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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  kayaking11 12:12:27
  cycling3 3:30:00
  Orienteering3 1:45:37
  Running2 1:35:00
  Walking1 1:10:00
  Swimming1 35:00
  Total19 20:48:04

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Thursday Nov 28, 2013 #

kayaking 1:15:00 [3]

paddle group. missed last week cos of jon being at hellfire. turns out I missed some serious paddle rage as a result of some tight turns on the longer efforts! this week was much more chilled and good fun doing some downwind runs with rainstorms sweeping through.

Tuesday Nov 26, 2013 #

kayaking 1:15:00 [3]

Thursday Nov 21, 2013 #

Running 45:00 [3]

very sluggis;h alum cliffs run. actually started it before 6am which is a first - largely (ok solely) due to Jett being up spewing at 5.30.

Jon is off to Hellfire cup today so further exercise will be curtailed for next 4 days

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013 #

kayaking 55:00 [3]

very early (6.30) kayak. advantage is that I parked very close to work (350m) in an all day park and paddled from there. yay Hobart.

shoulders tired from last night's race.

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

1 hour - 51 mins racing , 10 mins warmup, float down.

from DSS to blinking billy, then back to buoys at CSIRO, then back to DSS. tough going on way out, fun fun fun on down wind -the waves carried me right back to the CSIRO - more than made up for the upwind.

Running 50:00 [3]

trugannini track - it was a bit muddy and i took it very easy - but good to get out.

Monday Nov 18, 2013 #

Walking 1:10:00 [3]

walked the alum cliffs after work and dinner. only chance to get out with Jon being busy all weekend and the show and then the only chance I had to get out i had all the kids. frustrating.

Friday Nov 15, 2013 #

kayaking 45:00 [3]

technique session with chris

Thursday Nov 14, 2013 #

kayaking 1:15:00 [3]

crazy group session. the weather looked yuk (grey, windy) so I almost bailed but muscle memory and mindlessness (the opposite of mindfulness) drove me to the meeting spot anyway.

and in fact it was a great fun session getting out in the big waves and hooting downwind, then paddling up close to shore slowly back upstream. was VERY happy - sometimes mindlessness is good.

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013 #

Orienteering 34:00 [3]

street series. muscles are suffering from never running - they were certainly twingy a lot. had an ok run.

Monday Nov 11, 2013 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

sluggish commute home.

Sunday Nov 10, 2013 #

kayaking 1:05:00 [3]

paddle on lake roseberry up to murchison dam. awesome.

Saturday Nov 9, 2013 #

kayaking 1:10:00 [3]

10 mins warm down to lodge, then long cruisy warm down paddle on lake. lovely

kayaking 25:27 [3]

tullah challenge race.

Race is 4.5k and I had a pretty good start and felt like i was paddling strongly. I managed to hold off state paddling champion (and 20 year old ) Georgia Laird until 250 from the line but I try as I might I just couldn't out sprint her to the line as a) she's faster and b) she was in a faster boat - a k1 c) she is better - oh and D) she would have died before being beaten by me!

I did my best though. Despite choppy conditions - which was why I was in front of Georgia in the first place as she was struggling with stability in her K1, I was only 5 secs off lasts years record time. Happy enough with that.

In other news, word on the grapevine is that the 2 multisport races we do down here are no longer going to be held. Given they are a large part of the reason I paddle at all it's time to think about my paddling future and what I really enjoy doing. will blog thoughts at some stage.

Friday Nov 8, 2013 #


hurt my back playing tennis on Thursday. still sore today. will have to dope up to drive to Tullah.

Thursday Nov 7, 2013 #

kayaking 50:00 [3]

conditions looked choppy but were fine once I got out into them. had a fun surf back from blinking billy.

hurt back playing tennis though, doing nothing special. doh.

Wednesday Nov 6, 2013 #

Orienteering 31:00 [3]

Domain corporate thingy event. did long course. was very hot by hobart standards.

Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 #

kayaking 55:00 [3]

Paddle, sprinted for 1 minute every 5 minutes. well 'sprint' might be a bit of a stretch - perhaps 'attempted to paddle powerfully' is more like it. nice morning but had cold toes for a while.

up to bridge then around boats a little on way back

Monday Nov 4, 2013 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

morning commute. it was a bit cold but at least the wind was southerly so it wasn't too bad.

cycling 50:00 [3]

commute home. quite the headwind.

Sunday Nov 3, 2013 #

Orienteering 40:37 [3]

long course at Stringy Bark Creek. Butchered the first two controls horriby but ran ok (but slowly) for the rest. Jon and kids walked around short. Caught up with 90 year old Joyce Jones who was out there. I think he gave her a few helpful shoves up a few steeper bits! She was raving afterwards about being shepherded around by 'Tall Dark and Handsome Jon'

Swimming 35:00 [3]

windy again today so I went for another swim. felt better at it than last week.

Saturday Nov 2, 2013 #

kayaking 1:22:00 [3]

Convinced Jon to let me go out early for a paddle and the spring winds finally seem to have blown away. So had a really nice paddle doing a loop in North West Bay, starting from Snug Beach. yay. Listened to people on JJJ talking about their non-illicit (not drugs or alcohol) smuggling experiences. One girl rang up saying her grandfatther always smuggled english mustard into restaurants as he recconned the chefs were too stingy with it. Someone else rang up to say that in his uni days him and his mates would smuggle themselves onto the spirit of Tasmania.

Friday Nov 1, 2013 #

cycling 1:00:00 [3]

morning commute to town then 10 mins after work to casino. really wanted to ride all the way home as had just consumed celebratory indian banquet (well my share of it anyway, not the whole thing) but due to complications had to stop at casino. oh well.

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