totally buggered but headed off anyway. From the very south corner of Adventure Bay we paddled out around Penguin Island then around to Fluted Cape - from there we turned and went straight across to the northern end of Neck Beach - just south of where the steps are. Everyone else wanted to do this to catch southerly swell but there wasn't' any it was mostly easterly (i.e. from the side) and it was long and arduous and I was totally over being miles out to see in lumpy swell. Finished it anyway (had no other option) then got picked up by Jon and the kids on the way to the ferry in time for the 3:15

Won $50 for winning the womens class. totally not feeling guilty that I get to walk off with the cash even though there was no-one to actually beat as I deserve it for my suffering.

Saturday Feb 18, 2012 #

kayaking 40:00 [3] 6.5 km (6:09 / km)

Race 1 : Bruny Island Double Header
From adventure bay to Penguin Island and back. Sadly only two Division Two grade racers. Hung onto the back of the other guy for a while but he kept putting in hard efforts to try to drop me - which he duly did after 15 minutes or so. He finished about 3or 4 minutes in front in the end.

kayaking 5:00 [3]

Race 2 : Bruny Island Double Header
Sprint Relay. Out around buoy about 200m off shore,then back plus a sprint up the beach. fun.

kayaking 1:40:00 [3] 16.0 km (6:15 / km)

Race 3 : Bruny Island Double Header
Oh my aching arms. From adventure bay, straight out to sea for 8kms, then turned and came back. even though the water is warm, heading out into the ocean isn't exactly my favourite type of paddle! I was comforted by the fact that I had the safety boat tailing me for most of the race (on account of how I was brining up the rear). Only got beaten by about 2 mins by other div 2 paddler though so was actually pretty pleased about that. Also pleased I made the full distance as I was thinking it might be a bit scary but it was ok - there was certainly a swell but it wasn't breaking or anything.

Thursday Feb 16, 2012 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

Relatively short session featuring 4 x 3 mins fast, then easy. about 15-20mins warmup warm down. harassed by dolphins..

Wednesday Feb 15, 2012 #

kayaking 50:00 [3]

Technique at kingston beach and browns river. beautiful sunrise, lots of people swimming although I noticed the water is slightly cooler today than it has been recently. we've had a fantastic summer this year even counting all the 29 degree days we missed while were in NZ (9 apparently!).

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

Long commute. My bike has been serviced so it's blissfully quiet now.

cycling 53:00 [3]

cycle home. prefer the other direction which is funny cos I've spent years avoiding going in that direction (kingston-hobart) as I thought it would be worse, but actually it is better as 1) it gets the big hill over and done with and 2) it seems a slightly more even gradient - i.e. I manage to stay in a slightly higher gear the whole way.

Monday Feb 13, 2012 #

kayaking 1:40:00 [3]

Hobart Kingston run. should have taken a lot less but I was dawdling and chatted to a few people on the way down including Julia Hutchinson (Hanny's mum) who has got herself a multisport boat and has become a mad-keen paddler.

Friday Feb 10, 2012 #

kayaking 40:00 [3]

EAsy paddle around kingston - I'm not really sure what the point of this session was actually, I just felt I needed to get out before we go away this weekend for Blue Dragon race which means no paddling.

Thursday Feb 9, 2012 #

kayaking 1:05:00 [3]

paddle group 3 x 10-15 minute efforts.

Wednesday Feb 8, 2012 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

long commute. Had to push up napolean street as hashed gear changes at the bottom - embarrasing.

cycling 55:00 [3]

commute home. lordy.

Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 #

kayaking 1:05:00 [3]

really good intervals session with my paddling buddy Ian.
2 lots of 4 x 4 mins with 1 min between each and 5 mins between each set.
pushed harder than would have by myself.

Monday Feb 6, 2012 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

Finally tacked the 'long' commute from kingston. was not as bad as I had expected. Still got to do it again thisarvo though.

cycling 55:00 [3]

phew made it. as I struggled up bonnet hill a guy on a road bike glided past me and asked if I rode in and out to town every day.

Sunday Feb 5, 2012 #

kayaking 45:00 [3]

technique on browns river.

Saturday Feb 4, 2012 #

kayaking 1:45:00 [3] 16.0 km (6:34 / km)

Kingston down and around tinderbox then into dru point . beautiful weather - clear water - didn't need to be a scuba diver today to see all the kelp and stuff. lots of jumping fish too.

by the time i finished and went back to kingston beach so the kids could play there were heaps of surf skis out on the water. do doubt training for summer survival multisport in a few weeks time.

Friday Feb 3, 2012 #

kayaking 50:00 [3]

2 x pyramid 1,2,3,2,1 with 1 min rest and 5 mins in between.

Thursday Feb 2, 2012 #

kayaking 1:10:00 [3] 10.5 km (6:40 / km)

paddle from dss to taroona and back. nice afternoon weather for a change - i.e. no annoying sea breeze!

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