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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 31 days ending Aug 31, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling13 25:26:00
  kayaking11 12:29:00
  Running2 1:47:00
  Orienteering1 1:04:00
  Total24 40:46:00

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Friday Aug 31, 2012 #

cycling 1:25:00 [3]

Peter Murrell plus Tinderbox Ridge. 19.13 from start of ridge climb to the top (or at least where I declare the top to be).

It got very dark on the way home. Thats what comes from waiting until after the last possible moment to finally get out there - despite the fact that I'd been wearing my riding gear since 8.30am.

Thursday Aug 30, 2012 #

cycling 45:00 [3]

reverse commute.forced myself to do it so I didn't take entire week off to recover from yesterday.

felt ok.

Wednesday Aug 29, 2012 #

cycling 3:15:00 [3]

i must love hills, or maybe i love pain or something. from cascade brewery up to the springs, down to 5-ways junction near tolosa park (thankfully not all the way down - saving 15 minutes of climbing) then back up to junction cabin, then down old farm road or something like that back to cars.
off to have a bath and a nap.

Monday Aug 27, 2012 #


ouch. everywhere hurts today.

Sunday Aug 26, 2012 #

cycling 3:15:00 [3]

Fun ride with Jon all around the trails. Marred by 2 yukko crashes, one happened out of the blue coming down some beautiful sweeping berms at moderate speed - i I still don't know what really happened but it was very painful, the other was a combination of bad technique and low momentum. very sore today (monday) from all injuries.

Saturday Aug 25, 2012 #

cycling 2:15:00 [3]

Cruisy cycle with Jo around Forrest.

cycling 1:25:00 [3]

Ride with Paul and Jon up to top of red carpet (which was actually quite nice), then down , which was not. the rain didn't help

Friday Aug 24, 2012 #

cycling 1:30:00 [3]

well it was a 3 hour private mtb lesson but easily half of it was watching or walking over obstacles before tackling them myself. Worked most of the time on nailing the obstacles on one of the black diamond runs at You Yangs - only one big stack - sore knee, sore arm. by the end of the lesson I was doing stuff i would never had imagined.

Thursday Aug 23, 2012 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

well i did ride to the library and back today but I won't count that. Instead I"ll count my night paddling session - more technique than anything else tonight which was good but really hard to execute in the windy wavy conditions.

Wednesday Aug 22, 2012 #

cycling 1:31:00 [3]

Riding at Tolosa street. did 2 big loops of XC track then played on the smaller jumps down the bottom, then did another medium loop of XC track. lots of switchbacks and my downhill cornering improved just on that session. Also finally got around the one last corner which I've always failed previously. yay.

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012 #

cycling 3:00:00 [3]

Well. that was a ride. From kingston to peter murrell reserve. As soon as I got there i realised I was meant to be at the 'other' wetlands down in kingston itself. dang - 15 out, 15 minutes back to where I was supposed to be.

Met up with Su, then started out on no-spew-hill loop, riding on trails near the southern outlet up to ridgeway, then up to fern tree, then out to neika on pipeline, then down wolfs road to leslie vale, then up something else, then down to home. it was Su's recovery ride. it was my 'now I'll have to recover' ride! especially with the extra 30 minutes at the start!

Monday Aug 20, 2012 #

cycling 1:35:00 [3]

normal ride through peter murrell but from top corner went up tinderbox ridge - got to the top after just under an hour of riding. fun. was a bit hot in my merino 3/4 tights.

Sunday Aug 19, 2012 #

kayaking 1:04:00 [3]

winter challenge paddle . more blurb on blog

Friday Aug 17, 2012 #

cycling 1:00:00 [3]

up to town to pick up car. very wet!

Thursday Aug 16, 2012 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

paddling group. did some short sprints and some shore starts.
before we started there was a seal playing around near the marina -it came right up to and under me. I like seals.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2012 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

nice weather today so I drove down to Franklin to sus out stuff for Sundays Winter Challenge. Had a nice easy paddle - it was pretty windy though.

Monday Aug 13, 2012 #

kayaking 55:00 [3]

From kingston beach along and into browns river (tide was high so was able to paddle straight in for the first time in ages), then
3 x 3,2,1 min efforts with 1min rest and 3mins between sets. feeling good.
then back out and back to car.

Sunday Aug 12, 2012 #

Orienteering 1:04:00 [3]

St George - haven't ever run there before so it was pretty nice. made a few dumb mistakes but it was good fun and I was happy with my running.

I do declare this weeks training redeemed after a bad start!

Saturday Aug 11, 2012 #

kayaking 1:35:00 [3]

Got up early (by my standards) and paddled around my north west bay loop. cut a few corners so I could be home in time for Zali's soccer game. Was great weather - even better given the rain set in as I was arriving home. yay me.

Friday Aug 10, 2012 #

kayaking 1:00:00 [3]

It's still very gusty so I went to Browns river and did 2.5 laps which was good. felt a bit better than last night so I'm happy with that session.

cycling 40:00 [3]

reverse commute to mums on commuter bike.

Thursday Aug 9, 2012 #

cycling 2:35:00 [3]

from home to top corner of peter Murrell, then across and up onto the tinderbox ridge track, then down onto eastern side of tinderbox road, then back around to peter murrell. did a detour to check out a track as well but it wasn't really rideable.
back home via coffee creek trail and usual paths. very tired.

kayaking 1:10:00 [3]

well today has gotten me out of my trianing-funk that's for sure!

4 x 2ish k loops - v cold & windy and I wore my warmest top - i.e. my skins top but it made my arms feel heavy - it's not a wet suit but it's sort of like it. struggled from the start to the finish but happy I went out and even happier to finish.

Wednesday Aug 8, 2012 #

cycling 1:15:00 [3]

very lacklustre.

Sunday Aug 5, 2012 #

Running 45:00 [3]

loop from andy's down to water, around the rough section, through the park, back to home. beautiful weather.

Saturday Aug 4, 2012 #

kayaking 1:30:00 [3]

With alexa from Longueville, down the river to the harbour, over to cockatoo island then around it and one other then back home. beautiful weather lovely scenery.

Running 1:02:00 [3]

Thursday Aug 2, 2012 #

kayaking 1:05:00 [3]

thursday night paddle group. 7 x 50sec efforts with a couple of minutes in between. starts were quite bunched and the group I was with were a bit twitchy when crowded. they just needed to toughen up. long warm down (20 minutes or so!)

Wednesday Aug 1, 2012 #

kayaking 1:10:00 [3]

had a bit of a cold but happy to get back in the boat today. the weather has been yuk but was fine when I was out there. from sandy bay to almost bridge and back..

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