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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 29 days ending Feb 29, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling10 14:00:00
  Orienteering7 3:23:45
  Running3 1:47:19
  kayaking2 1:25:00
  Total20 20:36:04

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Monday Feb 29, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

commute. very calm and grey

cycling 50:00 [3]

had a moment of CBFness on my way home. had to keep riding anyway.

Sunday Feb 28, 2016 #

Orienteering 34:00 [3]

Orienteering at pittwater. Felt like there was way too much track running in this course given it was out in the dunes, but it was fun anyway.


Spent hours and hours shifting dirt from the back garden to the front, then the front to the back (for complicated reasons). Also I moved buckets and buckets of rocks around the garden. It was all very tough backbreaking and sweaty work and would count as about ten billion hours of training if there was an appropriate category. Maybe 'Hard Labour'.. 'Chain Gang'.. something along those lines..

Friday Feb 26, 2016 #

Running 33:00 [3]

marginally faster waterworks run. Had planned to ride but it was too windy.

Thursday Feb 25, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

nice ride in. the good thing about riding in, is that the worst part of the hill is out of the way in the first 15 minutes.

Riding home means fretting about the hill for 25 minutes, then crawling up the hill for the next 15.

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016 #

Orienteering 21:59 [3]

bellerive fort - was kindof fun but wet weather traffic made the 15 minute journey there take 50. uff.

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016 #

Running 34:19 [3]

waterworks. slow motion running. I was very good at it.

Monday Feb 22, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

sluggish ride in under grey skies and slight drizzle. peaceful though!

Sunday Feb 21, 2016 #

cycling 1:30:00 [3]

70 minutes riding around Meehan Ranges with Clare- definitely a bit rusty and we didn't get all that far, but I'm keen to try the Meehan Monster 25k loop sometimes. I'll have to get my bike serviced first though - the pedal seazed up and the shocks have been weeping oil for months.

After meehan ranges we unwound with 20 minutes on the bellerive bike path!

Friday Feb 19, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

damp but not raining. quite a headwind coming along sandybay road though.

cycling 50:00 [3]

home home smell that pizzaaaaa...

Thursday Feb 18, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

uneventful cycle home

cycling 50:00 [3]

cycle to work. very pleasant

Wednesday Feb 17, 2016 #

Orienteering 26:00 [3]

Orienteering at the domain. I had a smooth but slow run. Jett did the same course and as 6 minutes behind me. He was faster on the first and last controls and within a second on a few others.


Monday Feb 15, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

inward commute - left home a bit earlier to try to avoid as much as the building headwnid as possible. was ok.

cycling 50:00 [3]

was absolutely pissing down almost the whole way. I was soaked after about 30 seconds but I didn't mind too much as I had my warmish jacket. Had a nice bath afterwards.

Sunday Feb 14, 2016 #

Orienteering 56:50 [3]

Clare and I proved that the champion team will beat a team of champions (or at least a team of two elderly people and one champion), by winning the sprint relay at pittwater. We had to do a compulsory course whilst getting a whole lot of extra controls along the way. We decided to meet at every compulsory control and make a new plan for the next leg and it worked pretty well. Clare generally had further to go, but I cleverly balanced that by running slower and making some nice mistakes. So she would arrive at the meeting control just ahead of me - I started to look for her white-capped head, rather than the control! By the last leg she was on fire and picked up 3 extra controls while I just got one, but again, that meant we met at almost the same time and could run into the finish victorious. yay us.

Most of the other teams had 3 people but we recon that was more of a disadvantage - too much chat.

Friday Feb 12, 2016 #

Orienteering 11:34 [3]

Sprint Relay leg 1

Around belerive Fort - super fun as there are lots of impassible cliffs and tricks. Almost everyone who did my leg first, mispunched on a control on a wall (it should have been on the base - there were two controls there). Me included.

So I mispunched, AND, annoyingly I also took ages - headed into the fort on the way to the first control, realising after a bit that I was heading for an impassible wall, so I had to retrace my steps, exit the fort and run around it instead. doh. super fun though

Orienteering 9:22 [3]

Much better run on leg 2 - I had the map sussed a bit better so was nice and smooth. of course by now our team had MPed, (not all my fault - my partner did the exact same MP on his first let) - so it didn't matter.

Thursday Feb 11, 2016 #

Running 40:00 [3]

waterworks. so slooooowwww.. I have no speed, i only have suffering.

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016 #

kayaking 40:00 [3]

overslept but since I was all loaded up and ready to go, managed a quick paddle before heading to work anyway. lovely and calm.

Orienteering 24:00 [3]

summer series. horrified to realise that Jett and his cousin also did the medium course and were only 10 minutes behind me. the end is nigh.

Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 #

kayaking 45:00 [3]

lovely kayak from marieville

Thursday Feb 4, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

uneventful morning commute.

Orienteering 20:00 [3]

sprint event around battery point. absolutely exhausted myself. In first 2 minutes. then struggled around the rest of it.

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

drizzly but quite peaceful and calm

cycling 50:00 [3]

commute home - got passed by same girl on road bike as in the morning, but she didn't say hello either time. hmmph. she overtook me just near the top of the hill so I had to follow her down which was a bit boring as she was slow.

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

not sure what happened to my afternoon northerly. no matter though - I wasn't in a hurry.

cycling 50:00 [3]

first commute ride in a while - sadly without clare for the forseeable future.

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