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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 31 days ending Aug 31, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  kayaking17 16:57:39 38.8 62.45
  cycling5 3:00:00
  Swimming1 35:00
  Total19 20:32:39 38.8 62.45

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Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 #

cycling 15:00 [3]

From mum's to work. Again, hill nearly killed me - at least it would have been a quick death.

kayaking 1:06:00 [3] 9.5 km (6:57 / km)

Pyramid intervals 30sec,1,2,3,2,1,30sec ... x 3 + 10 mins warm up/down.

cycling 15:00 [3]

from work back to sandy bay. Had to borrow mum's cycle hat for both my rides today - I believe it is a classic model called 'Extreme Dork' .

Tuesday Aug 30, 2011 #

cycling 30:00 [3]

Cycled from the car service place to work. Then from work to the Car Service place to drop off the car keys so they could move the car from the service lane. Then cycled back to work. Then cycled back to the service place at the end of the day.

Monday Aug 29, 2011 #

kayaking 1:03:00 [3]

Anticipated an unpleasant session in wind and rain, but proving yet again that I can't predict the conditions despite no-end of weather maps and wind observations it was actually calm (although with swell) and sunny - but cold.

Did 20 mins warm up then
bridge to bridge 10.00 up 3 mins recover
bridge to bridge 9.12 down

bridge to first bend up 2.42
Bridge to first bend down 2.40

warm down 10ish mins

Sunday Aug 28, 2011 #

cycling 40:00 [3]

bit of a blob around some of Jon's mtb race course, then did the mtbo score event later in the day. Am really not sold on MTBO particularly on difficult single track. Managed to go over the handlebars and end up 2 metres down the hill with my bike on top of me and I was only pushing it at the time. I'd like to see a slow motion replay for that one.

Swimming 35:00 [3]

First for ages - ankle is still pretty stiff so I can only really kick with one foot.

Saturday Aug 27, 2011 #

kayaking 1:15:00 [3] 10.5 km (7:09 / km)

From kingston beach, out around the alum cliffs to taroona beach which was an upwind slog. Was more pleasant on the way back, then I went into browns river for a little while.

Friday Aug 26, 2011 #

kayaking 55:00 [3]

10 minute warm up then 5 x 4mins on, 2 mins off. then warm down. Beautiful morning - very flat although wind was picking up as I came back in - so I think I got the best of it.

cycling 15:00 [3]

From sandybay to work. - was in a real rush as had to make a 9am meeting - nearly had a heart attack going up Napolean street.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 #

cycling 1:05:00 [3]

cruisey yet squelchy ride along pipeline just to see if my ankle was up for it. It seems ok so hopefully will get in a few rides before our mountain bike holiday in a few weeks.

kayaking 1:08:00 [3] 9.5 km (7:09 / km)

Wednesday night session - was blowing a gale - lot of people went for a swim and I know that one day soon it will be me but tonight it wasn't.
boat is fixed - yay

Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 #


Results are out. We were coming 5th in our class when I started my leg, I overtook one person in our class before having to stop & turn & swim & flip etc, so we were back to 5th, then near the end I caught the person who started out in third, and then just got in front of the person I'd already overtaken again (they finished 4th, 12 seconds behind). He said to me afterwards that he was absolutely busting his gut to hang with me so I'm happy about that as it was really only in the final few hundred metres that I managed to pass him again. He had the same model boat as me so boat speed wasn't a factor. If I hadn't had the steering issue we may or may not have come 2nd but then the whole experience would have been a whole lot less eventful !

Monday Aug 22, 2011 #

kayaking race 1:06:30 [3]

Winter Challenge - I won't know my exact time until the results are out as I'm not sure whether I started my stop watch at the start or whether I inadvertently started it when I (intentionally) tipped myself out partway into the race. full story

Friday Aug 19, 2011 #

kayaking 50:00 [3]

just a steady paddle interspersed with falling out in the surf a few times.

Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

Wednesday evening session.blowing a gale and very rough so the group kept closer to marina than normal. three people went for a swim and none of them were me - yay! did some short sprints and balance drills

Monday Aug 15, 2011 #

kayaking 1:05:00 [3] 9.0 km (7:13 / km)

Cruisy intervals session - only had to do 9x30 second intervals with 3 mins easy paddling in between. Was happy about getting out early as the glassy blue-sky conditions had turned into gusty grey skies as I put the boat back on the roof.

Sunday Aug 14, 2011 #

kayaking 1:00:09 [3]

Race in the Huon from Franklin, up to top of egg island, around and down the other side then back through the little channel. Did better tactically than the last race and made sure I drafted wherever possible (it's legal). It was the exact course of the winter challenge except in the other direction - the winter challenge does have about an extra 30 seconds at the end and a slower (off water) start.

My goal was to do less than 70 minutes as that's what I'd like to do for the winter challenge. Am stoked with 60.09 although as it was so close to going under the hour it would have been nice to break it. I don't recon I'll be able to hitch a ride so nicely in the race so my race-goal time still stands. last year jon did the paddle in 88 minutes - so am hopefully on track to improve our joint result by up to 20 minutes.

kayaking 10:00 [3]

warm down. conditions are so nice I'd almost consider going for another paddle thisarvo. Sadly it's going to be a windy week (45km an hour by wednesday).

Thursday Aug 11, 2011 #

kayaking 53:00 [3] 7.35 km (7:13 / km)

Warm up then 10 x (2 mins hard, 2 mins easy). The wind has finally died and it wasn't raining so despite the intervals it was actually pretty pleasant being on the water for the first time in a while! Last week we paddled around a seal and today I paddled through a group of penguins. I'm sure it won[t be long until I bump into an iceberg.

Wednesday Aug 10, 2011 #

kayaking 1:10:00 [3]

Oh my aching arms. Did the total length of the winter challenge course in 4 laps from the DSS into choppy swell, gusty headwinds, and darkening skies. It's really hard paddling on choppy water in the dark - so fear had me getting a wriggle on for the last lap. I finished last of all the paddlers tonight but a) I was the only girl and b) a few people piked after 3 laps. pikers.
Someone went for an unplanned swim - happily it wasn't me.

Monday Aug 8, 2011 #

kayaking 5:00 [3]

stupid weather. am sick of it.

Sunday Aug 7, 2011 #

kayaking 1:05:00 [3] 9.0 km (7:13 / km)

as expected the weather was even worse than yesterday - this time I took my radio as I wasn't convinced I wouldn't die of boredom doing more laps of Browns River. Yesterday I was by myself on the water, today I saw six other paddlers.

Saturday Aug 6, 2011 #

kayaking 56:00 [3] 7.6 km (7:22 / km)

AM pretty pleased with myself for getting out there today as it's cold and really really wet and quite windy. Did two laps of browns river - 12.38 upstream against the raging current & dodging logs, 9.00 back down again. rested on the turns and tried to concentrate on technique on the efforts. As I'm still hobbly jon has been doing all the lifting onto the car and into the water for me. Even the hosing down and putting away which is awesome. I'm going to miss it.

Friday Aug 5, 2011 #

kayaking 50:00 [3]

was supposed to be doing 9x(4mins hard, 1 min moderate), but as I'm back on the kid drop off/pickup roster i only had time for 8 of them and my arms were pretty sore from Wednesdays effort so it was more like 4 mins moderate, 1 minute float. Still - some training is better than none training!

Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 #

kayaking 1:20:00 [3]

YAY ! Back on the water for the first time in almost 3 weeks I recon. Tonight was a long warmup, then 3 x 10 minute sets of short sprints with rests just long enough to turn the kayak around. We must have had 10 minutes or so in-between as it seems like we were on the water a long time. The training group has grown from around 6 to more than 15 tonight. 3 of them ladies.

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