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Training Log Archive: Cakewoman

In the 31 days ending May 31, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  cycling10 10:45:00
  Running8 6:20:19
  Walking2 2:15:00
  jog-hiking1 2:05:00
  Orienteering4 1:57:43
  Cycle Trainer1 45:00
  Total22 24:08:02

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Saturday May 30, 2015 #

Running 1:15:00 [3]

Not sure how much of this was actual running but in terms of it being a complete sweat fest I could have counted about 2 hours, including taxi time!

Run around Macritchie park - it was really really nice - well worth the $10 each way taxi fare.

Friday May 29, 2015 #

Running 45:00 [3]

Alum Cliffs with Clare. Snow on the mountain.

Thursday May 28, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

yay a nice ride with clare. Only annoyances was my cough and a garbage truck. Oh and a stretchy bus. We were warned about a goat too, but only Clare saw it.

Tuesday May 26, 2015 #


cough not improving - day off.

Monday May 25, 2015 #

cycling 20:00 [3]

cancelled big commute in favour of resting my cough and riding to and from Casino instead.

Sunday May 24, 2015 #

cycling 1:30:00 [3]

really fun ride at Kate Reid reserve. It's still my favourite place to ride.

Walking 1:00:00 [3]

nice easy stroll out to tamar island and back. wouldn't have put it in except it was 4k or so.

Saturday May 23, 2015 #

cycling 1:15:00 [3]

Hollybank with clare. Cough is annoying though.

Orienteering 44:00 [3]

Orienteering at trevalyn. only 3.8 but took 44 mins. ran with Clares sis-in-law, Jo.

Friday May 22, 2015 #

Running 44:19 [3]

Alum cliffs with clarabelle. about 10 minutes faster than I would have done it by myself!

Thursday May 21, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

cycle in with clare. felt a million times better (and dryer) than yesterday. And also better than monday. so finally on the improve - although that could just be because I had my standard wind-break riding ahead of me.

cycling 50:00 [3]

another lovely ride home. not a breath of wind except for my pathetic gasping as we went up the hill.

Wednesday May 20, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

wet commute. kind of nice climbing up the bonnet (it always seems very quiet and peacful on a drizzly day), but then kind of unpleasant coming down into taroona due to the water from the road.

Tuesday May 19, 2015 #

Running 35:00 [3]

very very slow run with Clare. I only ever planned to run a shorter version of our normal run today due to health reasons but at about 7pm last night all my leg muscles suddenly became extrememly painful from Sunday's walking. So I was running slow as I was still recovering from illness, then running even slower as my legs wouldn't work. At one stage Clare was walking along behind me fiddling with her ipod and still keeping up with me. sigh. luckily I was able to let her go at the bottom of the steps whilst I turned around and hobbled back to the car. slowest run ever.

Monday May 18, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

lovely morning commute. didn't feel as bad as I was expecting although I did let Clare do more than her share of hauling me along the flat parts.

cycling 50:00 [3]

commute home - beautiful weather. clare pushed me quite fast. Or Pulled me, would be more accurate.

Sunday May 17, 2015 #

jog-hiking 2:05:00 [3]

loop from springs up icehouse to pinnacle then down zig zag to organ pipes. beautiful blue sky day - blowng a gale at the top though. Not my fastest effort - although I jogged most of the way back down so I wasn't too late to pick up clare.

Walking 1:15:00 [3]

Force marching the kids up Truganni track. 40 minutes up, 35 down. I knew it was going to be a battle to get Zali up there (mentally, not physically) so I invited her walk-loving friend Emily along and all was fine.


very tired afterwards. had a long bath.

Saturday May 16, 2015 #

Orienteering race 20:43 [3]

very short race around risdon brook dam. It was short, but it was tricky - had to seriously use my (old) compass and hope for the best to find some bingo controls.

Wednesday May 13, 2015 #

Running 50:00 [3]

Surprisingly nice run with Clare. no rain and not even that cold once we got going. have a slight cold, so we did not set any world records.

Tuesday May 12, 2015 #

Cycle Trainer 45:00 [3]

on Jon's bike on his windtrainer thing. As my sore butt is my witness I will never sit on his uncomfortable bike seat again. ugg.

Monday May 11, 2015 #

cycling 1:00:00 [3]

Had to ride all the way to Huntingfield to pick up the car. Elected to go via the busier roads rather than the bike track as my lights were so hopeless I coudln't see a thing without street lights.

Sunday May 10, 2015 #

Running 40:00 [3]

ploddy run around peter murrell reserve. stankle feeling bit touchy - it needs a rest. was going to ride but it was really windy, sowentfor a runs I could enjoy the mothers day pancake lunch to its full extent.

Saturday May 9, 2015 #

Running 48:00 [3]

pretty slow plod up the skyline trail to Mt Nelson, in order to avoid having to watch two soccer games in a row (and thus ruining my back for the rest of the day). Was very slow. the 2nd half of the climb flattens out a but but didn't provide any relief this time around - normally I don't mind it.

Orienteering 23:00 [3]

Saturday arvo series - first time I've run on the Tas Uni map and it was great fun - particularly as I am very unfamiliar with the uni. Finally got to go over the pedestrian bridge i've driven under for 40 years of my life but never used myself! yay! Clare beat me by 30 seconds despite almost throwing away her sizeable lead at the last control - as I also stuffed that one up - but not by as much.


and yes, two runs in ONE day. I'm a training machine.

Friday May 8, 2015 #

Running 43:00 [3]

alum cliffs with clare who thankfully hasn't given up on me as a result of this weeks nothingness.

Monday May 4, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

was so keen not to miss this morning's commute I took in a load of stuff to work on sunday night.

Sunday May 3, 2015 #

Orienteering 30:00 [3]

so a few weeks ago I ordered a swishy new compass with old-person magnifying glass attachment which in my defense is also used by heaps of elites (I noticed at Oceania).

Jon chastised me for not buying locally but I hadn't seen a magnifying glass verson available, and you know,late one night.. up with the credit card & the internet.. saved maybe $35 all up buying from a GB store.

So bought it out for the first time yesterday. And sure enough could see the map detail as clear as a bell. yay. However as soon as I started it was obvious that the compass was a dud, the needle was spinning faster than Pinto chasing her own tail.

Yeah. So of course I forgot to order a Magnetic South compass. doh! So Jon has last laugh. Except of course we have shared finances so it does take some of the fun for Jon out of it.

Without a compass I couldn't even navigate myself to the first control, so I went for a map run instead (on the tracks). what a foool.

Friday May 1, 2015 #

cycling 50:00 [3]

another lovely ride into town. perfect autumn days we are having.

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